19 MAY 2024 – Let’s Play with Rainbow Healing Cards


Welcome back to another fun day with Frances. And today we’re going to play. So, here I am in the Pavilion. You will notice the background is different from my office setting, and it just seems that if we’re going to play, the Pavilion, where I teach Rainbow Healing System every day, is a great place and I have all of the Tibetan bowls around me that I’ve been playing with.


This morning I was, I still have to figure out how we can do this, because I tried a recording and the sounds, It just was very awkward. So I’ve only narrowed it down to one thing now, but I’m here. As I said, this is time to play.


So I’ve already used of course, my Sacred Mountain. You may choose to use your Sacred Mountain or whatever blend or single oil you you’re choosing. I’ve used all of the oils of Rainbow Healing already this morning.


But Inner Child jumped into my hand as I was preparing because this is all about, let’s let our child come out. There’s no right way or wrong way. So this is all about letting the inner child play.


And also I brought Fun.


When was the last time you focused upon Fun in your life?


I often say that Frances and Fun had nothing in common except the 1st letter of my name, because fun is just something that never occurred to me. I was a an achiever. So, Fun, if you happen to have Fun, or just intend that the frequencies of Fun just permeate every portion of your being.


And I have for you this morning. As I said, I have all of the Tibetan bowls around me, but it is rather awkward. I still have to figure out how we might work with them, however  I muscle tested to play the antique manku bell, the bell that.


This is a very, very special bell. When, when Mangku gave it to me, it was, he said, that it was from his grandfather. So it’s a very old bell. However, I didn’t realize just how special this bell is. So I want just sit back and drink in these frequencies.


One of the bell makers in Bali said that he has been making bells for many, many years, hundreds of bells and that only two or three have the ability to play with a stick rather than just ringing them. So we’ll see if this beautiful bell, I’ve rubbing it with the oils this morning, and we’ll see if he will play today and allow these beautiful frequencies. So.


All of the bells are designed to ring, but only a few ever have that ability to be played with the stick, and this morning you had the opportunity to hear it.


I’m grateful.  So once again, welcome, welcome. For those of you who follow me, you know that I start 3 minutes early. I don’t really get into the meat of what we’re talking about until 11:00, but I see that it is now 11:00. So.


As I mentioned earlier, we’re going to play today. All about playing. Rainbow Healing System was not designed as something that is difficult, that there’s only one way to do it. My feeling is that every one of us is on our unique journey and that we do things our own way. So how you play with the Rainbow Healing Cards is totally up to you.


There’s no wrong, OK? There’s no right or wrong.


It’s just whatever you feel like doing on any given day. Now most of the time, see, it was a question from someone and I love having questions, because it was a question from someone that prompted me doing this today.


And that is, “How do I play with the cards? I’ve got the cards but I don’t know what to do with them.” Well, there is a guidebook inside. It’s in very tiny print. It’s a lot of information but it doesn’t give a lot of guidance because this is your Journey.


Those of you who are following, are part of our Inside Out Refresh that we are, we began, we’re on day 12 of, know that we are doing things from different perspectives all the time. We also, the January Reset was a different perspective.  I’m used to often teaching  the information, because the Rainbow Healing Cards have, they’re actually 44 cards in the full deck, and they all have… they are Focus. They’re not fortune telling cards. They’re not going to create good, bad, and different things that are going on in your life. However, what they can do is give you a Focus.


So I often am teaching about the frequencies, the frequencies that are in each one of these cards, to get you to pay attention to the frequencies. When you select one of the cards or two of the cards, or however many of the cards you select, there’s a reason.


There is a reason why you selected the ones that you did and it may take a little bit of focus now.


You don’t have to focus and don’t have to feel as if this is a, you know, a difficult thing to be doing.


What is important is just to pay attention, OK?


Pay attention. Ask yourself questions. Why did I choose this card? I’m going to show you how I choose the cards, but you can choose them any way you like and I’m going to suggest.


If you follow me, you know I’m always talking about muscle testing – kinesiology – and there are so many ways of kinesiology.


You don’t have to use my way. My way is not necessarily the perfect way. It’s the way I do it. And I test EVERYTHING. I test what kind of shampoo to use on my hair, what kind of lip color to wear, what clothes to wear. I test all these silly insignificant things, because as we are muscle testing, we are focusing, we are paying attention in that moment and muscle testing is nothing in the world but getting your body level knowing.


When we are connected with the Source, our Creator, connected.


