FRances Fuller

Frances Fuller, Creator of the Rainbow Healing System – a tool for self-transformation & mastery

Growing up on the East Coast of the US in Richmond, Virginia, Frances was always drawn to colours and fascinated by the effects and healings shifts that colours have upon people, although her university major was mathematics and physics. 

During the seven years she lived in Florida, she began studying and teaching a number of energy modalities and then developing the Rainbow Healing System. There, she taught this system primarily as a hands-on healing modality for energy healers and for massage therapists to use in conjunction with their massage treatments. 

When she was introduced to the world of therapeutic-grade essential oils (Young Living), she incorporated these high vibration oils into the Rainbow Healing System – further enhancing this modality as an effective and holistic technique for physical, mental and spiritual transformation.

Frances moved to Singapore in 2003 and developed a series of classes and weekend seminars integrating all of the modalities that she had studied and have been facilitating these classes to many throughout Southeast Asia.

As a visual person, Frances always wanted to offer healing cards for others to use in conjunction with the glyphs and practices of the Rainbow Healing System. In 2011, she brought the energy of the Glyphs to life and printed the first edition of Rainbow Healing Cards, representing a manifestation of a dream and are offered as a gift to all who CHOOSE to evolve.

Experience the healing and transformation from the glyphs here.

 ABout the

Rainbow healing system

Rainbow Healing System – a tool for self-transformation & mastery

 The Rainbow Healing System provides an opportunity for healing to take place on all levels and the Journey of the Glyphs would be the first step we will take to embark on this transformative journey.

There are 10 glyphs in the Rainbow Healing System and each glyph is imprinted with a large amount of information which supports us in transforming when we use INTENT and FOCUS on the various aspects of each glyph. This Journey of the 10 glyphs is an integral part of creating our Sacred Space – an energetic cylinder which supports us in deflecting all of the chaos outside and allows beautiful energies of harmony and balance to be integrated into our life.

There are many ways in which the information embedded in each glyph can be accessed and this process includes the use of essential oils, crystals, colours, and studying the shape of the glyphs. Everything that is living vibrates at a certain frequency and what we choose to allow into our life can either enhance our personal frequency or drain us.

Things that are synthetic do not have any frequency and this is why the Young Living essential oils are such an incredible asset to have around us as they have the potential to support us in everything that we do. Crystals also have the potential because they are living things. 

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Journey with the glyphs and cards of rainbow Healing

Rainbow Healing with Frances Fuller

In this interactive consultation, Frances Fuller will guide you to greater understanding of the self, using the Rainbow Healing Cards. This session can assist in creating harmonious relationships with others and the environment as well as a more powerful spiritual connection.

Fuller Life Bali

Frances Fuller is also the founder of the wellness retreat and Yayasan (foundation for Balinese people) called Fuller Life Bali, a place of healing and wholeness that helps people achieve balance and harmony with themselves and their environment.

Here at Fuller Life Bali, experience meals specially created by their private chefs from their mandala garden, experience Rainbow Healing Sessions, Raindrop Therapy, Fuller Life Massage, facials, colon hydrotherapy, live/dry blood analysis and more…

Fuller Life Bali is also a Yayasan (foundation) for the Balinese people. Our centre is open 7 days a week and serve the needs of the Balinese people. Your donations will be channelled towards our initiative.