03 MAR 2024 – Let’s Reduce Worry


Back again one another week has passed by and I am excited to be here. So I am going to just use some of my oils again. The first one that I’m using to breathe in right now is Higher Unity with my intent, as I hold the bottle, to remain fully connected with the Creator Source. Fully connected, totally to listen with my heart.


And I have with me a bottle of Inspiration blend to strengthen that connection even more. To amplify it. As Gary told us, he feels that this absolutely, this beautiful blend has the ability to really can make that connection. Allow us to hear more efficiently and effectively. And I also, I’m going to give myself one more whiff of Gratitude.


Gratitude for being here. For my being here. Gratitude for you. For each of you being here. Who is here choosing to spend this time with me. Gratitude for my health. Gratitude for the beautiful sunshine this morning that I was able to go out. And just Gratitude for all of the positive things in my life. So today I have for you the Ruby Platinum White Gold Bowl, which is a very powerful heart opener.


This is the F-sharp tone on the scale, which is said to to be tuned to the heart chakra. So just breathe in these frequencies with whatever essential oils you have chosen and and intend to open your heart.


These are the wind chimes that the Water element. And I see that the clock phone has turned over to 11:00 now. Happy happy Sunday or whenever you are watching this. This week, just a lot of words kept coming to me. And I posted the poster that caught my eye, that I posted many years ago, was how something, how something ends up.


Sorry I have it in here. “How something ends up never depends upon how much you worry about it.” Let me say that again. “How something ends up never depends upon how much you worry about it.” So this really got me to thinking about, you know, a lot of things. And it occurred to me that it was just words that kept flowing in, all these words that might be connected with worry.


So what the first word that really, really struck me was that that, that trust. That worry is associated with trust. The more we trust, the less we worry. The more we worry, the trust – trust begins to diminish. Would you agree? So that is why I played the heart opening bowl today. I thought I was. I’m all dressed in the water colors because I was thinking more about the flow.


And then this morning, when I tested, it was the Heart Bowl that Ruby Platinum and Gold Bowl. And so One Heart! Those of you who have the One Heart blend may choose to take a whiff of it, or to apply it and to also think in terms of Present Time. Because the concept, the word that then came to me about that trust was that why is it that we are worrying?


Are we worrying about things that happened in the past? Are we worrying about things that may happen in the future or how things will work out? Worry has no place in the present moment, does it? Because when we are actually experiencing the present moment, then we are. We are in a whole different place. So this is a whole different place.


Got me to thinking again about something else. So I just tossing out ideas and some of them may mean nothing. You may, some of them may catch your attention. Just a word here and a word there that causes you to think of things slightly differently. And that’s what happened to me this morning when I went out. I have. I love going out in the mornings,


first thing before I talk to anyone else, before I – certainly before I do a Facebook Live video – to walk out and stand in the sun. I’m blessed with the fact that I do have that beautiful sun here in Bali almost every single morning of the year. And I walk out on between the pool deck or on the pool deck looking down into the sacred river and across into the earth.


So I’ve got the sun, that warming fiery energy from the sun. I have the water below me and the earth, the farm right across the river that I’m looking at. And I love standing there and just being grateful for this moment. Somehow all of the fears, all the worries dissipate. And then, as I said, I’ve two places that I love to stand and I always seem to always do this.


These two particular places are less than three meters apart. They’re very, very close. So it’s like, but when I stand there, it is a different perspective. And that’s what I have noticed for me that when I change my perspective, my perception changes. When we are worried, we are worried because our perception of the situation is that it’s stressful.


Would you agree? We do have a blend of that too, so that relieving the stress by stepping back and taking another look from a different perspective might be a helpful way to diminish some of that worry. And as we are looking at it from a different perspective, perhaps we will pay attention to whether we are judging ourselves, worried about something we have done or not done, or something that has happened in the past that’s over with.


We don’t. It doesn’t do any good to to be worried about that. We’re not going to change anything here on Earth. You know, I think of Earth as a big school or a beautiful big school where every single one of us is here for a reason. Every one of us was created with a perfect package of knowledge and abilities to do something.