(And I’m sorry, I’m catching on the lace.) When we are connected with our Creator, that is our, we are getting our body level knowing, our knowing in the moment. And of course things, information, changes in a flash because frequencies change in a flash.


So. If you select a certain card or cards, then it doesn’t mean that this is your life sentence, so to speak. All it means is that at that particular moment that card may have something that could assist you in uncovering something important in your life, whether it is a feeling, an emotion, whether it’s.


Whatever it might be, it’s just helpful because it brings us into the moment. OK, so I don’t want to talk too long on that. So. Now, if you’re using our app, then the cards are separated into three different sections. They are separated into the single glyphs, which are kind of like single oils. They each one of them has a specific frequency, or range, or bandwidth of frequencies. And as you know, everything on this planet is totally energy. It’s a frequency, and some frequencies are in greater harmony with other frequencies at different time.


And our own frequency changes all the time. So, this is just about understanding. And I’m usually spending a lot of time teaching, sharing what the concepts, what, what might be included in the frequencies of each one of these cards, so that when you select them you have better background.


Now some of you may not choose to do a lot of, I don’t like to think of it again as cerebral, but thinking up here. It may just be, what’s… what’s happening? What do I do right this second?


So, if you’re looking at the cards, I mean at the app, you see they’re the three different wheels. So what I would do, if you’re looking at the cards, you can put them all together and just shuffle them and decide which one or ones. Now when I say “decide,” everyone has their own way, and there’s no right or wrong. My personal, the ways that I’ve gotten the greatest insight in my life, the greatest insights and amazing enlightenment, is by muscle testing.


By narrowing it down. So I’m going to actually, today I’ve got them all separated, so I’ve got the three ones just like on the app. And I, we do apologize that the app is not compatible with the latest Android phone. So if you got the latest one, it may not be a compatible. We’re working on what else to do, but the information’s out on my websites. It’s on our telegram groups. It’s in my Facebook groups, so it’s there. But at any rate, the three different wheels. So the first thing I do is that I test, “How many cards?”


OK. Now my fingers can’t give me number, but I can say is it appropriate? – Not “Is it good?” –  Good and bad are kind of …they’re not words that I like to think about. But rather “appropriate.” Is it appropriate for me to select one card? At least one card?




Any reason not to select one card?




I’m going to select cards right now. I’ve already done my own this morning, but I’m doing them again right here on the video. So then I would say is, “It appropriate to select more than one?”




“Is it appropriate for me to select more than two right now?” And I get No. So two is the right number. OK, so I’m going to select two cards, whether I’ve put them all together, whether I’m going from a book, whether I’m going from numbers, whether I’m actually looking at the cards or the app. I’m thinking in terms of two cards.


Now, the more cards you have, the more different facets, because each one of these cards. Now, again remember they are focus cards, they are energy. Each one has a lot of different possibilities.


So as you get more cards, some people like to shuffle the deck and just lay it, cut, cut it and lay out. Many times I have shuffled. Whether it’s a portion or the whole deck. Whoops, I dropped one.


Usually when I drop one out, that’s one that I need. It’s very important. Which this time, I have to laugh, is Harmony, but I’m not, I’m, if it falls out, I’m going to test this, is this one, one that I should,  that’s the most appropriate for me, right this minute? And I test Yes.


So, that happens to me and I laugh.  It makes me realize that it’s not so serious. It’s just this is what it is, OK?


And it’s what it is in this moment.  Maybe 10 minutes from now, if I select different cards, I will get a totally different combination.


And I normally don’t look at it until the end because this fills up, for me, anticipation.


It it’s just kind of fun. There was a time in my life when I would have turned it over immediately. I want to know which one and immediately. Right now, I kind of like the surprise element.


My little inner child is playing, can you tell? So anyway, here is the first one. Now the second one because I didn’t have all the cards together. I kept them separated. I’m going to ask, “Is the second card today in this group?”


Yes it is.


So I  – just on, just because I always do this – I’ll say, “Is it in this group?”


No. Well, if it’s in both of them, I know I am blocked. So I would say, OK. What do we do when we get strange answers? Answers that don’t make sense. Well, that’s when we take a deep breath.


We use an essential oil. It’s a great time to use another application or a sniff of a Sacred Mountain.


And just intend to dissolve whatever blocks there are.


For those of you who already are studying with the Rainbow Healing System, it’s you already know that the first Glyph dissolves blocks and that’s Geranium essential oil. So I breathe that in.


