Once again, another week has passed. Are you as excited as I am about blowing away the energy of 2023 and drawing in this brand new energy of 2024? So I’m going to get my last few whiffs of Sacred Mountain, intending that alignment with the Source, that connection goes into my heart. And another dose of Inspiration, which Gary says allows us to amplify that guidance, that connection that we each have the ability of making with our Source.


And as always, I enjoy and the intent of the remaining in present time throughout this entire video. So today I chosen for you the the Tibetan Bowl that I got in 1998. Yesterday was the Bali ceremony, the six month ceremony for gratitude for the metal. Anything that we utilise as in our daily lives that contain metal. So this has been shined and blessed, and just breathe in these frequencies and intend that you come into greater harmony.


It also blessed, of course, was my manku bell. And the witching hour of 11 has arrived. And thank you for those of you who have chosen to be with us live, this is such a busy time of the year and we will make this very short because everyone is busy. And thank you for being here though, to add your energies into our video.


So today the title is Align and Shine, all about getting rid of the past, aligning to this present moment and allowing ourselves to shine. I look at this as releasing the fears, the doubts, the regrets of the past. How often do we dwell on all of those regrets and resolve, those New Year’s resolutions, resolve to correct them, to be better now than we were before.


Well, the fact is we it is our choice. Do we choose to remain in the regrets and the pain of the past, or live in the expectations, the pressures, of tomorrow? Or will we breathe in and bathe in the potential of this particular moment? Every one of us has that choice, and we can choose to squeeze everything out of this particular moment, or we can choose to live in the past or the future.


So what will you do? Well, I’m so – I was thinking, I’ve done a lot of thinking over the last few weeks. As the year closes most of us tend to do this, and I realized how that the more we attempt to focus on details, the less we see the overall big picture. Have you noticed that?


And conversely, the more if we focus only on the big picture, we lose the lessons of this moment. So it’s all about that balance, that balance and learning how to remain in the present moment. And to squeeze all of that potential out of each moment. To learn the lessons of this moment so that we don’t have to do them again. Isn’t that exciting?


Well, I’m very, very excited about everything. Some of you have, many of you have already made a commitment to join our Rainbow Healing Reset that begins tomorrow, 24 hours from now. And this is a 30 day practice we are building. You can build your MAP, your Mindful Alignment Practice. And we will do it step by step. So it’s not going to be too overwhelming at one time.


But by the end of the Reset, by the end of this 30 days, there will, I guarantee there will be a dramatic change in what ever is going on in your life. And I will even venture to say it will be a dramatic positive change. So in order to to take advantage of this, you do need to join our Telegram group to actually get the daily activities, because there will be something daily that is happening.


Nothing’s – It’s not a “everything all at once.” It is a practice, a process where we practice what we learn each day and build upon it. Building your MAP, your unique MAP. Your transformational experience is unlike that of anyone else. So it’s about aligning yourself to the practices that will move you forward. So, so much has been on my mind.


And as I said, this is going to be very, very short. However, I am inviting each of you to move through this, to move through this portal of 2024 with us. Let us have fun! Let us join in together and embrace the changes that are coming. Embrace the moment! Can you envision yourself walking through that portal, that portal of change, even though you do not


necessarily know what is ahead? Do any of us truly know what is ahead? Envision yourself walking through the portal. Not what’s going to be there. Rather just walking through, leaving behind these regrets, the pain, all of the things that have already happened. They’ve gotten you to this point, and this is what’s going to move you forward so that you can reach your highest potential.


What if we all take a step back, take a deep breath, build our own MAP, our own Mindful Alignment Practice, so that we can move forward into reaching, attaining and living our highest potential. This is the transformation. It’s your choice. Will you choose to transform? Or, will you choose to rehash the things of the past. Will you choose to join us?


Will you choose to do it alone? It’s all up to you. So I’m choosing harmony, fulfillment, joy, absolutely everything. Authenticity. To be part, to be the central focus of my life in the year ahead. And as you move forward each day, just jot down, this is what that MAP is all about, to understand better what your choices are, what you will choose to bring into your life, what you will choose to leave behind. And have a joyous, joyous, happy celebration of the sweeping away of the frequencies


of 2023, and the embracing, being ready for the frequencies of 2024. And I look forward to seeing you next week.