FLAVOURS (e-book)


FLAVOURS was written so that everyone may create these dishes at home in order to support their own mind-body transformations. The energy and love that our chefs Jata and Doddy infuse into each dish aligns with the energy work of our facilitators. Even the colours of the dishes are attuned to the colours of our Rainbow Healing System. At Fuller Life Bali, we believe that eating the colours of the rainbow and incorporating high vibrational meals into our diets provides exceptional nourishment for truly healthy bodies and lives. All our meals are served fresh from garden to table.

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“The food (at Fuller Life Bali) comes out of our garden, and whatever is ripe on any given day is what the chefs work into their menu to prepare for us. They are both artists and prepare beautiful things that are delicious and healthy. “ – Frances In this 88-page FULL COLOUR recipe book, you will have access to: – Over 45 recipes which includes some of Frances Fuller’s most favourite dishes, Fuller Life Elixirs, healing soups, smoothies and more! – Private access to video demonstrations with Chef Doddy and Chef Jata, cooking from home has never been so EASY! Chef Jata and Chef Doddy always ensure that their recipes are seasonally based for the greatest health impact. While they choose fruits and vegetables from our onsite gardens, these recipes may be rotated so that you can use the freshest ingredients available to you – wherever you are in the world. The recipes in FLAVOURS are Chef Jata and Chef Doddy’s choices for meals created to meet the specific spiritual and physical needs of our guests over the years. This means that all the recipes our chefs are sharing here, are recipes that are the most in demand and most useful for guests.

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