Just intending. If you don’t have the particular oil with you at this moment, you can always just intend to bring those frequencies in. So.  See how simple it is? So I tested that it was from this group, which is not the single oil, or the single glyph. So this one is the Archetype cards. Now Archetype cards are sets of characteristics. They’re traits.


And every one of them has positive and negatives. It doesn’t mean that that’s who you are or who someone else is, it means that the traits, either the positive or the potential challenges,  may be helpful for you to think about, for you to focus on. And they may have some bearing on this other card. So I’m going.


Now, some of you would choose to just lay them out or to cut them, however, select a card. I don’t. I find that I get the best, the best card combinations, when I just cut it down, a few at a time, and determine the one that’s remaining. How do I redetermine it?


By muscle testing.


Because of time, and because you can’t really see what I’m doing here because you’re not in front of me,  I’m just going to open and I’m going to say, OK, I’m going to pull out this one.


I’m going to say. But before I look at it, I’m going to ask, “Is this the most appropriate card to go with the other one I selected?”  Yes, it is.


“Is there any reason to doubt that these are the two cards that would be most helpful right in this present moment?” No.


OK, so now to me, the anticipation has grown because I don’t know what this card is. And I’ll look at it. And I get the Wizard.


OK, this is where learning about these things. Or even either having the information that’s in your app, it’s in the cards themselves, in the guidebook. It’s in all of the books that I have written, the Journey I, the Journey II, the journal, MyJournal.


It’s there for you. But basically,  the Wizard is a very, very cerebral individual that has magical abilities. Really and truly, magical abilities. The ability to change the environment so that things can occur in a particular way.


And because this is such a powerful thing, the Wizard, also the biggest challenge is that because they are kind of mysterious, they kind of are alone a lot of the time. And they have the ability to manipulate people, situations.  So not using this in a detrimental manner is, you know, a very important thing. So I would ask,


“Is it the positive?” And maybe even before even looking at the card, I would say to myself, is it the positive attributes or is it the potential challenges? “Is it the positive attributes?” No. So it is the potential challenges and that potential challenge, as I said with the Wizard, is not to manipulate. Because they have that ability.


Now if they channel that ability into positive things, not manipulating, manipulating others, but rather in really choosing to manifest positive outcomes.


Wow, that’s powerful! So. How does that fit in with this other card? Well.


The other card is Harmony. OK. Because that fell out first and I showed you ahead of time. Harmony.


To me, Harmony is what every one of us is doing. This is my goal in life, to have harmony in every aspect of who I am.


Harmony. Meaning, that at the physical level, Harmony means that there’s no fighting among ourselves, there’s no illness, there’s no pain, there’s no disease, there’s no aging. Maybe that.


In other words, it’s all about longevity.


Longevity. OK, so how did these two cards? How might they work together to give me a focus? Well, if I am choosing to use my abilities to manipulate others, whether it’s by words or actions or whatever, then I am decreasing that ability for harmony.


Whereas if I focus on myself and not being manipulative. So often, it’s just so easy. You know, we don’t. We do it without realizing that we are. We are manipulating others by our words, by our tone of voice, by whatever we’re doing. So.


That may be what I would choose to focus on, because I’m always choosing to have harmony. Harmony means longevity.


Longevity in your health or longevity in relationships. It means everything fits together smoothly. That, to me, is the ideal way to live. So you see what I  – see what I did here? Now I took a lot of time to talk about it. And yes, I’ve run over and I apologize.


However, you can take 3 seconds  – 5 seconds – 1 minute – however long you have, however long you choose to have in that moment and determine.  You may choose to start out by selecting only one card at a time.


Because then it’s not an interaction that you’re looking at, but rather just that one particular card. It’s always easier to start out with the single glyphs, because they are the basic elements of the Rainbow Healing System.


So. Have fun. Don’t, don’t make it a challenge! Just know that this is just a tool to assist you in getting in this moment and paying attention to what might be the most important thing for your focus, in this moment. It doesn’t say a thing about yesterday. It doesn’t say a thing about tomorrow. It is only to experience and live in this moment, to the best of your ability. So.


Have fun. Play with what –  whether it’s the app or your cards or the books –  whatever you have.


And I’ll look forward to being with you next week. If you want more of this type of video, I’ll be happy to make them. I’ll be happy to do them and I may even switch the venue to the pavilion here because I feel very different here from sitting in my office. So have a beautiful, beautiful week of self discovery, and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.