Rainbow healing system

Rainbow Healing is about starting with the INSIDE and rebuilding ourselves, awakening ourselves and restructuring ourselves the way that we were designed to be our AUTHENTIC SELF.

Rainbow Healing System

A Transformative Healing Tool created by Frances Fuller

Rainbow Healing is about starting with the INSIDE and rebuilding ourselves, awakening ourselves and restructuring ourselves the way that we were designed to be our AUTHENTIC SELF. That is a key because most of us have been attempting to be somebody that we are not. We put on masks for everyone and we forget who we really are and every single one of us was created with a magnificent package, a perfect package of knowledge and abilities to do something.

It’s just that we most of us attempt to do things that are not what we were really designed to do. Those things don’t give us the joy. They don’t give us the passion. And we’re really never going to be as good at doing things that are not part of who we truly are.

The Rainbow Healing System is designed to provide tools for your Transformative Journey: JOURNEY, JOURNEY II, Rainbow Healing Cards + Guidebook, My Journal, COLOURS, the Rainbow Healing Cards mobile app (free for all to download).



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The Rainbow Healing Cards

The Rainbow Healing Cards consists of glyphs, archetypes, holograms and elements.

The 10 Glyphs are the basic tools of the Rainbow Healing System.
Each glyph is encoded with a large amount of information that can be integrated through focus upon and/or interaction with the glyph. So the first step is to get rid of our blocks.

Now, this is the JOURNEY of the glyphs.


Clears blocks, initiates healing.


Structure is the vibration that holds information for building the perfect energy flow or energy signature for each individual.


Assists in identifying who you really are.


For the giving and receiving in balance, coming to greater balance from within and reflecting this to those around us as well.

Breath of Life

The vibration that activates, and enables all life, initiates change, renewal and regeneration.


Assists in embracing ourselves as we are and allowing others in their journey as well.


The vibration of release, which is essential in the letting go of fears, worn-out beliefs and ideas, even physical possessions.

Divine Union

Bringing all parts together as a whole, these energies move through our physical forms enabling us to assemble the gifts and weave them together.


For building the perfect energy flow; the foundation for a strong and healthy body.


The vibration associated with expansion; enables one to embody pure leadership without manipulation and domination.

The Archetypes

The Archetypes help in understanding Self and others.
Interaction with and focus on these cards will help you recognize who  you are, Your Authentic Self.
They may also provide information in understanding the challenging patterns in your life experience.

The Artisan

The Artisan of craftsman is one who creates. They are gifted in creating works of art and beauty.

The Crusader

The Crusader is a leader of movements that encourage change. They have charisma and inspire others to the mission they are championing.

The Detective

The Detective is able to reconstruct situations from the clues he or she finds. They are intuitive, pay great attention to detail, are tenacious and intelligent, and may or may not possess psychic gifts.

The Enchanter

The “life of the party,” the Enchanter is always center-stage, and typically physically attractive, thus are able to attract attention, while some possess clairaudience, clairvoyance, and even the ability to unconsciously cast spells.

The Healer

Healers are nurturers; they are gentle individuals that avoid confrontations, and are often drawn to roles that allow them to assist the healing or nurturing of others, i.e. caregivers, masseuses, and counselors.

Holy One

The Holy One has the strong desire and ability to connect with the spirit realms and divine beings. They possess exceptional faith in their beliefs, are often seen by others as virtuous, and their strong spirit-world connection enables them to manifest quite easily.

The Performer

The Performer inspires and entertains; exceptionally creative, possessing some kind of musical, theatrical or speaking ability and are driven by a passion to hone their skills. They strive for excellence and are incredibly dedicated and focused.

The Shaman

The Shaman’s extremely strong connection with the spirit world and with Nature makes them feel safer and more empowered outside of the complex situations of society. They are playful, child-like, and possess all the psychic gifts.

The Teacher

The Teacher has a natural inclination for communicating and putting others at ease, able to build a rapport between learners and simplify instructions for students to understand. They are proficient, yet patient.

The Wizard

A strong leader and competitor, the Warrior excels in politics, business, sports, sales, even in the armed forces or the police force. They have tremendous charisma and attract followers with their confidence and preparedness.[/et_pb_sli

The Wizard

The Wizard has the ability to rearrange the environment so things can take place in a certain manner. Highly intelligent and possessing strong intuition, clairvoyance and clairsentinence, they may be able to control elements.

