9 JUNE 2024 – What’s Next?


Hello, hello again. As you can see, I’m back in the pavilion again here at Fuller Life Bali and I’m going to try some new things. I have been doing something I did a long, long time ago and I thought, “Oh, wow!” This occurred to me this morning and it may work and be wonderful or it may be really, really not wonderful, but I used to charge my crystals and my essential oil bottles. I would put them inside the Tibetan bowls and here in the pavilion. I have my Tibetan bowls and lots of them here and so I’ve been charging up these oils and crystals and just having fun.


Put the whole, whole set that I was planning to use get myself ready for this, this video, and so I have a little bit larger table in here. So what I’m going to do today I have three of the bowls. I have the small one that’s been in my hand. I have one of the second largest, and one of the little bit smaller and so I’m just going to strike them with my bottle of Believe.


I had my striker here all ready to use the striker and I thought, I happened to hit one of the bowls with my with the Believe bottle and I thought, “Wow, well, that’s a different sound and it’s a much more exciting and much more vibrant sound.”


So, apply whatever essential oils you have chosen. I have used Believe, of course, and Highest Potential. And there’s a reason for my choosing those two. Also, just sit back and just enjoy these frequencies.


Now I’m going to move the bowl so that I will not hit them off my table, making large crashing noises of course, and it looks like it’s just about 11:00.


And so we can actually get started. Thank you. Thank you, everyone of you who is here choosing to spend your time with me. It has been a an amazing, amazing week.


Some of you know that yesterday was my birthday. I get emotional because I was wondering what kind of birthday, after all, many people never reach the number of years that I have been alive. So every year, every moment is important, and the thoughts of these bigger numbers coming in there. Sometimes they’re kind of scary and birthdays always get me to thinking about endings and beginning.


And the question, “What’s next?” came to me.


And as I reflected on this quite a bit this week and started thinking in terms of when you, when you hear or say these words, “what’s next,” how do you feel? Is it anticipation? Or is it dread?


It all depends upon what we have been focusing on, doesn’t it now?


My way of thinking – Now this is crazy Frances. You know, crazy Frances has been around for a long time now, so I have a different way from the way that I used to view things, and that is that if the things that have been going along are not exactly what I would love – In other words, if they had been a bit on the challenging side  – and some of you may be thinking, yes, yes, yes.


“What’s next?” can be like, “Oh my gosh! what next is going to be thrown at me?”


But what if instead we think, “Well, I got through that. What’s next? What exciting thing is going to happen next?” And it’s all different.


So what if, we stop and ask ourselves when we are having some challenging issues come up, instead of saying, “Why do these things keep happening to me?”


What if we say, “What can I learn from this experience?”


You know, life is a – it’s like a school. It’s a big school, and we all have classes. We all have lessons to learn, and we either learned them, or we have to go back and repeat them.


Would you agree? Yeah.


Doesn’t that thought bringing you into the present moment and Present Time – I moved it over here – is one of the oils that I have been applying liberally to me because it’s not important what happened before.


It’s not important what, you know, all of the stuff that we are leaving behind from yesterday,  because we have a brand new beginning today. We have a brand new beginning every single moment.


And it’s what we do with this moment that’s going to produce the next moment. It’s.


It’s not what happened before. What happened before got us to this moment, but this is that perfect moment to make a change if you’re not happy with the way things are going, or to expand upon those things, to evaluate.


What is it that I was doing so that I can do more now? How many of you we’re good students in school? Now, aren’t you happy that you don’t have to raise your hand? This is Frances, the teacher talking, of course. But you don’t. How did you get to be a good student?


Was it by blaming others when your outcomes were not what you were really looking for?


Was it by paying attention to the reason the outcome was not what you expected? Or paying attention to the reason the outcome was what you hoped anticipated and were working towards? So it’s all about how we view things, our perspective. Our perception and our perspective.


So. What would you choose to be doing in this moment? Well, those of you who are watching this video have chosen to be here, and I’m very grateful. I’m grateful that you’re choosing to share this moment with me and with the rest of us.


Because every single thing that we do affects our frequency.


This moment counts.


It’s the key to what comes next.


Paying attention. Now you know I’m, I’m playing with these bowls and I don’t know whether all of you here enjoy the bowls. Your feedback would be helpful to me because I continue things that people like and I attempt to change things that people tell me they’re not happy with. So I’m very happy for you to message me private message. Just let me know what, how are you feeling.


Because this morning I was standing here preparing. And while I come into the pavilion so that I can get the energy and have that feeling before I start talking. So of course we know that I never know exactly what I’m going to say. And I just started playing with the bowls and the oils.


And it just felt good to me.


When was the last time that you chose to spend your time, even a little fraction of a of a above a moment, doing something you really, really love to do. Something that you really, really was excited about. Something you enjoy.


