26 MAY 2024 – More Ways to Play with Rainbow Healing Cards


Welcome to another fun day with Francis. I’m excited to be back again. Another week as elapsed since our last time. And this may be a continuation of what we started last week, Playing with the Rainbow Healing Cards, and it may be totally different.


We just have to wait and see. I’m here in the pavilion and I want to thank everyone who made comments or sent me messages to let me know that you felt that it was much – just a different, a different frequency, a more fun and playful and gentler frequency here in the pavilion at Fuller Life Bali, rather than in my Villa, in my office setting. So I’m back again today and we, of course, I’m surrounded with the Tibetan bowls and I have in front of me, one of the larger ones, not the largest but one of the larger ones, which I’m going to do strike for you a few times today and which I wasn’t able to do when they weren’t with me in the Villa.


So just whatever essential oils you’ve chosen to use today –  apply, breathe them in, and close your eyes, breathing in these frequencies of the Tibetan Bowl.


And I also have the gentle wind chimes. Today is a little bit overcast here in Bali and it, I just felt, I understand now why I selected this particular piece of jewelry with the with the 5th Glyph, which is that Fire, that warmth of the fire of the life force. And the wind chimes that I chose to bring in here with me are the Fire and the Air.


So I see the clock has turned over to 11:00 and welcome! Welcome back. Thank you for being here. Last week we talked a bit about how to play with the Rainbow Healing Cards.


And there is an unlimited numbers of ways. You can do whatever you choose to do. The cards themselves are not fortune telling cards. They’re not things that are meant or designed to tell you what you have to do at any point. They’re simply focus cards. And when we select the cards that we are using, or the cards that we pay attention to, at any given time with the intent that we select cards that may be helpful for us at this particular moment. It’s not about what happened yesterday. It’s not about what may happen tomorrow. It’s simply about being in the moment. 


Now, before I ever touch my cards. I have the cards here. You may have the app you may be using the information from the website or from the Facebook, from the different groups. However you are using the cards is fine.


I have, I’m a touchy feely person so I love having the actual cards in my hand, and because I have them, I’m going to use them. I have already gone through – I would encourage you to apply Sacred Mountain which, to me, anchors that frequency of the Sacred Space. This is my goal in Rainbow Healing System.


To be in a space where it’s like I can push out all of the distractions, all of the dis-harmony, the chaos that’s in the outer world, and just create a space, a safe place, a Sacred Space where harmony, where I can exist.


And make that connection with the Source with myCreator, the connection with the Earth and just focus upon bringing harmony and balance into every part of my being.


If that is not your goal, that is fine.


Each one of us is here for special reason and it’s up to us to determine why we’re here. And nobody can tell you this. At least that’s not what I believe.


I believe that every one of us inside knows deep down inside, even though we have been programmed if you will, from the very beginning and how what we should be doing. Oh, I hate that word, “Should.” I’ve used it all my life. I am attempting to eliminate it from my vocabulary and it just slipped out because we have most of us been taught “What should you be doing?”


I should have done this. I should not have done something or I should be doing this to prepare for something else, as opposed to what is the thing that will create the greatest harmony for me at this moment?


Many of us have been taught that it’s selfish to think about ourselves.


Right. Yeah, it’s selfish. However, the greatest gift that you can give to everyone that you meet to everyone in your environment, to the entire world, is to be in harmony yourself. Because as we are in harmony, in greater harmony and balance, that frequency will radiate out from us, much as essential oils diffusing out.


And it will affect everything around us in a positive way. Because harmony will bring about more harmony, wherever you go. I’ve. I’ve often been told that get hugging me is like an aromatherapy treatment and it’s because I consider myself “a human diffuser.” I apply the oils on me and I get the benefit, the full benefit of those oils, and then my body heat allows them to radiate outward. And of course the essential oils are always, always creating harmony.


No matter what part of your body you put them on. Then when they enter the bloodstream, they will be going everywhere throughout your entire being, working to help you to support you in creating harmony and balance throughout. So OK.


Take a deep breath.


Now I’ve already used all of the oils of Rainbow Healing.  I’ve been in here in the pavilion. It’s kind of nice because I have all this space and I’ve been walking backwards. You may say, why have I been walking backwards?


You know, we  – we learn things and we forget them, or at least I did. I learned things and I do them for a long time. And then I kind of hear about something else, and then I start doing things differently. And back when I broke my back, when I fractured my spine in 2011, actually before that, I had heard Gary Young said that he had learned in China way back, from Doctor Chow many, many years before that, that he had learned that walking backwards decompresses the spine.  Well, and most of us have pain.


