14 JAN 2024 Clear Questions Lead to Clear Answers



Here we are again. Another week has passed.


And I of course have used my Sacred Mountain.


And my Inspiration, as always, and my Present Time.


And Highest Potential. So whatever essential oils that you have brought to use today, just apply them and breathe them in. I also will be, I selected the Grandfather Bowl, which is all about that staying connected. That being fully grounded, connected with the Source. It is, this is such a critical thing for us,


in our hearing our clear guidance. So just enjoy apply whatever essential oil or blend that you have chosen and just breathe in these frequencies.


As you breathe in these grounding frequencies of the Grandfather Bowl, just intend to remain in this space. I welcome you. I’m so excited to be back. And I’m attempting to remain fully grounded and connected so that I can say things in a way that will be meaningful for each of you.


Now, today I called this Clear Questions, and I used a math symbol, Lead to Clear Answers. Our answers can only be as clear as our questions. And then what should I do?


The cards that I chose today, it always amuses me in a way, because the first card that I selected, I selected my single cards first, created my Sacred Space and connected. And the first card that I selected was Leadership, which is all about expansion.


And the second card that I selected was the Hologram of Communication, which includes the Leadership glyph.


Communication. Well, that was right along with what I called this video. And if that were not enough.


The Teacher card was the other one. Which the Teacher is the Communicator. So it was as if this is magnifying for me. What is required at this point? Communication is something we all do on many, many levels.


Every single day we communicate through our words through our actions, through our facial expressions. We communicate through our thoughts.


Thoughts carry a frequency and frequencies are going to go through us and communicate to others. I’ve often seen a quote that “Your energy introduces you before you say a word.” So.


This is all about clearing out our energy now. What is the first thing? Well, I have this blend diffusing throughout my entire villa: Clarity. Clarity. Gaining clarity. Is that what we’re after, or are we after attempting to get answers that we are choosing to hear. How many of us have expectations about the answers, no matter what someone says or no matter what we hear from our Creator.


We have expectations about what that answer is going to be and what that guidance, those words are really going to be, and we all interpret things in our own way, according to what we bring to every situation. So this is about, how do we clarify our answers? Well, of course the best way to find answers is to have questions. But as I mentioned before, those questions have to be clear. So one of the greatest ways, well, the first thing to me that is the most important of all, is that we must get in our Sacred Space. Whatever your sacred space looks like, this is what it looked like in two in 2008 or 2003. For me 2011, when this card was created, this is the way it looked in 2000.


When was this? I don’t remember 2018. So whatever the idea, meaning that you are connected through your crown into your heart, bypassing the brain and keeping the chatter outside. No matter what kind of filters, how you visualize that. Or what is the idea is that it must be calm and harmonious in here, and distractions and chatter


and chaos outside, so that it will not interfere with what you’re hearing. This next obstacle that we all face is that we have been programmed, our brain. Our brain is a magnificent thing. It controls everything in our physical body. It controls all of those functions. Our heart, our breathing, things that we don’t even think about.


It also loves to control everything.


So it is important for us to connect with our Creator through our heart, connect with our higher self. That is always there in the heart bypassing that logical brain. The brain is like a marvelous, marvelous computer.


And it will compute whatever is put in and logically give you the information. And this is a wonderful thing. But just like a computer, it is only as good as what goes into it to begin with. So as we are – and it cannot compute things that are not there, that have not already been programmed yet. Would you agree? So it’s about getting that connection into the heart.


And then the other part of that is being willing to listen, and actually open to hearing the actual answers that you’re getting from the Source, from your Creator. I posted as a, you know as a preview for this I posted something yesterday. “Ask yourself what is really important, and then have the wisdom and the courage to build your life around it, around that answer.” OK, yeah.


So often, as I said, we anticipate the answer. We anticipate the answer to the question based upon what we bring to that. So this is what I’m going to suggest.


Envision, you know, take just a moment to envision your connection with your Creator, no matter how you, how you visualize it, it’s your personal connection with your Creator. Just visualize yourself being in 100% connection, with all of the distractions outside so, that they do not involve,  they do not take you away from what you are choosing to be. Which, your authentic self. I have, I have used both cedarwood and copaiba which anchor this frequency of authenticity. The third glyph in the Rainbow Healing System. It is all about being who we were created to be. That is, that is my goal. To, to be all that I could be, what I was truly created to be, not what someone else was created to be. And many of us, most of us are


shocked to find out that we may not be at all like what we thought.


