21 JAN 2024 Choice to Change


Hello. Hello. I’m excited to be back here again today and I’m just going to use some of my oils. Again, my Sacred Mountain, which I’ve used a number of times already this morning


to create my Sacred Space, making that connection with my Creator Source strong, so that I am constantly in communication.


And then as Gary said, using the Inspiration Blend, which is one of his older blends,


will help to magnify, to amplify that current connection with your Source so that your messages will come in more clearly. So.  I have for you this morning a special surprise, because I have a brand new bowl


that has just joined my bowl family. It arrived here on Wednesday night in Bali. And it is the Ruby Platinum Bowl, and it is the tone is F on the scale,


which is said to resonate with the Heart Chakra. So just close your eyes, apply your oils, and listen to these frequencies, allowing them to bathe every part of your being.


I also have another new treat today. And the reason I chose this wind chime which represents, this is the Air Element and this is the frequencies.


I don’t know if it will come through, but it is an absolutely beautiful, gentle frequency.


And I see that the time has now turned over to 11:00.


So happy, happy Sunday or whatever time that you are reading or here joining us listening.


As always, thank you very much for choosing to be here. And those of you who are experiencing or joining our Rainbow Healing System Reset Challenge, this is day 21. And day 21 of it’s a


30-day challenge. However, if you have not yet started, or if you started and then kind of fell off, it’s the idea is 30 consecutive days and there are still


this is 21. There are 39 days remaining before the end of the challenge, so there’s still time if you haven’t joined us to, to join our Reset. If you need the links, they will be a little later today because I have an


exciting surprise today, because Susan is here in Bali and she just arrived and is not right on this live broadcast today. So.


The title that came to me based upon a poster that that I had created, that my good friend Jamie Wong had created for me almost 10 years or maybe 10 years ago. “Happiness is not the absence of problems. It is the ability to deal with them.”


Be happy because not everything is going to be according to the way you expected it to be. However, you can be happy. Because not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything. Isn’t that a a wonderful little switch around to instead take a different perspective? It’s all about stepping back.


So today, the one word that came to me, that was most in my mind, as I was preparing. And by the way, I have something very unusual, because today I have three pages of notes, because I just started, I don’t know whether I’ll look at them.


I may not. I may not do anything that is in these notes. However, I just started writing yesterday, last night, then I woke up in the middle of the night and was writing more. And then this morning even more again. And when I wake up in the middle of the night, I’m writing


in the dark, so they kind of scribble together. However, it’s all of these amazing thoughts that come in that, that when we open our eyes and join the rest of the world, we lose track of them. That’s what this is all about with our “resetting” and our getting into our ability to pay attention. To be in the present moment. To experience. What if one day we will all understand why the timing had to be the way that it was?


Why things had to happen exactly the way that they did, in order to protect us, in order to guide us.


And many times, in order to redirect us, so that we would be where we really were always meant to be. So just little thoughts to think about. So the word that came to me was flow. Flow. And when I – the bowl with the Heart Chakra is all about the “flow of blood.”  The Air Element is the element that I selected – muscle testing – to talk about today. The wind chime was the Air Element wind chime.


This is the sacred geometry figure for the Air Element, which also – interesting – it also is corresponding to the frequency of the Heart Chakra.


This by the way, if anybody is interested, is 1440 Hertz.


If you’re looking at it from a math perspective, it’s the sum of all of the face angles on the figure. So at any rate, Air. However you choose to think about Air, Air is the Breath of Life. We cannot exist without the air.


Air brings about the flow, the flow of things going out. It clears out the residue of things that are no longer serving us. It can bring in new ideas. It can bring clarity. This is the Air Element the way it is as portrayed with the Rainbow Healing glyphs. This is,


we have such a talented staff here. Is it absolutely amazing. Adith created these mandalas and this particular one, the Air Element. Aren’t they beautiful? I’m trying to get them so that I get them laminated so that I would not ruin them by playing with them so much.


But this is the Air Element and this one was colored by Ayu, our Fuller Life Bali manager.


It has these frequencies, these colors, these – these energies that will assist us in allowing that flow. How often do we stop the flow?


Every single moment is new.


