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Fuller Life Bali is a non-profit wellness and education center that focuses on empowering our guests to create more balanced and harmonious relationships with themselves and their environment.  Young Living essential oils are incorporated into all offerings.

We collaborate with you to design a personalised transformative experience based upon the initial consultation and evaluation with the staff.

Fuller Life Bali exists solely upon donations, and we have suggested minimum donations for those who come either for multiple days or an individual service.

Note: All full day packages include lunch and multiple sessions. The sessions may be adjusted as needed to provide the most beneficial transformative experience for the guest.

We look forward to fulfilling your health and wellness goals.

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the experiences

Choose from among the signature experiences below. Fuller Life Bali is open 7 days a week. We accept guests by reservation.
A limited number of guests are accepted daily.

Rainbow Healing with Frances Fuller 60–120min  •   

In this interactive consultation, Frances Fuller will guide you to greater understanding of the self, using the Rainbow Healing Cards that she originally published in 2011. This session can assist in creating harmonious relationships with others and the environment as well as a more powerful spiritual connection. These can combine for a fulfilling life experience. The Rainbow Healing System works with energies that are available to everyone. Rainbow Healing may initiate a transformational experience that produces increased concentration, better problem-solving abilities, more balanced emotions, and a more positive life experience. This session promotes release of emotional blocks that may be preventing physical healing. A number of essential oils and blends may be used throughout the session, which may involve both verbal interaction and meditative states.

Fuller Life Massage 90min  •  
This session is a combination of traditional massage involving a fusion of techniques, including essential oils, skin rolling, kneading, acupressure and reflexology. Virgin coconut oil from our very own trees is perfect for soothing all skin types. Each of our facilitators uses unique techniques to relieve muscle tension, stress, and to promote deep relaxation.

Fuller Life Bali Bliss 120min  •  
When the energies and techniques of two therapists – one male and one female – flow together in harmony, a remarkable experience can be produced. This session includes essential oils and blends selected especially for the individual by our trained aromatherapists as well as a combination of acupressure and flowing massage techniques. For ultimate relaxation and bliss, this is an experience not to be missed.

Zen Shiatsu Therapy 90min  •  
This therapy is performed on a mat while fully clothed. The facilitator works along the meridians (energy pathways) of the body. This includes touching on specific points and rebalancing the energy to promote a feeling of total well-being and balance of Mind, Body and Flow. It also creates a feeling of deep relaxation as well as renewed vitality. Shiatsu stimulates the natural healing power of the body, so that symptoms of disease lessen and vitality is regained. The principle is that all health problems are related to imbalances or disharmonies between the internal organs and blockages to the circulation of energy.

Meridian Massage  90min  •  
This session is a unique combination of multiple energy techniques and massage created by Steven Shumelda.  Blocks which may have prevented healing on all levels are often released either during the session or in the days afterward.

Integrative Massage  90min  • 
This session is designed to meet the current needs of the receiver.  Each session is unique and addrsses the most vital issues.  Integrating a number of massage and energy techniques, the facilitator supports healing of the receiver on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

FEATURED: Balinese massage + botanical facial

Balinese Massage + Botanical Facial
120 min  •  

From start to finish, this session is incredibly relaxing as well as detoxifying.  Coconut milk and coconut made from our own coconut trees compliments the organic vegetables and fruits from our garden and the therapeutic essential oils.  This is the perfect way to begin a wellness program.

FEATURED: Healing Deep Reflexology 90min  •   

The deep healing session involves very strong pressure and powerful hands focusing on pressure points of the feet, legs, hand and arm. It takes you through a healing journey and has been helpful in relieving many challenges at all levels. The touch and transference of energy stimulates circulation of the corresponding organs and glands.

CNT Microcurrent Healing Technique 90min  • 
Chi Nei Tsang Microcurrent is a powerful and innovative healing technique that was developed in China. It addresses the most important communication systems of the body to increase energy levels and circulation, relieve pain, and restore optimal health. This Fuller Life Bali Signature Treatment incorporates Young Living essential oils to enhance the benefits. 

