7 JAN 2024 Enjoy Your JOG

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Here we are on the very first Sunday of a brand new year and I just completed using my as usual, my Sacred Mountain to make that strong connection with the Creator and to be in my Sacred Space, to amplify that connection, as Gary says, with the Inspiration blend.


And to remain in present time during this video. As my intent is to say something in some way that will benefit each of you who chooses to listen. Today I have the Rose Quartz Platinum Bowl and it incorporates the White Light Angel Gold. So we have the gold and the silver both incorporated in this rose quartz,


and clear quartz crystal bowl, giving us both the masculine and feminine, the Yin and the Yang energies. So just apply whatever oil you have chosen to use today and breathe in these frequencies.


I don’t know if you could hear this on the video. However, the cecak, the little, the little tiny lizard that lives in here in my villa, spoke while I was playing the bowl.


And in Bali, the Balinese people consider that when the cecak speaks, something profound is happening. So the cecak has spoken and told us that this is going to be a fantastic day. So.


It is almost 11:00. I’m jumping the gun because I am excited to be here as always. It now finally it’s 11:00. How many of you felt the change in the energy, the shift, the minute the clock turned over, past midnight, last, on New Year’s Eve, on the night of the 31st, putting us into this brand new year of 2024. For me it was as if a


an elephant had been lifted from my shoulders and I just feel so incredibly, amazingly energized in a way that I have not felt for some time. I’ve been passionate still, but my my


ability to sustain my energy level was not as strong. So wow! I’m just raring to go and transformation blend seems like a wonderful one for me to also use. What blends or single oils have you chosen to use?


Today I also have in front of me and I’ve used One Heart because it seemed as if this would be a very special blend for this day.


And I’d love to welcome any of you new people who have not been following me, with Gary’s light.


Many of you know, many of you may have just joined our Rainbow Healing System Reset 2024.


We are having fun on a 30 day challenge and you can read all about it on my pages and you can still join. We have been through one week of this 30 day challenge but you have 60 days to do 30 consecutive days. So in terms of “Are you too late?” You’re not too late and there are no losers. Only those who quit are losers. So we’re having fun and really focusing on doing a new activity each day so that we can all transform


and actually develop our own, create our own Mindful Alignment Practice, our own map to our transformation.


So taking in a deep breath. Today, the reset group is focusing on the first glyph and


I realized, how many of you are really tired of acronyms? There are so many acronyms that I have to look up what they mean or ask what they mean because I can’t keep them straight in my mind. However, when we realized that Mindful Alignment Practice is a map, that is exactly what it is, and we’re each creating our map for our own personal transformation.


I also realized, that there are a lot of other things. For instance, I have used “Journey of the Glyphs” for going through the Glyphs of Rainbow Healing, which we are to that point in the reset now, to go through them one at a time.


And the Journey of the Glyphs. JOG. Wow. I’m going to, so I thought, well, I’m just going to, I get tired of writing the same thing, so I am going to call it the JOG. It’s my morning jog and my evening jog. So it’s something I do when I first wake up, something I do when I, right before I go to bed.


Because those are the most important times for you to put positive energies into your entire being. Would you agree? So.


The glyphs are all – they are frequencies and they are frequencies of harmony. Every glyph has a different frequency that has the ability to bring about harmony in some way, in your energy being, and it’s up to you. Every glyph has a color, it has a shape. It has an essential oil. I am  – because the first glyph is


a pink color, a warm pink,  I’ve got on my pink. I have on. I used the bowl, the Geranium essential oil. All of these are layering frequencies. I even have my rhodochrosite sphere that I’ve just cleaned and rubbed with Geranium beside me. All of this to just enhance the ability for those frequencies to create harmony and balance in every portion of my being.


And this kind of led me to what I’m calling you, calling this, “trigger words” because I realized the very first glyph, the name of this glyph is called Forgiveness.


That is a trigger word for many of us. Would you agree?


So it was like, wow! Let’s think about what words may be triggers for us. Every one of us is different. Because a trigger – I did a lot of thinking about this during this week after the idea of triggers came to me.


And they are words that trigger an emotional response to something in our past. Words that create an emotional response to something in our past. It may be something that is in our conscious memory.


It may likely be something we’re not even aware of. However, it may be locked deep in our physical cells as our physical cells hold every, they’re a history of everything that has happened to us. So Gary said,


taught us, “Emotions are hardwired into the physical cells and create a chemical reaction within the cells that can cause physical symptoms as well as emotional symptoms.”


