28 JAN 2024 – Shine Your Radiance!


I’m going to begin. Just another sniff of my oils that I have, my blends that I’ve chosen for this morning, just while we wait for a few minutes to go by. Higher Unity.


I’ve also chosen to apply and breathe in Joy blend, One Heart, one of the foundation blends, and Highest Potential.


Apply whatever essential oils you’ve chosen or blends to use for this session. I’ve chosen 2 bowls to play this morning.


The first of which is the Ruby Platinum Bowl, which I played last week. However, this is the Heart. This is F#, but F is considered the Heart


Frequency of opening the heart. And this being the Ruby Platinum is all about expanding that. So breathe in and I will then play the true F tone of the Tibetan Bowl, this Tibetan singing bowl that I got in Lhasa in 1998, that really started me on my journey.


Hello. Hello. I’m excited to be back again this week. This has been quite an interesting week with a Full Moon and just lots of energies on this planet. And I’m going to begin, let me first muscle test. Got to use my kinesiology.


I am going against everything that I have always said that I would do, or felt that I would do, and that is I’m bringing up a personal issue that I will say just a couple of sentences about because I feel like it needs to be addressed here first, and then we will move on with today’s message.


On the night of July the 31st 2022, eighteen months ago, Steven left Bali. He chose to leave, and I thought that he would be returning in 30 days. However, he chose to remain in the US.


It has been a difficult a very challenging 18 months for both of us.


However, we all take breaths. We all have things going on in our lives and that is my, my “the end.” That is a period, the end of my statement. Thank you all for messages and things that you have sent. However, I will not speak on this again. So let us take another deep breath and let us again.


I’m going to once again breathe in my Sacred Mountain, which Gary taught us helps us to truly get in that space, to create that space where we can connect, we can get the chatter outside. All of the distractions away from us and make our connection with our Creator.


And then Inspiration, which he also, he said, is kind of like turning the old radio dial.


To get the connection, to amplify, to totally be able to more clearly hear your guidance directly from your Creator without all of the distractions out there. So.


What does that have to do with the title today? Well, when I was flipping through old photos looking for a photo to talk about, to post for yesterday to, you know, this is a reminder post, I really knew not what I would be talking about.


And I came upon this poster that was made for me over 10 years ago. “Shine Your Radiance” and it just  drew me in and I thought, that is exactly what we are doing here. So.


It is all about that “Shining Your Radiance,” understanding who you are, and I even thought of another acronym to go with our GARY acronym, Grow Actively Refining Yourself. Aha.


As we are expanding, as we are uncovering our authentic self, particularly using the Rainbow Healing tools, we are actually revealing our authentic self. Isn’t that exciting?


It’s Grow Actively, Revealing Yourself. And as we reveal our authentic self, we then radiate outward to others. Or, in essential oil terms, we diffuse our essence.


Our true essence is diffused outward. So, this got me very excited. This past week has been, or the past weeks have been, really transformational for me. On January 1st, we began our “Reset 2024” for Rainbow Healing System and we have a number of people that are in our Telegram group. It costs nothing to join.


It is a 30-Day Reset. The key, the key being 30 consecutive days. And if you choose to join the challenge and be eligible for the week at Fuller Life Bali, the other prizes and things, you have to do certain things, which are listed right there on our Telegram group. But the first thing is to join our Telegram group. Now if you join the group, you don’t have to participate in the challenge. It may be your own information.


And we have decided that we’re giving 60 days to complete the 30 consecutive days. So that information will stay up there until March the 1st and anyone who is choosing to participate in the actual challenge, to be eligible for the prize, will need to send us, we have very good instructions, but send to our special e-mail that is set up for this: reset @ fullerlife.com, your completion, the summary of what has gone on with your dates and everything. So, at any rate, anybody, even if you can participate on any level, you don’t have to finish it.


You will not be a loser. There are no losers there because it is an ongoing thing. Now I’m going to, I’m going to tell you that technically, Frances has got to like Day 25. Today is Day 28, OK? Because it’s January 28th and we started on January 20. Uh, January 1st and I got to Day 25. When you usually are extremely highly motivated about getting to the end of it, and I got into bed one night and I actually went to sleep and I woke up about 11:54. And suddenly I realized 11:54 PM! Yeah, it was still earlier in other places on the planet, but


here in Bali it was 11:54 PM and I thought, “Oh, I did not do my nightly practice for my MAP.  For my Mindful Alignment Practice.”


And technically that has to be checked off the list of things to do, so I jumped up. Actually, I didn’t really jump up because what I had left out was my journaling, and fortunately I keep a little notebook beside my bed or on my bed with a pen. And when I wake up in the middle of the night, I start writing. However, as I said, technically, I really missed, because by the time I was finished my nightly practice, I had missed Day 25 because it wasn’t all checked off the list.


So, what did I do the next the next day? Day 26 on January 26, I began my new 30-day challenge and the consecutive. Now, that’s what I do over and over again and it would seem that, you know, I wouldn’t need to go back and have these reminders.


This has been the most transformational period that I can remember in a long, long, long, long, long time where, because I was doing a lot of things in preparation for this Reset, this challenge.