We play on our phones, we work on our computers or some of us injure ourselves in different ways and our spines are constantly being shuffled together and jostled back and forth. So, allowing the spine to decompress is a really wonderful thing, and as we’re walking forward it tends to compress the spine because we, unless we’re in perfect.


Unless we have perfect posture, which most of us don’t, and we hang things over our shoulder. So walking backwards. And it’s kind of fun now here in the pavilion. I’ve got this huge octagonal shaped room that I can walk around that has clear space.


So I walk. I’ve been able been walking around, and boy my neck and back feel wonderful! So try it. Have fun if that seems interesting to you. if it doesn’t, forget that. However, if you ever have neck or back pain or just you know, not feeling really right. Try walking backwards.


A note of caution, make sure that you have a clear pathway and that you don’t walk off a step or off of something that you are, you know aware of that. So I didn’t mean to go into that. I never know what I will talk about on these things. Now last week, as I said, when I am getting to the cards. Last week we.


We had different piles of the cards according to the different things, because they’re separated into groups. They’re all the Archetype cards, which are traits. They’re characteristics. They’re not who you are. Who anyone is, They’re positive attributes associated with each one. There are also potential challenges. Now, by studying the individual ones and the ones that are have some similar but different characteristics, you – it helps you.


To understand yourself and others better. Now. But again, this is not who you are. It is what might help you in the moment.


Now, last week we separated them. As I said, they’re also single glyphs. There are ten of them. I call them the Journey of the Glyphs. There are actually 11 because the Sacred Space is the 11th one. I call it, though, the Journey of the Glyphs. JOG. Your morning jog and evening jog.  J O G.  You can select the.  You can use them in the order that they are.


Which is a definite path, a pattern that is a step by step procedure for attaining greater harmony and balance in your life. Greater focus. Greater whatever.


Using them that way, now, sometimes you may choose to just select one.


Now, as I said last week, I’ve separated them. Then there are combinations of the glyphs, two or three taken at this time. So today I’m going to do something different. I’m going to just mix them all together, OK?




Some of you may find this to be more fun.


Most of my life fun was not a big deal thing. It was not something I even thought about, because I was an achiever and everything needed to be goal oriented.  I was very much a goal oriented person. I found out I can achieve just as much by having fun.


Which is really a startling thing for me to … but I’m just going to just play with, I’m mixing them up. You can shuffle them however you would shuffle any deck of cards.


Sorry, I’m making noise because I have my table in front of me today, but I’m getting used to a new way of being here in the in the pavilion, and I do intend to be back again. So now I have a mixed up deck of Rainbow Healing Cards.


The first thing that I encourage you to do is to use your muscle testing to make certain you’re grounded. Now. If you’re using Sacred Mountain and apply your oil, breathe it in. Whatever your favorite grounding oil is, you may choose your Grounding blend, or you may choose the Valor.


Many people find that that’s an excellent grounding blend to use. Whatever you choose to use, use it with the intent that you are grounded. And to me grounded means that you are connected with your Creator, you’re grounded to the planet on which we live, and you pushed out those distractions.


So, breathing in that Air element is going to be very, very important to, in order to, select the things that really will be the most important for you, or the most helpful. Because they will allow you to focus.


And focus! When we’re distracted, that’s when things tend to go off kilter. Don’t you agree? It’s  – When we are  focused!   When Frances, all of Frances’ illnesses – all of Frances’ accidents – have been truly due to a lack of focus.


If I had been focused and In the present moment. I just happened to have Present Time sitting here because it’s a staple in my life these days. Then, we are in a powerful position. So the first thing I’m going to test, I’m going to use my muscle testing. I’m going to say am I grounded?


I get a yes. If, but I would then ask the opposite, “Is there any reason to doubt that?” No.


If I had gotten no, I’m not grounded. What would I do?


I would take a deep breath and probably apply another essential oil. I might apply Geranium, which helps to dissolve blocks, because if I’m not grounded I’m probably blocking my ability to ground somewhere.


So this is just about getting us to focus. So. “Is it appropriate for me to start selecting cards?” Yes. Yay, I get to do that! Now, how many am I going to select?


“Am I going to select more than one?” Yes.


“Am I going to select more than two?” Yes. Wow. “More than three?” No.


So three –  So three cards. “Is that the number I’m to select?” Yes. Well, last week we selected 2.


As you’re starting out, you may choose, instead of asking how many, to actually select only one.


And then only two.  Because when you do one, you can focus on the frequencies held within that one much more than if you have multiple, because when they’re interacting together, it’s the same thing as the difference between a single oil and a blend. Single oils have a very pure frequency.


