2 JUNE 2024 – Aren’t You Glad I Am Here?


Today I’m back in the pavilion, where it always feels more playful to me, and I brought with me a a brand new box of the Feelings Collection, since there wasn’t one in here. But I’ve been standing here replacing the orifice reducers with the roller balls. Do any of you enjoy using roller balls? Well, there’s some single oils and blends that I love to use the roller balls with, especially those that I use in a sequence.


And often because they’re fast.


How many of you prefer roller balls or dripping the oils on, you know, using them? I like them both ways, so I have sets with them both ways, but I have been replacing the orifice reducers with the roller balls, with the aromaglide. I have my little set here and I checked.


I always check as I’ve gotten all but one, so I will do that. It gives me something to do during this 3 minutes, while before the hour, but I always check the aromaglide first to be sure that it’s actually rolling.


Now, I use my aromaglides over and over again, but it is important that they are continuing to roll because sometimes they get stuck, and what I do, which may or may not be the best thing, first of all, I’ll wash them in vinegar and water and hot water to make sure that they are cleared of whatever, and put some lemon essential oil in that water. But checking each one now.


If you hit them on a surface, you can tell whether they if they’re stuck a little bit, if they’re moving, so any.




It’s always important to check and be sure they’re in completely all the way in, otherwise you’ll roll them and the entire bottle may be gone. So.


This is just prelude, prelude to what we are really going to do. But I have one left. I still have one blend, and sometimes these little rings come off easily and it looks really nice, and sometimes they don’t. So, here they are, my roller ball in.


Seal it down completely.


And check it.


Ah ha, yes.


And now I’m going to use it so OK, it’s 11:00 already.


This may be a short session, it may be longer. We never know for sure, but it will always be somewhere between 15 and 22 minutes along. So.


It’s 11 o’clock. Welcome. Thank you for being here. This is going to be a little different from what I expected to be doing earlier. First of all, I would like for everyone who’s here, and I’ll get a little emotional, my assistant, Adith, has been hospitalized with dengue fever, and he’s been very sick this week. So I would like for everyone watching this video, whether it’s on replay or live, to please just take a deep breath and send him some healing energy and good wishes.


Well, thank you. Thank you. So what I thought I would be talking about today.


Somehow I think it’s really going to come into it, but what I thought I would be talking about was these two cards, these two Rainbow Healing Cards that I have selected multiple times in the last two to three weeks. I mean, I was shocked to see that these two cards were ones that I selected by kinesiology. And I never looked back. I don’t look at the cards before, you know, it’s just as I’ve showed you the last two weeks, I wait until the end and look at them, to see what I have selected, because that keeps my mind out of it.


And these two, Sovereignty and Leadership, kept coming up.


However, yesterday when I was getting ready to post the reminder of the of this particular video, a photo, a picture, a poster, whatever – I may have posted it years ago. Anyway, it popped up in my in my memories or the feed, and I don’t even know where it came from – of a little girl who was standing there with her arms outstretched, with nothing around her but space, just looking serene.


And that is what inspired me. It triggered a memory for me that’s very emotional actually, because when I my daughter Beth was about three years old, she would go out in the backyard. And our next door neighbor was a bit older than the rest of the ones in the neighborhood, and she was always out in her yard. Her children were grown, and she was out in her yard working and doing, trimming bushes and things, and so Beth would go out and talk with her.


And she called her Mrs. Dolan. Her name was Dolan, but and. Beth just would run up to her. No one else. I never really knew her well, but Beth would come running out, and she would have her arms outstretched, and she said would always say, “Aren’t you glad I’m here?”




That to me.


We all at some point in our lives have felt like, “Wow! Aren’t you glad I’m here?” That confidence, that, that feeling of never being rejected. But then if you notice how things come in memories come in, experiences happen, and we all seem to change what we’re thinking about.


We change our feeling because we act differently, for fear of rejection.


And can any of you identified with this in any way? Well, guess what?


That’s what this is all about. So how do I connect the dots on all of this? Well. It occurred to me that the Feelings Collection, those six blends that I was just putting my roller balls on, would be very helpful. And of course one of these blends is Inner Child.


Now, in the past, I normally have felt that Inner Child was to heal the inner child.


What if it’s to get us to feel like a child, to feel that innocence, that innocence that Beth felt every time she ran out in the yard and saw Mrs. Dolan. Just, “Aren’t you glad I’m here?”


“Aren’t you glad I’m here?”


So. I would encourage you to think about, what are the things that create that – those feelings of fear of rejection in you?


Now this has been really for me. Actually, I’m really grateful that this just came up for me during the middle of the night, because I have I often have no idea what I will be talking about in these videos. And sometimes it’s rather disjointed, because my brain is going in different directions. But that allowed me to come back to this, which is what I thought I would be talking about. The Sovereignty.


These three glyphs working together. The forgiveness of self. Forgiveness for not having done something, or for having done something that you wish you might have done differently. Well, the fact is we can’t. So it’s about forgiving. And guess what? The first oil in the Feelings Collection, or when I opened the box today, I was surprised because I expected Valor to be the first one sitting in the first slot, but it wasn’t. It was Forgiveness, and actually I used these in different order at different times because it feels different.


And so this is all about just allowing that innocence to come back, forgiving ourselves for what we have done, or for what we have not done that has created some kind of an issue, and it’s OK. We all are here to learn.


So and this is that Authenticity. Understanding who we really are. And this is Acceptance. Accepting ourselves as we are and accepting others as they are, and where each of us is on our journey. This is probably the most difficult of all.


