One last sniffle of Sacred Mountain, Higher Unity, and Believe.

Normally I have been playing a bowl or the bells in this time leading up to the top of the hour. Today, I thought I would do something different.

It would be more fun. I have in front of me the bamboo wind chimes that represent the sound frequency of the four earth elements, the four elements.

Earth, Fire, Air and Water. And I’m going to just play with them right here. And I do know that the sound does come through. So, this is the Earth element.

This is the Fire element.

This is the order that I play with them in Rainbow Healing.

Because we start grounding to the Earth, then we bring up our life force, our Fire.

And then intensify our Fire with the Air element.

And then we cool down the raging inferno with the Water element.

I had fun because when I was transporting these four wind chimes from upstairs to downstairs about, oh, about a month ago, I realized that they played even though they were in boxes, separate boxes. And I loved them together. So, I carry. I have them and

put them in one in the boxes. Put them in one of my little disposable – reusable – bags and just put it over my shoulder when I’m walking around because I love this. Listen to these.

That was Earth and Fire, and now we’re getting the Fire and the Water.

I only have two hands, so I can only play two of them at a time for you. But.

It’s just all about those frequencies. The frequencies that are supportive, that are in harmony with who we are at any given moment. We change every moment, so frequencies and frequencies come and go. And it’s not about higher or lower.

Sideways or anything else. It’s all about what is in harmony with who we are at this moment, and or, what will bring about harmony with who we are in any given moment. So.

Welcome, welcome. Thank you for being here. Those of you who are already online, you know, I get on early so I can start right at 11:00. And today’s title is:

“Is it my stuff?” Now, I have had people ask me previously, you know, how do you – are you doing a curriculum – or how do you, how do you choose your topics? Well, many times I really don’t know what the topic is until I start talking.

But most times, either the week, during the week, the day before, whatever, I’ll see a memory will come up, or a post will come up. And this particular time,

it was a post. It was a photo. I think it was from National Geographic years ago that I’ve posted more than once, but it came up as a memory for me from a few years back. And it is, I don’t know if you saw it. I used it as the mentioning yesterday. This idea, and I don’t know if you can see it, you know with,

but you can go back to my Facebook and see it if you can’t see it on here. It’s this amazing phenomenon of where the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean meet.

And how there is an actual line. This was a photograph, not a drawing. A photograph of the drawing that they do not – they’re that the – the bluer waters of the Pacific and the more green waters of the Atlantic, there’s a line between. They do not interact. They are right next to each other. They are both on the face of the Earth and they affect each other. However, because of different, this phenomenon is the different composition of the waters,

allow them not to interact. And this got me to thinking, wow! You know, this is really and truly about each one of us. Our life.

Our lifestyle. Our life. That we are each here to do something. We chose to be here at this time. We all chose collectively to be here at this time.

And we each have our own unique knowledge and abilities to do something. And it’s all about understanding. And that is exactly what Rainbow Healing is all about for the past, since 1998, which is now 26 years. Not quite. 25 years since I really started working on this.

You know, it’s all about that understanding who we are and learning to listen to our guidance. And as I say every week, you know it’s about you making your connection. How do you listen to your guidance?

Some of us, some of you may hear things, some of you may see things, some of you may feel things. It’s all we all have our ways of hearing.

What the challenge is, is pushing outside the things that don’t fit. The chatter.

The things that we have held onto. The beliefs. The ways we, the ways that we have done things in the past. This is a really, really, really tumultuous time. It has been for a while, leading up to, this is – the ancient people had predicted that at this particular time, the Age of Aquarius that we’re moving into, a whole new era, a new way of being.

But the process of getting there, it’s not necessarily been easy. And it’s a matter of us, each one understanding,

How do we listen? Do we listen? Asking ourselves, do we listen to our guidance? Are we hearing it?

Are we believing it?

We have a blend for that.

Are we trusting it well?

You noticed Frances was playing this morning with the wind chimes. Playing, playing.

And, it seems to me – it crossed my mind and I used my kinesiology.  For me, kinesiology is essential every single day, multiple times because it keeps me on track. I constantly ask myself, am I connected with Source?

Am I in my heart? Am I listening? Am I paying attention? That’s been something that,

I mean, hey, I’m still learning. Every one of us on this planet is learning the whole time we’re here. When we are perfect, we will probably choose not to be here. And I used the word choose. You know, those of you who followed me for a long time know that I.

That I constantly say we always have a choice. Much of my life, I felt that my life was dictated by the choices I made previously, because I learned as a very young child to analyze a situation.

And to develop a plan and to go with that plan no matter what, because that I felt, was irrevocable. You don’t just go in and out. However, what I have learned over the last 80 years, and it’s taken me that long and I’m still learning, is that they’re twists and turns that we didn’t expect.

We made our plan according to yesterday’s information. Today’s information, even this morning’s information, may be different from the information, the guidance, what is the best option, the best choice for this moment?

And I’ve been doing a lot of playing, and again that was something that was never part of my life before. It was all about work, work, work. You know, focus, focus, focus. Well, focus is a good thing as long as we – What are we focusing on?

Are we focusing on our beliefs of the past?

Are we focusing on what we did before? Are we focusing on what we are hearing in our heart?

Not our brain. What we are hearing in our heart. Last week, I talked about and I will talk about this. This seems to be something that is very meaningful to me and it may or may not be meaningful for you. I talk about things that I require, things that are meaningful for me.

