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With a strong passion for helping others, Frances founded Yayasan (Foundation) Fuller Life Bali. After moving to Singapore in 2003, she began teaching others about the benefits of using Young Living’s essential oils and making the lifestyle switch. Now at 76 (as of 2019), Frances has taught in many countries and shared her extensive knowledge on essential oils. Read our blog here.

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With decades of experience in healing, therapies and holistic treatments, Frances and the Fuller Life Bali staff of skilled facilitators offers Rainbow Healing meditations and sessions, Meridian massage, CNT micro-current healing and many more.
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HEART-Centered Leadership

Frances and the Fuller Life Bali facilitators love to support others in discovering their innate gifts and reaching their true potential.  Their favorite quote is: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”



Growing up on the East Coast of the US in Richmond, Virginia, Frances was always drawn to color and fascinated by the effects that colors have upon people, although her university major was mathematics and physics. During the seven years she lived in Florida, she began studying and teaching a number of energy modalities and then developing the Rainbow Healing System. There, she taught it primarily as a hands-on healing modality for energy healers and for massage therapists to use in conjunction with massage treatments. She was also introduced to the world of Young Living’s premium essential oils. 
In 2003 she moved to Singapore and the rest was history, Frances is the Royal Crown Diamond of Young Living and continues to inspire the leaders in her Young Living family!

Frances’s Story…

Often in classes I tell the story of my move to Singapore . . . In 2002 I met some people from Singapore while at a seminar in Hawaii. We kept in touch, and they said, “You really ought to come to Singapore – and we will show you around!” I thought, “What better way to see Singapore than with Singaporeans“

In early February 2003, I flew to Singapore. After a week in a hotel, I rented a serviced apartment for 10 weeks. While I was there, SARS broke out. For those who were in Singapore at the time, you will remember that the bustling city became a ghost town. Schools and businesses were closed, and people stayed in their homes. Those who ventured out usually wore masks. One of the people whom I had met said, “You don’t seem to be worried about SARS – WHY not???” I told her, “I have my essential oils!” When she asked if I would tell her a little about the oils, I suggested that she gather some friends together so we could have an introductory class. The next day, twelve people came to learn about and experience the Young Living essential oils!

The following day, eight people came to learn Raindrop Technique, and someone even gave me a massage table as payment for the class. I was able to do Raindrop sessions and massages with the pure, premium essential oils, so people could really experience the benefits!

Over the next two weeks, many more came to learn about the oils and/or for sessions, and it became quite evident to me that I should be in Singapore teaching rather than in South Florida where I had been teaching for over 3 years. I was excited about the prospect of introducing the people of Singapore and Southeast Asia to the benefits of premium essential oils and the French model of aromatherapy!

When I returned to Florida the end of April, I was unsure whether I would rent out my apartment on the beach there seasonally, annually . . . or sell it. The answer came in a telephone call. A woman who had never been inside my apartment and whom I did not know called me and said that she would like to purchase it! She made an attractive offer and said she would also like to purchase anything I wanted to leave behind . . . so the decision was made. The end of June 2003, I moved to Singapore!

Moving to another country is not as “simple” as moving from one locality to another in your native country. I had to “have a reason to be there”. In other words, I had to create a business that would pay me enough to satisfy the requirements of the Singapore government for residency. This meant that I had to work really hard – and fast! However, the interested people just kept coming to the classes that I scheduled, and somehow the income that was necessary flowed in . . . so I was able to remain in Singapore and even branch out to Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Bali within a year.

In 2008, I qualified for the Young Living Caribbean Cruise. Although I had been to the islands many times, I knew that the Young Living executives would be my “captives” on the ship at night. Singapore finally got on the “radar” of the Company – and we received reduced shipping for our international orders beginning 1 August 2008. The lower shipping rates made ordering far more attractive, and “Team Singapore” began to grow!

Another milestone was reached 14 April 2010 when Young Living Singapore Pte Ltd was registered.  Next stepping stones have been the Grand Opening of the offices in Singapore and Hong Kong in October 2011 and 2013 and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia October 2014. November 2016 brought the opening of Taiwan, followed by Indonesia in April 2017.

The journey has been exciting, and it is so rewarding to introduce others to something that can enhance every aspect of their lives.

We’ve only just begun…



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