CranioSacral (CST) Therapy  90min  •  
This light contact session consists of gentle finger pressure on selected points in combination with essential oils.  It can be highly effective in overcoming physiological issues, removing restrictions in throughout the system, and improving the functioning of the central nervous system and emotional centers.  It may support a natural shift to self-acceptance and peace within.

Acupressure Therapy   90min  •  
This session uses gentle pressure on a variety of acupressure points throughout the body. Special essential oils for restoring health and balance throughout the body’s channels of energy are used in a variety of ways. The combination can regulate the opposing forces of yin (feminine energy) and yang (masculine energy), allowing for balance of the entire physical form as well as the mind, emotions, and spirit. This can result in reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, and stimulation of endorphins, which are natural pain relievers.

Acupressure Incorporating Electrical Stimulation  30-90min  •  
This session is especially effective for injuries and may be used over the entire body or on specific areas.  It can be a general tonic for moving stagnant energy which is the origin of illness and disease.

Raindrop Therapy 90min   •   
Essential oils are the life blood of plants and can have healing effects upon the body. When applied topically, oils are rapidly absorbed into the skin and travel through the dermis levels. They are helpful in eliminating bacteria and viruses and can enhance overall immune function. The oils are dropped on the body, and the facilitator applies a massage technique called VitaFlex which enhances the benefits of the essential oils. This massage technique means vitality through the reflexes, and it involves a rolling and releasing motion of the fingertips to massage the reflex points of the body. VitaFlex technique is used on the feet and along the spine for nerve stimulation and to enhance the action of the essential oils.

Vibrational Raindrop Therapy 90min  •   
Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT) uses the same oils used in the Raindrop Technique, Tuning forks add the power of sound to the healing energy of essential oils. When the sound frequencies are combined with the frequencies of the essential oils, all body systems can be affected in a positive way. Many notice immediate improvement in brain, liver, and hormone function as well as reduction of pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. Two tuning forks are normally used at the same time in Vibrational Raindrop Technique, and they are always working with Harmonic musical intervals.

Vibrational Raindrop on Feet + Detoxifying Botanical Body Scrub  60min  •  
This treatment addresses the entire body.  The largest organ of detoxification is the skin, and as the dead skin cells are sloughed off, the skin will also feel softer and healthier.  The treatment begins with the 9 oils of Raindrop Technique applied to the bottoms of the feet and enhanced by the tuning forks on the spinal points and other specific points that may require attention.

Featured: AromaDome
30-45min  •   

The AromaDome maximizes the delivery of the essential oils mist to the user. The receiver lies comfortably inside the Aroma Dome. As the fine mist of essential oils are inhaled and absorbed through the skin, new receptacles are formed in the brain. Specific essential oils are selected to complement other sessions and to support the body in coming to Perfect Balance.

Live Blood /Dried Blood Analysis & Nutritional Counseling 60min  •  

The practitioner takes a drop of blood from the finger, places it onto a slide and then uses a special microscope to provide a detailed analysis the present and chronic issues one may be dealing with. In this analysis, the following can be noted: level of hydration, acid-alkaline balance, parasites, colon congestion, and organ deficiencies. The analysis also provides information about the state of the immune system, possible vitamin deficiencies, amount of toxicity, pH and mineral imbalance, areas of concern and weaknesses, fungus and yeast. Some even claim it can spot cancer and other degenerative immune system diseases, lack of oxygen in the blood, low trace minerals, lack of exercise, too much alcohol or yeast, and weak kidneys, bladder or spleen in very early stages. Live blood analysis indicates the current conditions and change rapidly. Dried blood indicates more chronic conditions. By utilizing both live and dried blood analysis, a comprehensive analysis is available.

Colon Hydrotherapy 60min  •  
This therapy includes a probiotic drink
Colon Hydrotherapy is the gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water to remove encrusted fecal matter, gas and mucus with gentle infusion of water into the colon via the rectum. The benefits of this session can be observed in the improvement of digestion, skin conditions, stronger immune function, and improvement in obesity issues. This cleansing allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more easily and leaves one feeling rejuvenated and healthier, Assisted by a trained nurse who will gently guide you through the entire process with care, the session begins with a consultation and gentle stomach massage along with application of essential oils.
The effects are enhanced when accompanied by positive lifestyle and dietary support.

