To understand what enzymes are and why we need them, please read this article:

Enzymes – What are They? Why Do We Need Them?

Enzyme deficiencies are a growing problem. For more information on how to take Essentialzyme, review Chapters 9 and 19 in your EDR. If you don’t have a new Essential Oils Desk Reference, get it, because it will help you to better facilitate and direct your clients, customers, and patients in the direction they need to go with enzymes. It’s very important.

To summarize, Essentialzyme is an essential blend of animal origin and has pancrealipase, pancreatin 10X (which is the strongest), trypsin, and betaine hydrochloric acid. Then we combine it with a vegetable-originated blend of bromelain, which comes from pineapple; thyme; Carrot leaf powder; alfalfa sprout powder; alfalfa; and cumin seed powder, which we use because cumin also is a very active agent in enzymatic activity.

Then we complement it with a wonderful essential oil blend of anise, fennel, peppermint, tarragon, and clove.

I chose anise seed oil to put in Essentialzyme for the very simple reason that it is very beneficial for the promotion of erepsin in the lower stomach, and that is critical. Erepsin is an enzyme known to digest peptones into amino acids. Most people have a very deficient level of erepsin.


Today I will conclude with the other essential oils I chose for Essentialzyme™ and then Essentialzymes-4™.

Fennel works in the stomach as a digestive aid, but it is also stimulating to the circulatory, glandular, and respiratory systems. It has long been known to be balancing to the body.

Peppermint is primarily included to be a modulator in maintaining a normal inflammatory response, so it’s important for that first phase of digestion and not just for the refreshing flavoring.

Tarragon and clove work together synergistically in helping in the promotion of the plant enzymes, particularly protease, amylase, and cellulase. That makes it a wonderful complement. That’s Essentialzyme.

Next we have our two Essentialzymes-4 blends. The cream-colored capsule contains pancreatin, bee pollen powder, lipase, and essential oils of ginger, fennel, tarragon, anise, and lemongrass. All of these are complementary for the digestion of fats, and lemongrass is also a blood and liver cleanser.

In our vegetable blend in the yellow capsule, we have amylase, cellulase, and three protease formulas. I really loaded protease heavily in there because today people are heavy protein eaters, so we need a little extra. We also added a little lipase, peptidase, phytase, bromelain, and papain—pineapple and papaya—with anise, ginger, rosemary, tarragon, and fennel essential oils. Rosemary was added to the blend for liver support and to improve and enhance the digestive ability. So that is Essentialzymes-4.

Remember that enzymes are involved in every process of the body, so be sure to build your enzyme reserves with good nutrition and Essentialzyme and Essentialzymes-4.