And it they can cause degeneration. Who is anybody interested in lessening the amount of degeneration in your physical form? Well, I certainly am. So this really got my attention back when we were studying the Feelings Collection because Gary differentiated the emotions from the feelings. Because those emotions, which may or may not be conscious, are embedded into our physical cells.


The feelings are the triggers. Haha! Trigger. There comes my trigger word. So I got to thinking of, OK what are our options in dealing with physical symptoms or emotional upsets?


And our options are either, we can deal with the physical things which does not necessarily deal with the underlying cause, since every physical symptom has an emotional connection. That’s where that chemical reaction came from. So I got to thinking, OK, what are some of the trigger words? I wrote down a few of them. This may be something that you would find helpful.


If you sit down and think about words that trigger an uncomfortable feeling in you. And that’s where, as I said, I thought about the very first


glyph being Forgiveness. That is a trigger. It certainly is a trigger for me. It’s a trigger for a lot of people, I’m sure. So I got to thinking, how can we, how can we deal with this? And first of all, we can deal with it by instead of


thinking what, we can go into delve into thinking about what we think when we think of the word forgiveness. Well, what is it really mean? It really means to get rid of whatever blocks there are, OK.


And it means too, you know, it also dissolves blocks. Well, that really got me excited because that is a visual word for me and I can really focus on bringing the Geranium essential oil frequencies, the pink color, the warm pink, the glyph, and visualising it dissolving the blocks. And you may choose to close your eyes and just think about where you have physical pain in your body at this particular moment.


Wherever you have physical pain at this moment and tend to draw in those beautiful pink frequencies. You may choose to apply some more Geranium essential oil, at least breathe it in, drawing in these frequencies these harmony, that will produce harmony and balance, intending that they go directly to the source of your pain.


The source of your physical pain. If you’re a visual person, as I am visualising those frequencies as actually just dissolving that block. Just dissolving what is in its way. And allowing the energy to flow through gently moving, however, it needs to move and it may be moving upward.


It may be moving downward. Sideways. Energy has no up, down, sideways, or anything else. It simply is a flow. So.


Think about what are some of your trigger words and what you might. Now this is what I found helpful for myself this week. I have been thinking of what are other words that I can use now.


I have used some words in Rainbow Healing System. They’re in my books. I’ve used them in videos. I’ve used them everywhere in the cards, that are trigger words for me.


And they may be trigger words for some of you, but how can we deal with that? Well, first of all, we can think about what is another potential meaning. For instance,


a word –  I was a math teacher and my students, I did private tutoring, and most of my students, when they heard the word test, would absolutely clam up. They would just stress out completely and many of them would actually go blank.


So what is another word for test? Does test bother you? What if we think of it in terms of reviewing?


Does review bother you as much as test?


I don’t like test, that’s why we call the reset a challenge, not a test. Once upon a time, we thought we might call it test, but it is a Challenge because challenge can be fun. We can hook our energy into really putting ourselves into it.


Anything that we choose to do is about getting our energy and our passion into it. Would you agree? One of the words that Gary hated. He used to say, “Don’t ever tell me, ‘Try’.” Try was a trigger word apparently for him, but, you know, many of us, how often do we say, oh, I’ll try to do this or I’m not sure I can do this, But I’ll try.


How about if instead we just say, “I’ll do it.”


Because either we will do it or we won’t. But not try. So viewing things differently. And again drawing in those frequencies of Geranium, the frequencies of the first glyph, seeing that block surrounding the word “try” just dissolving before your eyes, allowing the harmony and balance.


Another word that that really is a trigger for me is one of the hologram names, and that is Integrity.


Because when I see the word well, when I saw the word Integrity, it immediately triggered in me the thoughts that I was being judged. My values were being judged. Can any of you identify with that? It’s like, that’s not a comfortable feeling, is it? So it really made me tense up.


So I love Google because I googled the word and looked for other meanings and realized that the word Integrity is all about strength. Something that is strong enough to withhold anything.


And that gave it a whole different meaning, a whole different perception for me. So as you’re going through this week, I challenge you to sit down and think about some words that may be triggers for you, and how else you might perceive those words. And then also remember to make that intent.


To draw in those frequencies, those frequencies of the first glyph, whatever you choose to call it, to dissolve whatever block is creating that stress within your physical form and your entire energy being. So. Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you next week.