Bio-Tracker Balancing 60 min   •    
This session may detect biochemical changes before they develop into full-blown problems. Electro-magnetic profile evaluations can then also be confirmed by laboratory tests once the analysis has been made. (This is a perfect complement to the Live Blood/Dried Blood analysis.) The Bio-Tracker has the unique advantage of possible detection of systemic stress caused by past exposures to chemicals, diseases, micro-organisms or radiation of one kind or another which may contribute to a patient’s underlying health problem. The Bio-Tracker measures resistance to a minute electrical current flowing through a specific part of the body. The facilitator is able to assess whether the electron-flow recorded against specific low voltage and amperage is indicative of either stressful or optimum conditions within specific meridians. Personalised remedies can be created and nutritional counseling provided.

Reiki Therapy 90min  •   
The healer uses a palm healing or hands-on healing technique by which a universal energy is allegedly transferred through the palms of the practitioner to a receiver in order to encourage balance. A Reiki session has been described as a “wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around in a way that promotes harmony at all levels emotional, mind, spirit, creating feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

Detoxifying Botanical Body Scrub  45min  •   
For those desiring a luxurious start to a detoxification program, this can be a key.

Botanical Garden Facial With Vibration Vita-Flex 90min  •  

Feel the benefits of powerful local ingredients selected as this facial begins with a moisturizing coconut milk and flower tonic to cleanse and balance the skin. Candlenut is used to renew the cells, followed by virgin coconut oil, fresh aloe Vera, and raw honey and cucumber mask for activating regeneration. During the mask you will receive a vibrational Vita Flex treatment on the feet. The session ends with essential oils for circulation and healthy skin.

Fuller Life Lift 90min   •   
Essential oils and various botanicals are selected to enhance the quality of the skin. The massage techniques of AromaLift Technique, developed by Miyuki Kazu of Osaka Japan, are utilized. As the essential oils absorb deep into the cells, the regeneration process is begun. This is a high-powered Anti-Aging facial that recharges and restores the balance of vitamins and minerals in the skin and recharges the lymphatic flow. When a detoxification program is combined with this facial, the results are even more effective.

Facial Sculpture 90min   •   
The Facial Sculpture incorporates Young Living essential oils, botanicals from our organic garden, facial massage and micro-current Japanese technology (ionic, ultrasonic, and ultra high frequency). The texture and elasticity of the skin is visibly enhanced with the first session.  These positive results are compounded with 3-4 sessions in a series. 

Other Services:

  • Water Therapy 30-60 min variable
  • Movement Therapy 60 min
  • Science & Application of Essential Oils 2 hours
  • Meditation sessions 90 min



Creative Cooking with our Chefs 
2–3hours  •   

In this exciting cuisine program, our Chef will walk the participants through the complete preparation of a meal. If desired, a tour of our organic garden can be included. Using only the ingredients from our own gardens, freshness, flavor, and sustainability are assured. You will be guided in the key techniques, including juicing, sprouting, smoothies, savory blending, fermenting, low temperature baking and dehydrating. This dynamic experience includes hands-on preparation with seasonal ingredients and creating amazing food presentations. This is an experience not to be missed!

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Fuller Life Bali is open 7 days a week. We accept guests by reservation. A limited number of guests are accepted daily. We collaborate with you to design a personalised transformative experience based upon the initial consultation and evaluation with the staff. Fuller Life Bali exists solely upon donations, and we have suggested minimum donations for those who come either for multiple days or an individual service.
Note: All full day packages include lunch and multiple sessions. The sessions may be adjusted as needed to provide the most beneficial transformative experience for the guest.

We look forward to fulfilling your health and wellness goals.

Phone: +62 (0) 8123882484
Email: bali@fullerlife.com

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