I was doing a lot of things that I had done it one time and had kind of, just gotten out of the habit of doing. They weren’t part of my MAP, my Mindful Alignment Practice. So, this has been a wonderful reset for me as well. And we’re doing things differently. Some of them, some of you who studied Rainbow Healing with me way back in the early 90s, in…


Well, I started developing it in 1998 after I came back from Tibet. But those of you who started, like when I moved to Asia in 2003, studying with me, will recognize some of these things that we did back then that I had gotten away from. And it was going back to them and integrating them in what I was doing.


You know in the 2020s, in the last few years, just integrating them, that has produced the most amazing changes for me. The fact that things can come up and don’t shake me the way they shook me before. So it’s all about finding what works for you. And each one of us has amazing opportunities. We simply have to uncover them.


Unveil them. Grow Actively Revealing who you truly were created to be. We all have the opportunity to shine. And as we get to the 10th Glyph, which I have around here somewhere, which is Sandalwood anchors that that frequency of the 10th Glyph, the Expansion, the Leadership.


When we get to that, what are you expanding? Are you expanding your true authentic self?


Are you expanding what others taught you or told you that you were?


Who you were. So how do we figure this out? Well, I have, I have so many things running around, this is probably going to take, you know, we’ll probably come back to this next week. Things that I thought I would say this week so that I won’t be talking forever and ever and hold you up.


But one of the things that came up recently was that, you know, talking about the brain that we have. Someone mentioned, a guest who was here talked about the brain and the gut are the way to really get your information.


The brain and the gut. And this got me to thinking. I’ve taught this over the years, but to actually just put these things in, right out in simplified order, and that is basically that that our gut.


Well, actually, our whole body. Our body is a record of everything that has ever happened to us. OK? and our gut is going to tell us all about it because everything is churning around in our gut at all times. Would you agree? I mean, the ancient people said the tandien, the hara, the gut. This is all a place where everything that we come into contact, everything that we experience on this physical plane, or the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, is going to be – is going to get into that.


It’s going to enter in, so that’s our physical. It’s going to get our attention. The only way our body can get our real attention normally because we go off and we’re busy people, is to have a physical symptom that stops us, that gets our attention.


And that is the gut.


Then what about the brain? Now the brain is going to interpret. It’s going to actually organize all the things that come into the gut. OK. It’s going to catalog them, and it’s going to tell different parts of your body to work and do these things.


It’s very logical and organized.


The brain is like a computer and that computer is amazing. The brain is more amazing than any man-made computer, but the computer can organize facts. It can organize things that have been put into it.




Data. It can organize so much data, but the data is put into it. The data is what has already happened. It’s not the present moment.


How can, what does the, what does the heart do?


Some of you may have studied Heart Math. There are many different things the heart, I’ve – I talked from way back when I learned, when I was, oh golly. Before I ever went to massage school in the 90s, I learned that the heart, the physical heart, is the center of the physical circulatory system. It’s going to get everything out to every part of the body. Which is why when we breathe in or apply our essential oils and get them into our bloodstream, the heart is going to circulate them throughout the body, so many times a minute that it would make our heads spin.


And when I started learning in dealing with frequencies, which I actually did way back in the 70s, before most of you were even born, because I was studying math and physics and the frequencies. The heart is all about the frequencies, or, and understanding everything in the universe is associated with frequencies. So the heart is the center of the energetic circulatory system.


So it’s going to circulate all of those frequencies everywhere throughout our being. Isn’t that exciting? Now our heart is also where we connect with our Creator.


So if we can, if we can push all the distractions. Get rid of all the chaos. Stay in our Sacred Space. Maintain that connection in your heart with your Creator.


What will that do for you?


That will give you answers.


Current answers, not answers based on previous data.


Answers in the moment.


When we connect with our Creator, we use our kinesiology, whatever kind of kinesiology method you use. I teach and use myself the fingers, and you see me doing this. You saw me do this at the beginning of this video.


It gets our brain out of it. That’s when we get our true answers. That’s when we learn who we truly are. It is then our choice. We always, always, always have a choice.


It is our choice to listen to those answers or to discard those answers. When we listen to those answers, we learn who we truly are, and then it is our choice once again.


Whether we accept who we truly are and choose to expand upon our authentic self or whether we choose to deny, and to accept what others have told us. Or what we may have thought from much of our lives is why we are here and who we truly are. So.


I offer you this challenge for this week. Just to sit back. Make your connection. Do some reflection on what you are choosing to participate in, what you are choosing to expand in your life.


Is that are your choices? We have three different things. I also something fell out of one of my notebooks and I thought, oh, this, this may be something I’ll talk about, but we all have ups and downs in our lives. I mean it. Life does not go along just in a flat line.


It’s ups and down.


Are you staying the same? Is the trajectory of your progression upward or are you stagnating? Here would be stagnant.


This would be expansion. And this would be actually going backwards. OK? So I’ll leave you with those thoughts. I apologize for like talking so long today and I did not cover any of the half of what I hoped to cover, but have a happy, happy week.

00:23:07 And we’ll look forward to spending time, I will look forward to spending time with you next week on the last Sunday of the Lunar New Year, and then as we march forward into what the Ancients have called “A Brand-New Era on Earth.” Have a beautiful week.