And to me, this frequency of frankincense and sacred frankincense is all about Acceptance. We also have that beautiful blend, Acceptance blend. This is why I love one of the many reasons. Oh, I could go through hundreds of reasons why I love frankincense and sacred frankincense. One of the reasons I love it is that it has been instrumental in the healing of my of so many of my injuries. So.


Sovereignty. Now. Going back to that idea of rejection we all fear.


How many times have I thought to myself, “I cannot walk into that room full of people because some they’re going to be looking at me. They’re going to be picking me apart.”  “I can’t get on Facebook Live unless I’m perfect.”   “I can’t do this without…” You know, there’s always going to be somebody that we think is going to judge us.


The fact is that most of the time, we are the ones who are judging ourselves. So see why Forgiveness is in order. So.


Now Inner Child, I was considering the Inner Child.


I use it now not to heal that full wounded inner child, but rather – and This is why I have the roller balls, because I can use them fast, right?


I can layer them one at a time, breathe them in as fast as I want to, and there’s no dripping or anything. So this makes it faster. Frances, since I’m will be 81 this week, this is, this is something that I think about – we don’t want to procrastinate in any way about anything! So however, I can do things, faster does not necessarily mean better.


But neither does procrastinating or stretching things out. When we stretch things out, we give the brain time to get in there, and that’s where the rejection, the fear, all of these things come in when we get into our brain. So it’s, this is what that little child with the arms open had not yet gotten into the brain.


The little child is living in present time, which just happens to be another blend of the Feelings Collection, in Present Time.


Just. Happy. In the heart, without any preconceived ideas about what someone else is thinking or what they did in the past. Because after all, the past was not very long for them, for a really young child. So getting back into the heart, getting into that present moment, without looking back with judgment.


And there’s no way we can look forward with judgment because we’re not there. So it’s all about getting into this present moment.




And then allowing that feeling, that’s where this other, this other card comes in, because I also thought, well, did these really go together well? Yes they did.


As we begin to overcome our fear of rejection and to really, really be in the present moment, is it possible that that’s the frequency that will expand? The frequency that we will radiate outward or diffuse outward?


Affecting everyone who comes anywhere near us in a positive way, because isn’t harmony? And guess what?


Harmony is also another one of the blends of the Feelings Collecction. You see why grabbed this box this morning and brought it over!


Because I have gone through many things, many things in my lifetime. Trust me, I have a long lifetime. So, I’ve had a lot of different stages to go through and I used to think Harmony was boring. You know? Why would anyone want harmony? Although I was raised with music.


And music is all about harmony. It’s all about the harmony and the dissonance that comes in to then blend in to create the harmony. So Harmony.  Well.


When I look at my refinement list – and how many of you are doing your refinement list?  Now, this is something I think about every single day.


Because even at my stage of life it does change. However, at the top of my refinement list is always harmony. That is what I choose to have. I choose to have harmony. I choose to reach my highest potential.


And I choose to accept, which this is the frequency of Acceptance. I don’t have the Acceptance blend here in the being with me. To accept who I am, who others are, and where each of us is on our journey.


How simple is that?


Simple simple! When we accept who we are, accept where we are, and move forward.


If we are not happy with where we are, we can make a change, right?


We can choose differently in every single moment. Nothing is written in stone for what will happen tomorrow. It’s where we, what we do today that’s going to affect what happens tomorrow.  And what we did yesterday is done! It has brought us to where we are right now.


If you are saying, “But I don’t feel as good as I wish I did.”


Well, wishing will not get you where you choose to be. However, we have tools. We can INTEND to make a change. Little changes. Little changes makes such a difference. You know, a big ocean liner cannot change, cannot change directions quickly.


Do you know what it takes to change the direction of one of those huge ships?


It takes little trim tabs. Trim tabs are tiny little rudders. And in working together, a lot of tiny little rudders, a lot of positive decisions that we make, positive choices, can totally change the direction. So it’s never too late as long as you’re breathing.


As long as you’re here on this planet, it’s never too late to make a different choice. And there’s always, always, always another choice.


So. Take a deep breath. Pull out your feelings collection oils if you have them. If you don’t, that’s OK you can just INTEND to release something, get out of the brain.


This is what we teach, this is what I teach, in Rainbow Healing all the time. We get out of the brain. It’s about making that connection with your Creator, into your heart. Listening in the present moment.


Because the choices change instantaneously.


And you will be surprised how many little just bitty, bitty changes of little trim tab type changes ,how much of a change can happen overnight.


I started doing something differently, remembering what I had learned way back in massage school in 1996, if you can believe it, some of you were not even alive back then!


And a method that I learned and I’m seeing differences in my skin. My  81 year old skin is looking different now. The sagging and the wrinkles seem to be – well, I hope it’s that they’re really going away because I say that because I hope it’s not that my eyes are not as good as they used to be, but because my eyes, you know, once Upon a time I had to wear contact lenses and reading glasses.


I no longer need those. So our bodies are just so remarkable.


That, when given the proper support, we truly can do anything. It’s simply a matter of making a different choice.


So as you go through this week, have fun! Make that choice to have fun. Fun will eliminate, will neutralize stress.


Is there anybody here who has no stress in their lives?


I would ask for show of hands. Aren’t you glad that I can’t see you?


Everyone has stressors of some sort in your life.


Every single moment there are stressors, however, it’s how we deal with those stressors, and how we neutralize them. So, we have ways of neutralize them. Step back and take a breath! Breathe some of your beautiful oils that Gary Young made for us and provided for us, in those amazing blends, and just intend to make a different choice to reach your highest potential in this moment, and that there be harmony.


Harmony. Where that stress is.  Where there’s harmony, there is no stress. So have a beautiful fun week. Stretch your arms out. Try it in front of the mirror. Stretch your arms out and say, “Aren’t you glad I’m here?”


And I’ll see you next week.