11 FEB 2024 Make the Moment Perfect


One more little whiff of Higher Unity. This, it is has to be conserved because it’s difficult to get. But intending to remain fully connected with the Creator, fully connected and in my Highest Potential during this time with you. And today I have, as always, I have toys around me. And last week there were a number of positive messages to me about loving the wind chimes.


So I brought them to play with again today and I brought all four of them. I muscle tested – do I use1, 2 3 or 4 and determined that all four of them need to be played. So just apply whatever essential oils you have chosen to use during this time, our time together and just enjoy!


I’m starting now I use the progression of the Earth first to ground, to get connected, then the Fire, the Air and the Water. So … here we are with the Fire … then adding in the Fire and the Air together …the Water. I will put them down carefully. And that should take us just about to the top of the hour. Yes, my phone just turned over till 11 a.m. So happy, happy Sunday or whenever you’re watching.


This is a very special, auspicious time of the year. This is the Lunar New Year. It is a New Moon. Whether you’re celebrating a new moon, a new day, a new year, a new moment in time, enjoy. Intend to make that moment special. There’s so many energies out there that can be chaotic, they can be – they can be motivating, they can be destructive, they can be all sorts of things.


So it’s up to us. And that’s where the title for today came from. I found a post that I had made years and years ago about “Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment, Make This Moment Perfect.” And it reminded me so much of what Gary Young said. He said, “When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars.”


We have this tendency sometimes when life knocks us down that we sometimes choose to just wallow in that. However, every moment keeps moving on and every moment is brand new. Just as this is a time of creativity, of great passion. Now I have my little, little Sacred Geometry toys beside me as well, which represent the Elements, and I’m making noises as I’m reaching back to get them because I didn’t want them to interfere with the wind chimes.


However, we start with the Earth element, Grounding. How can we make this moment perfect if we’re not grounded in this moment? Think about that. Mmmm, okay. So this is the Earth. We require that grounding, that solidarity. And then we can add to that the Fire. The Fire of our Life Force. Intending. That is the passion, that is the drive, the creativity, the ability to move beyond whatever obstacles appear.


And then we have the option. We can choose to add Air to the Fire because Air has the ability, if there is too much of it, to put the Fire out. Right? However, the Air is required for a Fire to burn. So the Air will increase. It will magnify the passionate, creative abilities of the fire, the abilities to really, to end – to destroy the destructive things – and to increase the passion, increase the creativity.


So these two together are just exceptionally good for whatever you are choosing to bring into your life. Yeah. And then we can temper. If the Fire gets so big, it’s important to cool it down with the Water, that flow. Allowing there to be a flow from one moment to the next. A flow of everything moving through. Often we get caught. This, I know this has been for me throughout my life.


I get caught in something that I’m not pleased about and get stuck. Well, this Water! Just visualizing that flow of water, intending that the Water element moves through, just loosening everything, rather than holding on. That desire to hold on even when things are not what we might choose for them to be often is what we seem to do, isn’t it?


So just visualizing that flow, the flow of the river, allowing things to move through. And then finally, ah! This is where this New Moon, this all of the possibilities. The Fifth element. The – some people call it the Void, the Aether. It is unlimited possibilities! Every moment holds unlimited possibilities for us when we allow the flow, when we don’t get caught up in all of the struggles and all of the things that are that we “have to do,” but rather pay more attention to “what do we choose to have?”


And that’s what. That’s what I really was thinking about. I woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago – last night – I don’t remember when – and jotted down this. “What is it? This is your life. What is your passion?” I talked about the blends that Gary gave us. I talked about them last week. You know, Live Your Dream, Fulfill Your Destiny, Live Your Passion.


How can we live our passion and fulfill our destiny if we don’t know what it is? Think about that. We’re just floating along in this nebulous time? Or can we gain, is there a way that we can gain, clarity on what it is we choose to have in our lives? Why would we choose to bring in things that we don’t enjoy?