And that is that our physical body is that that record of everything that’s ever happened to us. It’s there. And the physical body communicates with the brain. I mean they’re a team. The brain is that magnificent computer that analyzes, catalogs, organizes, does everything, and it spits out the answers.

Based upon the information that’s put into it. Now, by the time the brain gets it, it’s not already not right this minute, and everything changes every minute, everything changes. So, it’s all about listening to our heart when you maintain your connection with your Creator, and listen to your heart.

That’s where your answers for the moment, your true answers, where your passion will be. And whether – one of the things that recently occurred to me, you know, a barometer, a way of figuring what is.

What is, you know, the right thing, is “Am I having fun?” You know, Gary gave us all these blends. My goodness, you know? Am I having fun? Am I feeling trapped in the decisions? The choices that I made before that I cannot change? Well, he gave us freedom. Freedom to let us make another choice.

We never, ever, ever have to be trapped.

Because we can always make another choice. And as I said, my barometer right now is,”Am I having fun? Am I passionate?”  Where’s my Live Your passion? I can’t seem to find it on here. “Am I living my dream?”

Or am I attempting to live someone else’s dream? And that’s where the whole thing came about, “Is it my stuff?”

Now, you know, when we have the only thing that gets our attention, the only thing that gets my attention generally speaking, is either pain or something not going the way I expected it to go. Oh, there’s that word “expected.” Expectations!

We have our expectations based upon all of that pre-knowledge, what we have learned in the past. And as much as a, as a person that has been out as a teacher for 25 years. I taught math. It was all based upon what you learn. You have to learn, and these are the principles, and you go by the principles. Well, life now doesn’t go by those principles. The principle that seems to be prevalent right now,

as we all are ushering into this new era is, “Are we actually?” I’m losing my train. “Are we actually living our life?” And this book came out to me today. This. Yesterday, I looked at the bookshelf and there was this book and I thought, what is this book? I’m going to pick it up.

“The Life You Were Born to Live.” And I thought, well, that seems to be, you know, the life you were born to live. Are you living the life you were going to live? Or the life someone else was born to live? Only you and your Source, your Creator, can really answer that for you.

And each one of us. That is so important. So, if you have things come up that don’t seem to be fitting into what you expected, or what you would consider in harmony – Frances has on her Harmony glyph today – things that are smooth, the way that you would choose to live your life, then, is it time to look again?

So that’s when, as I said, I use my kinesiology and ask, “Is it my stuff?”

You would be shocked to find the many times that we are participating in, you know, somebody else’s stuff, because we’re all in the same River of Life. We’re all here for different things. And we are interacting. We may be, we’re all players in each other’s lives. OK? So, we’re here to show up, show lessons to other people.

And they’re here to show us lessons. That does not mean we are here to live each other’s lives.

Now we had, we had a convention, we had years – how many years have we done Live Your Passion rallies? You know, Gary started it all. He kept telling us “live your passion.” If you are passionate about everything in your life, you are living your passion. If you are not…

Learn how to listen to your guidance, whether it is kinesiology, which is what I use in Rainbow Healing, whether it is whatever kind of kinesiology.

Remember to check, remember to connect. Remember that you know exactly why you’re here, and what is required of you at any given moment. So, it’s not about being afraid to do things differently. We all make mistakes. Oh! My goodness! You can look at my injuries and see some of these, these times that I really needed I, I just wouldn’t listen and wouldn’t listen, and had to make changes. But we all have different things.

And it’s about learning to pay attention.

So, as I said, having fun seems to be something that right now is very meaningful to me because all my life I was never playfu. Playful was not something that was.

I mean, it just wasn’t remotely connected with me and some of you may identify with this. I was the workaholic, the achiever, the Super Achiever. However, now it seems to be more important to me to have fun. And if I’m not having fun,

I ask myself questions. Now, for those of you – I’m see I’m running over. You know, I never know how long I’m going to talk, but we have just, we’re still in the Reset, we our Reset, our Rainbow Healing Reset 2024 started on January 1st.

And continues straight until March the 1st. It –  March the 1st, All of that information will be taken off. Now the Challenge, to be able to join in competing for the prize, the 30 consecutive days completed and then sent to us completed by March the 1st  and sent to us no later than March the 15th  so that we can determine the winner.

However, the information will be removed as of March 1st. Hey, it’s still there. Just because you might be joining too late to be a participant in this challenge, who knows? We may have another one, I don’t know.

I don’t plan anymore. Frances, the Great Planner, just “lives in the moment.” And you know, that’s where the passion, that’s where the fun, that’s where the excitement comes in.

So, I ask you, you can still join. We may have another reset challenge down the road. I am not sure that remains to be seen because that’s a plan. And that’s not going to happen right now. It will happen when it happens. So, as you go through this week, just sit down, pull back, take a deep breath, use any of your oils. Inspiration is one of my favorite oils. Present Time – that’s one that I didn’t use.

You know, that is these are older blends that Gary made for us such a long time ago, but Present Time! Be in the present moment. Am I listening in this present moment, not yesterday’s information?

That’s old. Let’s be in the present and go from there. Ask yourself, “Am I having fun?”

Ask yourself, “And do I believe in the guidance? Am I willing to act on what I’m feeling, sensing, hearing, seeing, whatever?” However, you get your messages, have a beautiful, beautiful week.

Having fun and living your passion. I’ll see you next week.