MYRRH has excellent skin regenerating properties. Mary Young uses ONE DROP on her face at night, waits 2 minutes, and then applies a tiny bit of BOSWELIA WRINKLE CRÈME over the entire face, neck, and chest. Myrrh is also highly anti-bacterial and may assist in boosting the immune function.

SANDALWOOD can be used in the same way as myrrh – only it smells quite beautiful. (It has always been one of my favourite scents.) Only ONE DROP is needed,, and its hydrating properties are amazing. I personally like to use SANDALWOOD MOISTURE CRÈME (about the size of a small bean) over the sandalwood, but you could use Boswelia Wrinkle Crème.

NOTE: Both Myrrh and Sandalwood are in Young Living’s BEAUTY SERUM FOR DRY SKIN. Just one drop of the serum mixed with the ART Skin Care Day Activator or Night Reconstructor is all it takes! Sometimes, I do use one drop of either myrrh or sandalwood around my eyes – NOT near the eyes or on the eyelids!
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