Rainbow Bundle


The Rainbow bundle contains all the complete tools of the Rainbow Healing System. Journey, Journey II, My Journal, Rainbow Healing Cards and guidebook and COLOURS.

The Rainbow Bundle contains the complete tools of the Rainbow Healing System. This system is designed by Frances Fuller*.

Both Journey workbooks, covering both the basics and the newest, most advanced practices of the Rainbow Healing Journey, your New Life Journey.
My Journal captures your insights, and helps you refine your priorities even further.
Colours, our special Rainbow Healing colouring book, soothes the mind and spirit and delights the senses, bringing forth the playfulness of the Inner Child that so often gets neglected in modern life.
The original Rainbow Healing card deck and guidebook allow you to play with the energies of Rainbow Healing, in whichever ways you choose.

*Frances Fuller is one of the Royal Crown Diamond's of Young Living, the founder of Fuller Life Bali and the Rainbow Healing System.


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