Enzymes are proteins produced by living organisms . . . They are catalysts that create many essential biochemical reactions in the body . . . Enzymes are found in every living cell in plants, animals, and the human body . . . Enzymes are involved in every process like digesting, breathing, and even thinking.

Low levels of carbohydrate enzymes can lead to carbohydrate intolerance which can progress to leaky gut syndrome.

Enzymes are critical to properly breaking down the foods we eat . . .

“Decreased enzyme activities were reported in children with autism, and treatment of digestive problems with enzymes had a positive effect on autistic behavior.”

Horvath K Perman JA Autism and Gastrointestinal Symptoms 2002

Above information is quoted from Ancient Einkorn, D. Gary Young  pp77-86 

Enzymes are found in RAW foods, but are destroyed with minimal heat.  Therefore, when our food is cooked, most – if not all – of the enzymes are destroyed.  Even when we have a “perfect diet”, the enzyme content may be insufficient due to the fact that there are lower levels of enzymes available in the raw food today than even 20 years ago.  The soil is depleted, and the modifications to the seeds themselves (GMO) cause the plants to have lower levels of enzymes.

Since enzymes are critical to every function in the human body, would it make sense to make certain that we have enough?  That is why I choose to supplement with DETOXZYME and ESSENTIALZYMES-4 daily.  I personally love taking DETOXZYME first thing in the morning and at bedtime and ESENTIALZYMES-4 at mealtimes.  Additionally, I drink minimum 200ml NINGXIA RED daily as it also contains enzymes due to its special processing of the wolfberries – a process in which the crushed berries are “flash pasteurized” so the enzymes remain alive.

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This additional information is from Gary Young’s blog and explains why Gary selected the particular essential oils for Essentialzymes-4.


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