The Elements

These are the building blocks on Earth and they are important to fully anchor in order to remain in harmony with the energetic flow of the Earth. The Elements can assist us in understanding our karmic lessons and in overcoming fear-based thought forms and beliefs that hinder evolution. They also facilitate healing in the physical form.

Element: Fire

Fire is associated with freeing oneself from the past and with manifesting.

Element: Water

Water is associated with flow, fluidity, release, emotions and peace.

Element: Earth

Earth is associated with grounding, authenticity and deep healing.

Element: Air

Air is associated with clarity.

Holographic Healing

When the vibrations of two or more glyphs are moved through the form and field at the same time, powerful healing on many levels can take place. Holograms are equated to energetic libraries of information and each of the holograms below hold frequencies of tri-tones which when integrated into the cellular structure and DNA, holds the knowledge necessary to release patterns that prevent one from moving forward.

Hologram: Authentic Power

Concept: Living Your Truth
Shadow aspect: “I do not know who I am”
Transformation: “I stand in my authentic power and utilize my true knowledge and abilities”

Hologram: Boundaries

Concept: A Stable Energy Field
Shadow aspect: “I am always re-tracing my steps”
Transformation: “I interact with others, neither taking on their energies nor giving away mine”

Hologram: Collaboration

Concept: Working Together in Unity
Shadow aspect: “I am the master/I am the slave”
Transformation: “I work together in unity and equality”

Hologram: Communication

Concept: Conveying Concepts Clearly
Shadow aspect: “I am unable to communicate effectively”
Transformation: “My word is impeccable”

Hologram: Creation

Concept: Manifesting the Dream
Shadow aspect: “I want to succeed/I want to fail”
Transformation: “I create my dream”

Hologram: Disentanglement

Concept: Releasing Attachments
Shadow aspect: “I take the chi of others and give my chi away”
Transformation: “I am independent – free of all attachments”

Hologram: Evolutionary Truth

Concept: Understanding the “big picture”
Shadow aspect: “I must try all the newest things”
Transformation: “I understand my place in the Universe”

Hologram: Fulfillment

Concept: Brining Passion and Joy into the Life Experience
Shadow aspect: “I can’t be bothered”
Transformation: “I am passionate about my life”

Hologram: Harmony

Concept: Achieving Longevity in Health and Relationships
Shadow aspect: “I wan to live/I want to die”
Transformation: “I am the master of my own destiny”

Hologram: Integrity

Concept: Aligning Words, Actions and Beliefs
Shadow aspect: “I say ad do the “right” things, but I really feel or believe something else”
Transformation: “My actions are in complete alignment with my heart”

Hologram: Life Force

Concept: Reducing Drama in the Life Experience
Shadow aspect: “I want to be noticed/I want to hide from the world”
Transformation: “I can manifest experiences that assist me in fulfilling upon my purpose”

Hologram: Loyalty

Concept: Overcoming Patterns of Betrayal
Shadow aspect: “Why are people always stabbing me in the back?”
Transformation: “I am dependable and others support me fully”

Hologram: Possibilities

Concept: Understanding patterns and mirrors
Shadow aspect: “I do not see the lessons mirrored to me”
Transformation: “I learn from the mirrors provided by what is around me”

Hologram: Self-worth

Concept: Recognizing the Value of Your Gifts
Shadow aspect: “I am unworthy/I am better than others”
Transformation: “I love and appreciate myself as I am”

Hologram: Sovereignty

Concept: Overcoming Fear of Rejection
Shadow aspect: “I want to provide/I want to be provided for”
Transformation: “I am whole and complete”

Hologram: True Law

Concept: Overcoming Patterns of Manipulation
Shadow aspect: “I manipulate people/I am manipulated”
Transformation: “I honor myself and all others”

Hologram: True Purpose

Concept: Understanding and Accepting Your Purpose
Shadow aspect: “I do not know my purpose”
Transformation: “I INTEND to fulfill upon my life purpose”

Hologram: Unity Consciousness

Concept: Understanding Unique Contributions of Each
Shadow aspect: “I prefer to work alone because others never do their part”
Transformation: “My heart is open and I understand that everyone is important”