Well, I’m in the amazing position of having a life that I love everything about. If I’m – that’s one of the things about getting older –  if I’m not happy with what’s going on, I can change it.


You know, I don’t have to to deal with things that I don’t really choose to. There’s enough else going on, but I have this incredible place where I’m surrounded. My life seems to be getting better and better and better.


And, I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I’m just following my heart. It seems like the more that I can stay connected with the Source and into my heart and living in this moment, asking myself over and over again.


What do you enjoy about this moment?


Now I have to tell you, I was – I didn’t know whether I would be talking about this, but I do have one other thing that I did think about that I want to say first. And that is that, you know, always checking in to our own heart.


Not somebody else’s heart. Not what we thought we would have to be doing at this particular moment, but what is our frequency right now? What frequency are we emitting?


Would you be drawn to the frequency that you are emitting right this moment?


Step away from that just a little bit and say that if you’re emitting passion and excitement and joy, like a little child, playing – others will feel that frequency and be drawn to what you are to who you are. If you’re emitting that frequency of, oh, this is happening again. Probably, would you choose to be around that energy?


It doesn’t mean that everything in your life is perfect every single moment, however we do have to accept the fact that we are responsible for everything in our life every single moment, because either, we are doing something that causes great joy, or we’re doing something that we failed to learn earlier. That is a key to our entering that state of beautiful joy. Now yesterday, I have to tell you, we had the most – I had the most beautiful birthday.


You know, it was just. It’s from start to finish. It was absolutely very, very special. And I thank every single one of you who took time to wish me a Happy Birthday and said I have not gotten through answering all the messages yet. But I appreciate every one.


But I received some flowers that were absolutely beautiful. I also some of the most meaningful things, and I want to get very emotional because we planted to rainbow eucalyptus trees here in Fuller Life Bali.


And this is kind of a ceremonial thing. Frances’ birthday trees and this was a very special thing because the staff, the whole staff, joined with us as we planted these rainbow trees. I can stand here right here in the pavilion, look out at the one that’s planted here. And what is so special about rainbow eucalyptus trees?


Well, there’s many things in my mind. First of all, the idea that it’s got rainbow colors is very special. The frequencies there, but it also, it is the only eucalyptus tree that is native to outside of Australia. All of the other eucalyptus are native to Australia. They may grow in other places, however they are the rainbow eucalyptus, guess where its natural habitat is?


In Bali, in Indonesia. So.


When I happened to see something, I saw a photo of a rainbow eucalyptus tree a few months back and I asked Teja if we could get rainbow eucalyptus to plant for my birthday. Every year we do plant trees on my birthday here at Fuller Life Bali.


And he found them. And what is so unique? In addition to the fact that it is indigenous to Bali, is that the bark, as the tree grows it doesn’t have the same bark.


Year after year, it is a colorful bark, so the bark changes color. Then you bark as it expands becomes a different color and they can grow to be very, very old and very large trees. So, we don’t plan to cut ours down. However, when a large when an older rainbow eucalyptus tree is cut across the across the tree, it would show, that horizontal segment would show rings of rainbow colors. Wow!


Well, this just excites me to no end. Now it may make absolutely no sense to you or anything, but to me this is exciting.


So I love little things like that.


I love the fact that the staff went out and collected flowers from all over Fuller Life Bali, just plucked fresh flowers and arranged them for me, as part of my gift.


This was very, very special to me. So little things like that can be can totally change your energy. As you see I get emotional, but that’s OK because I’m old. Remember? So at any rate, being able to feel our emotions is going to make a difference.


And always, always, always know that you’re only one, one simple choice away from a totally different life.


And it is always your choice. It isn’t someone else’s. When we attempt to live our lives for others, then, or according to what we believe others would choose for us to do, it is not going to bring that joy. It’s only when we get connected with our Creator, with our Inner Knowing in our heart.


Allowing that connection to guide us.  To feel that joy. All of these little things that Frances would have missed years ago. No wonder Frances was always rush, rush, rush, rush and stressed all the time, because I failed to see those little things. So you can make a different choice.


You can make a difference.


A difference in the lives of everyone who comes into your realm, into your life in any way, simply by emitting a different frequency. And how do we change that frequency?


We change it by listening to our heart and finding joy in each moment. Not planning for the next 12 years.


With joy in this particular moment.


So as you as you move through this week, you have a choice how you spend your time, how you think, how you feel. Examine. I encourage you to examine how you feel when you think about “What’s Next?”


Are you like the child?


Or are you thinking in great dread, “Oh, what is coming next?”


If you’re thinking, “Oh, what is coming next,” what are you going to do about it? So have a wonderful, wonderful week. I look forward to being with you again next week and who knows what we will talk about next week. Have a happy week.