And we just need to understand what it is that we are here to do. We are perfectly equipped when we are our authentic self. And who is your authentic self? Have we become so enmeshed with others that we’ve forgotten? I think so. Most of us truly, truly do not recognize the magnificence of our gifts. So when we are under stress, could it possibly be because we are attempting to do something for which we are not really designed? Hmmm…well.


We might choose to use Gary’s favorite blend, Highest Potential. Take a nice breath, slather it all over you to intend to be your authentic self. Now I wipe down the entire table in front of me and everything on it with cedarwood essential oil. I have the the little tissue here right beside me so I can still smell it.


This is that frequency of authenticity as being our authentic self will always, always, always lead us into a state of greater harmony and less worry or stress. Does that sound exciting? Now, when we attempt to be attempting to be like someone else, it’s going to be a different experience, Would you agree? So as I said, I was thinking more about this is trust.


Do we really trust in our connection? Do we really believe in our connection? Well, that’s where that Heart Bowl came in, to open up that heart. To make sure that we’re out of our brain where most of us live, have lived most of our lives, and into our heart. Listening to what our heart is telling us. The heart is always in present time, always, always in present time.


And the heart is the center of the physical circulatory system. So whatever is happening physically is going to be totally connected to the heart, not the brain, to the heart. And whatever is happening in the energetic system, circulatory system is connected by the heart as well. So as we get into the heart and listen, pay attention to what we are hearing now.


One of the things – I talk about me, because I know what I have experienced and what I am still experiencing and I am not there. If I were perfect, I would not be on the planet. So one of the things that came to me this morning was the idea of, of the, “Am I attached to the outcome? Is that what is causing the worry?”


I’m attached to the outcome. Well, if we truly trust in the lessons that are being shown to us in every given moment, everything we need to learn is right in front of us. We simply need to be present. We need to open our eyes. And what if we can pay attention and learned our lessons and we find out that the outcomes that we worried so much about really did not manifest because they were not part of our own reality.


Can you can you imagine not having to worry about that anymore? Wow. Well, being attached now, this was something that I – you know, suddenly I thought, you know, it’s it’s very easy for us to have attached to things and to people and places and to all sorts of things. But attachment to outcomes felt a little bit different to me.


So that’s the question that I will ask myself. This is a good question for kinesiology, I had to pay attention. “Is that the problem? Is that what’s causing my stress?” So I’m going to intend to let go, to Release my attachments to the outcomes, so that I can have greater Harmony, harmony and balance in every single moment.


It’s only this moment that’s important. Yesterday’s gone. It’s not important anymore. And tomorrow will be whatever we make of this moment. Now, that doesn’t mean there’s pressure. It just means that as we enjoy this moment, we can choose to let go of the attachments to what will happen as a result. And just enjoy. So as you go through this week, I challenge each of you to realize, to understand, to fully believe that you have a choice in every single moment.


Think I’ll have some more Believe. If every single moment is a choice, do you choose to have harmony or do you choose to have worry and disharmony? Do you choose to have excitement and gratitude and just enjoy joy learning your lessons? Some of the lessons are easier than others. Would you agree? And sometimes because we are not paying strict attention, it requires some dissonance to get our attention.


Those are the lessons that are more difficult, definitely. And many of us have been experiencing -that full moon is intended, over thousands of years the different cultures of the world have talked about full moons illuminating the things we need to see, the things that have been kind of hidden. So we are still in that period where a lot of things have been illuminated for us, and they may not be easy to look at.


So that’s where that dissonance seems to happen. And as we intend to pay attention to listen to our messages, to trust in our own guidance, to be in the moment, then that dissonance will dissipate, becoming greater harmony and balance on all levels. So have a beautiful happy week of illuminating the things that are required for you to let go of so that there can be harmony and balance.


And remember that nothing ever was. This was assisted by how much we worry. See you next week.