Most of our lives, what we thought we were like, our likes and dislikes, may change. So it’s all about how we connect. Well, one of the ways that that I use all the time is the kinesiology. Kinesiology is using muscle strength to give you clear answers for yes and no. Now.


The biggest challenge in using any kind of intuition, any kind of muscle testing, kinesiology, is that we allow other things in there. And so. Are we, we lose our grounding. Or we make, we let the brain get in there. So it’s all about understanding, getting understanding constantly making sure we are connected with our Creator. Then.


Yes. The one I use, and I’ve- we’ve- got videos. You can check out all of our videos. Because it’s the thumb and the middle finger. Now it’s not the thumb and the index finger, because that’s a different electrical charge or different frequency. The thumb and the middle finger. And just a quick thing. Constantly asking simple, simple, simple questions and you can only get a yes or a no. Your fingers will not give you any elaborate answer. So for me I found


that if I’m trying to remember them, if I’m doing them off the top of my head, my brain gets in the way. Guess what? When the brain gets in the way, things are not. It’s – it’s going to be different, because the brain is going to compute things logically. So it’s about writing down yes and no questions that are very simple, simple questions.


And I like to write a whole series of questions.


And go back and just recheck my answers. Don’t even look at the questions. I just point to the questions because if I look at the questions, I’m going to be thinking about the questions, right? Yeah. It’s really, really hard for us to get out of the brain because we’ve all,


All, been taught that this is where we need to do things. We need to make things logical. So to write down those simple, simple questions. Am I connected with my Creator?


Yes or no? Is there any reason to doubt that answer. I ask that all the time in between my questions because many times that connection will be lost. My grounding will be lost. That’s why we played the Grandfather Bowl to ground us. That is at C, it’s the tone of the C, the scale of the C-tone, that is all about that connection, that grounding.


And listening. Listening. We, we all get distracted. I’m – I think I probably would be ADHD, would have been labeled if it had been around there when I was, when I was in school. But it’s about that staying focused. So just keep.


If test – now testing, I use that word. Now. Last week we talked about trigger words and “Test” is a big trigger for a lot of people. So I apologize for using that word. I also “check,” “check in” is what I’ve used a lot, and that may be a trigger as well. So.


The key is we all get blocks. We get blocks from time to time. We’re going, it’s going to happen. So all we have to do is we just intend to clear. We have to understand. Is, am I blocked on any level? Am I blocked? Yes, I am OK. That’s a bad thing, isn’t it? Well, it’s not bad or good. It’s… It happens!


It may be. I don’t, do I need to know?  No. Well.


Who remembers which one of the Rainbow Healing glyphs anchors that frequency that helps us clear blocks? I’m looking for my card.


It’s the very first one. That pink frequency, that is anchored by the geranium essential oil. So breathing it in! I’m going to just intend, I’m going to visualize that pink frequency flowing throughout every portion of my being.


Intending to clear, to dissolve the blocks, wherever they are, that are preventing me from staying grounded and receiving my perfect answers for me. Am I clear now? Thank heavens. Yes. Any reason to doubt that? No. Just breathing it in. Visualizing the pink frequency.


Intending that it moved through every portion of our being is all that is required. So then to continue on with my question, of what that I have written down. You can ask anything. I test, as I tell people, I test what clothes to wear. I test what lipstick to wear. What jewelry to wear, what to eat, whether to drink more water. Do I require more water right now? Thankfully, no. I’ve been drinking a lot of water.


This morning, do I require a particular essential oil? Do I require anything at this moment? No. Am I blocked? No. Show me my Yes.


So I don’t require anything, I require only to pay attention.


Am I willing? Another question. Am I willing to hear the clear guidance that I am receiving, the answer, yes or no. I’m not going to show you.


I could be receiving it right now. I could. But ask yourself. This is not something we’re doing for other people. It is something we do to get our connection so that we can clearly hear our guidance from our Creator.


And your guidance is different from anyone else’s. There is no one out there who has the same guidance at any given moment that you have and yours is perfect, especially when we are focusing on being authentic.


And that’s something that we might test. Am I, am I truly focused on my Authentic Self?


It may shock you when you find out that maybe you’re not because our attention waivers from time to time, so as I started out, I’m going to just, I thought maybe I would get in a whole different area today, but I see that the time is marching on. So just this week,


create your Sacred Space, however you visualize it. Use whatever Young Living essential oils can assist you in maintaining that connection with your Creator, and pushing aside all of the distractions and chaos and just intend to listen to your answers, ask yourself what is really important.


And then listen to those answers so that you can have the wisdom and the courage to build your own life around the answer.


Have a beautiful, beautiful week of self discovery and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.