That it is, it’s easier to think about than when they start mingling with others. Now, Gary made us those wonderful blends, that he knows how they mingle, because he has millions of dollars worth of equipment to check the frequencies, Any time a frequency changes, and they’re constantly changing. Anytime there’s a different frequency, it’s going to interact with you and everything else in a different way.


So, am I getting into too much stuff before? Yeah, OK, I’m going to get three cards now. How am I going to do it? Well, I prefer to select them one at a time.


And I do a process of elimination without looking at the cards. Now you can do anything you choose. You can turn them over one at a time. You can, you can wait until the end. Now because it’s kind of fun for me to just to wait, I wait until closer to the till I’ve gotten all of the cards that I’m testing, that I’m selecting, and then I turn them over to see how they work together. That way I’m not getting up here in my brain before I select the next one. You see what I’m saying? Our brain can really get in and totally run everything.


Everything we’re doing, it can manipulate us in any way that it chooses. So the more I can keep out of my brain and into my heart connection with the Creator, the more powerful I will be, the more powerful my answers will be.


The more powerful my focus will be. So I’m going to pick three. Well, today I’m going to, it just occurred to me, I’m going to cut the cards and then take the top three. OK, so I’ve already. I have no idea what they are. By the way. I’m just going to cut the cards like this.


And I’m going to take the top three. I’m going to put them on my table where you can’t see them, but I’m just going to deal them out and I’m going to then ask, “Are these three cards the cards that are the most helpful for me at this particular present moment?”


Yes, they’re the ones that I’m supposed to turn over and talk about. And yes, I’m running over again today. And again, I apologize. I get really wordy and I  can attempt to control it, but I’ve been contemplating for almost 81 years to control it. Actually, I’ve only been talking for 80 years, but I was an early talker, so I’m going to turn. “Are these the three?” Yes. So I’m going to turn them over and see what they are. This is fun for me. I’ll let you see them first. True Purpose. OK.


OK. What is True Purpose all about? Well, you can read about it in the app. You can read about it on the,  in the website and all the different places but the True Purpose is mainly about understanding, as well as achieving, why you’re really here. Well, these other two cards are probably going to help me.


Let’s see what this one is. I haven’t looked.


You get to see it first, OK?


Self Worth.


Self Worth down at the bottom of the card says, “Recognizing the value of your gifts.”


How often do we? This is when I ask myself questions. How often do we feel like we’re not worthy, we’re not good enough and that others will reject us if we, If we show them who we really are? So this is also about rejection.


So Self Worth.


Understanding that you were created special, very, very special, to do something really amazing.


And you have everything within you to accomplish whatever you came here to do. It’s merely a fact, an issue of weeding out the things that are distracting us. Getting rid of the things that are not part of who we were created to be.


So I’m going to look at the third card. I’ve only looked at these two, and again, I have no idea what this one’s going to be.


But I’ll let you see. Oh, my goodness, I have  – Integrity. Wow! Integrity is, I’ve got three of these combinations which would make this a huge, huge, powerful group of cards. Thank you very much for –  these are for, for all of you out there! And it would, this would give you an opportunity!


Integrity is, you know, aligning your words and your thoughts and your actions. It’s also very, very strong. Now the Integrity would be understanding its strength.


It requires strength to understand our purpose and to move forward with it. It requires strength, the Integrity, to move forward.


To appreciate our own gifts, because you know – no one’s purpose is better than anyone else’s. It’s what you determined.


You and your Creator that you designed you for, so it’s, it’s the perfect thing for you. And you have the perfect combination of knowledge and abilities to accomplish it, when you BELIEVE that you can. Now, one of the things that jumps out at me.


When I look at these three cards together, I don’t know how well you can see them and whether I’m making a mess of things, but I see that the Acceptance glyph is in both of these.


And the Divine Union are in both.


And this one is the second glyph, which is the Structure, is in this one. So there are a lot of carryovers of frequencies. Things that tie these particular cards together. I would choose to read about each one of them. This is why I normally teach spend so much time teaching about the individual glyphs, what they what, the frequencies, the possibilities, the potential held within each one, and how they might be working together at any given time. The frequencies of the of the combinations.


And we’ve got a lot of glyphs here are very, very different.


And the way that they combine together, and they may mean very different things to you than they mean to the, to your best friend or someone else who’s viewing this. So I encourage you to look at these, these potential things.  Frequencies.


Whether you’re looking at the colours, which we know I love colours, using the oils that actually part of these, these holograms or just however you’re choosing to do them, think about these. And when you’re meditating and journaling, breathe in, use your oils and just.


Just pay attention to how you’re feeling and have fun! So thank you for bearing with me as I went on and on today and I look forward to hearing your comments. Please message me and I look forward to being with you again next week.