Why Do I Call Dairy “POISON #3” – right behind SUGAR & COFFEE (and ahead of STRESS)???

1. Dairy products create MUCOUS

2. Mucous causes INFLAMMATION

3. ⁠Inflammation causes PAIN

4. ⁠Inflammation creates a very FRIENDLY environment for bacteria, virus and fungus

5. PASTEURISATION KILLS ENZYMES required to DIGEST milk – and cow’s milk is very challenging for humans to digest under the best circumstances.


All the HORMONES and other chemicals that cows are given to mature faster and give more milk get into the milk and are passed along to humans when it is consumed.

Oh, and ALL of the above AGE THE BODY RAPIDLY

The common question that comes up about this topic is: “But what about calcium???”

Actually, milk is NOT a particularly good source of calcium for humans. A far better source of calcium is GREEN VEGETABLES. 

Green vegetables can be a super great way to get calcium that is easily absorbed AND to ALKALIZE the body. 

Green smoothie, anyone???  😍🥰🦋🌻🌈