Would you prefer to bring in things that give you joy? We have a blend for that too. Things that just really, really make us happy to be alive, and happy to be in the moment. Well, we can. However, we need to know what those things are. Would you agree? So that’s where the Refinement List comes in. We talked about this.


We’ve talked about it for years, but have you made your Refinement List now? What is a Refinement List? It’s a list where you put… [LIVE BROADCAST WAS INTERRUPTED]


Well, it seems, it appears that I lost my connection, my Internet connection. Hopefully I didn’t lose my connection with the Creator! However, I’m going to breathe in some more Sacred Mountain just to make sure intending to that that connection be fully strong, so that I will hear and understand and be connected with the Creator. So I don’t know how much longer we’ll be on here today.


However, I’m going to quickly shift gears. Okay. We’ll have two parts today. This is part two and I forgot to put that on the number. However, this is part two. I’m going to I was guided to take my full deck of cards, all mix them all together so that there and just select. This is fun. When we’re having difficult times in our lives,


isn’t it fun to be able to just do something that we don’t have to think about? How would you like to do that? Well, I used my muscle testing and said, “Let’s get the whole deck put together.” Often I separate the different parts of the Rainbow Healing Cards. Today they’re all together. And I’m going to decide right in front of you, which how many shall I select?


Shall I select one? Or more than one? Just one. One card. Not two. Not two, three. Right now we’re just going to select one. The one that would be the most helpful for each one of you. And I don’t know, let’s say one of them will just kind of probably slip out and I will let it slip itself right there.


But I’m going to put it back because I saw it. Okay? This one, I have no idea what it is, but I’m going to check. Use my kinesiology. Is this one that’s most appropriate? Yes it is. Self-Worth. Ahh! So what is Self-Worth really meaning? What, what kind of meaning? I’ve talked about this. This is a combination of three of the single glyphs.


The glyph that clears away blocks. What is blocking you to see the magnificence in yourself? That’s this one, the pink, and the frequency of Geranium essential oil. This is the 6th glyph. The Acceptance. Is there something that you’re not accepting about yourself? We all have things that we like better than others, don’t we? Well, this may be the time to really look and see what is it that I’m not accepting about myself.


And then this, this is this is the frequency of Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense. So we have Geranium, Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense. And here we have the Divine Union, the re-weaving of all of our parts together, the way we were designed. This is the frequency of Jasmine. So this this particular hologram, these three glyphs together, we may choose to ask ourselves, “Is there something that I can do differently to appreciate the magnificence of who I truly am?”


Are we looking at others? Are we comparing ourselves to others? Are we truly, truly realizing that we are a gift? We have a magnificent contribution to make to this particular time. That’s why we’re here. Everything single one of us has a beautiful contribution to make. When we understand and accept who we are, when we clear out those blocks and begin to appreciate, to have gratitude for who we are, gratitude for this moment, gratitude for the lessons.


You know, each one of the challenges that we have, that we endure, if you will, is teaching us something. Is it time to step back and say, “What is the lesson here? Is this my lesson? Or is it something that I’m just looking, I’m a bystander, and I’m considering that it’s mine?” So often the things that make us unhappy, whenthat prevent us from bringing that Joy into every moment, for making this moment perfect, is that we’re attempting to go back and relive something that already happened.


That’s not going to happen. Or we’re attempting to control what’s going to happen in the future rather than actually being in this present moment. So grab your Inner Child. If you don’t have the Inner Child blend, grab your Joy blend. Grab whatever blend brings you joy, and intend to have fun as you sit back and decide, “what would I choose to have in my life if if I could have anything in the world, in my life?”


This is that creative time, this New Moon, New Year, the New Lunar Year, new period, new day, new moment. How do I choose to fill it? And take note of what you would choose not to put into this moment. We all have things that we’ve had in our lives, we still have in our lives, that we really don’t choose to have there.


So this is a great time to reflect or reflect on those things. Write them down. Pay attention and intend to bring in to create the joy, the things that you really choose to have here, and to push out those things that don’t make you joyful. Have a beautiful, beautiful week of understanding and creating and just playing. And I’ll see you next week.