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New Life Journey

This New Life Journey is for anyone who chooses to embark on a Transformative Healing Journey within themselves. This is developmental work, and one must be committed to move forward with enthusiasm to complete it as it requires consistency and discipline. Once your...

Breaking out of the Mould


Where do we go from here?

https://vimeo.com/422106003 More on the New Life Journey: https://fullerlife.com/new-life-journey/

Emerging from the Cocoon (Part 2)

https://vimeo.com/419522572 [00:00:08] Well. Good morning. I am so happy to see some of you already online, and I hope that you are here because you've had a wonderful, wonderful week and are looking forward to another one. So I'm just using some of my oils before we...

Emerging from the Cocoon

https://vimeo.com/417035751 Watch Frances LIVE every Sunday at www.facebook.com/FrancesFullerYL

Emotions: Dig Deeper


What’s In Your Space?

https://www.facebook.com/FrancesFullerYL/videos/593124691554073 If you did not manage to catch Frances Fuller LIVE on this topic, we've got you covered, watch here.

Healing is a journey.

We believe that healing is a journey, and each step presents an opportunity to move into a better understanding of who we are so that we may enjoy a richer and fuller life. Our mission is to support each individual in awakening to their Authentic self, leading to discovering their life purpose and achieving personal transformation and growth.

The Rainbow Healing Tools were designed to support you in clearing the blocks that we have at every level so that we can become our Authentic Self.

Every Sunday at 11am SGT, watch Frances on Facebook LIVE as she shares her Sunday messages on a variety of topics related to supporting you in your mind, body, spirit JOURNEY. The latest video would be the one you see on your left. Watch all the past episodes here.

We also offer a variety of treatments for healing the mind, body and soul at our Wellness Centre – Fuller Life Bali.

We’re standing on the edge of the cliff, ready to jump into the fires of transformation.

Are you ready?

Frances Fuller & Steven shumelda

The Founders 

TranSform. Heal. Awaken.

therapeutic grade Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries, and are aromatic liquids that are found naturally in leaves, flowers, shrubs, and the peel of certain fruits. They work to protect the plant from insects or infections, and have very regenerative properties. Young Living essential oils are fully pure and is certified Therapeutic-grade, which means they can be taken internally unlike most perfume-grade’ oils found in the retail stores. Read about Seed to Seal.

Rainbow Healing system

The Rainbow Healing Cards have been designed as a tool to assist you in understanding who you were created

to be and becoming your Authentic Self. Some “growth edges” may present challenges, and others will bring peace and harmony into your life experience. Take time to nurture your physical form. Often simple things can bring major rewards.  

You are  now “standing on the edge of the cliff, ready to jump into the fires of transformation”.   

Are you willing to release your beliefs about who you think you are so you can become who you were created to be?

private welness retreatS.

At Fuller Life Bali, experience a personal and private retreat catered just to your needs. Meals  are specially prepared by our private chefs with fresh ingredients from our mandala garden. Experience Rainbow Healing Sessions, Raindrop Therapy, Fuller Life Massage, Private sessions with Frances and Steven, Botanical facials, colon hydrotherapy, live/dry blood analysis and more…

Find out more about our services here.


Let’s talk about hormones


HEAling is a journey...


TESTIMONIALS on Fuller LIfe bali

There are many things I could and want to share about this place, but let’s start with the food first! All the meals served here came from Fuller Life and Frances’s garden. The veggies, the fruits and the chicken. Fresh, organic and grown with love by the special people (that’s what Frances said!) who tended the garden. And I finally got to taste the legendary Chef Dodi’s & Ketut’s cooking!  I am not a fan of raw food, but I wiped everything they served me here, VOLUNTARILY because it’s just sooo yummy!  — Norce Putri, from Indonesia

A very big thank you to all the staff at Fuller Life for the wonderful experience and thoughtful arrangement over the past few days, from hotel arrangement, transportation to the wide variety of great treatments, meals & even the facilities like the hot pool & pavilion hall just for laying there to chill. We are truly pampered & rejuvenated! – Diane Neo

If you are headed to Bali – please – this is a MUST. You will find a wonderful array of practices that will assist you in this journey for body, mind and soul! I love that they deliberately choose to keep to small number of visitors to maintain the heavenly serenity. The therapists here are so skilled with healing gifts – they completely and utterly brought waves of calm as they worked with me. — Tan Kai Hiang, Singapore

The treatments were great, everything was sensitive, thoughtful and well-planned. The therapists were professional and Ayu was helpful. The meals are amazing – out of the world! I will reccommend to my friends – a place for wellness, relaxation and to just BE – Alice Chia

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Expiry Date – Shelf Life of Oils

Expiry Date – Shelf Life of Oils

Citrus oils do not "go bad", but they may evaporate in 2 years - particularly LEMON.  Citrus oils are not true essential oils because they are not distilled.  They are cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit.  The shelf life of true distilled essential...

Chinese Herbs, Pharmaceutical Drugs and Essential Oils

Chinese Herbs, Pharmaceutical Drugs and Essential Oils

There was a question about the difference between Chinese herbs, pharmaceutical drugs, and essential oils. This is my response . . . Chinese herbs work. Just like essential oils, they are plants. There are differences, though. Plants begin losing life force when they...


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