Every single moment is totally brand new, new circumstances. What happened yesterday is old. Those circumstances will never be here again. However, what we have right this moment, what is blowing in is what we can experience. And if we choose to experience it, to look at it and say, wow.


What caused me to choose to have this experience in my life?


What can I learn from this experience?


What might I need to change in myself?


So that this experience will be more harmonious and more gentle, so that things will move through in a more gentle manner. Is there anyone out here who would choose to have drama?


You may be and that’s OK. If you love drama, then the Air Element can blow more of it in, if that’s what you choose, because we are master creators. However, we are creating continuously.


Not just ourselves. We are creating with our Source, our Creator Source. And that is where the Heart bowl came in today because


How do we communicate with our creator? It is communicating and connecting through the heart. When we connect through the brain. We are using yesterday’s information because the brain is an amazing computer. However it processes only the thoughts that have been put into it. Would you agree? It doesn’t process anything that’s not already in it,


because its capacity is only to process what’s there, and it’s very good. We could not, we could not, our heart would not beat, we could not breathe, we could not move our muscles if the brain were not telling our body what to do.


The heart is where we hear our messages from our Creator Source.


One of the questions that came up for me was when we have interesting situations.


What if we’re not expressing our Authentic Self?


OK? That is a big goal for of mine. That is a real goal for Rainbow Healing System, to understand who we were created to be, to understand and learn how to express our true Authentic Self.


Each one of us was created totally differently, with an incredible combination of knowledge and abilities to do something. And we’re here on Earth, every single one of us is here to learn and experience to learn and understand our lessons so that we can create the experiences that we came here to have.


Now this is Frances.


Brain getting here. What if? What if we’re not expressing who we were truly created to be? What if we’re listening to the chatter that’s out there. All of this external stuff that is out there. What if we’re listening to that?


Is that going to help us to be who we were created to be so that we can create the experiences we came, we incarnated, to learn? So.


What if? This leads me further to these questions. As I said, I was jotting them down in the dark in the middle of the night, scratching them out on my notepad.


What if? What if the lessons that we are we are creating, that we’re bringing in, are not really ours? You know, you might ask yourself. I ask myself.


In fact, I’m learning to ask myself this a lot. Is this my? Is this my lesson?


When I have something that doesn’t seem to fit into my – in the way it’s supposed to be. Is this my lesson, or am I merely a player in someone else’s lesson?


And since we’re all here to learn, we’re all players in each other’s lives and in each other’s experiences. If it’s not my lesson to learn, my lesson to experience, then what do I really have the knowledge to understand and to?


And the solutions – again solutions – are solutions in the moment, because every single moment is different. If we’re looking at the solutions that may have been correct for something yesterday, like our brain is doing,


it may be totally different from the potential solutions that will bring about harmony, joy and happiness in this moment.


Just food for thought. And I know I have lots. I’m looking at the clock and I’m saying, “Oh my gosh, I’ve been moving along so fast.”  The biggest thing is, am I willing, ask yourself, am I willing to go with the flow?


It sounds so easy. Flow is a four letter word.


FLOW. Am I willing to go with the flow or am I attempting to go against the tide? Am I attempting to find solutions, to plan, what is going to happen tomorrow, since tomorrow is going to bring a whole new set of circumstances?


What if I sit back and look at today and look for the ways that I can be happy. The ways I can bring more joy into this moment.


Is that a possibility?


Ask yourself, “Will I make this moment special? How can I make this moment special?”


As you go through this week.


Sit, step back, take a deep breath, bring in some of that Air. You may choose to use Lavender and Jasmine, which anchor these frequencies of the Air Element, of the two glyphs that create the Air Element in the Rainbow Healing. Drawing in that Air to bring about that flow.


Bring about the clarity to blow away the ambiguity. All of the things that are clouding our ability to understand. So it’s not understanding here, it’s understanding our messages, our connection with our Creator. And.


That is where the Inspiration Blend that Gary had told us can amplify that connection. It can clear out the debris that is preventing you from hearing. So.


Have a beautiful, beautiful week looking for the happy things, happy experiences. Every single moment holds the potential of happy experiences. So why do we choose to experience the negative things that are also potentially in each moment.


Think about it.


And as you go through this week, have a happy, happy week. I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.