24 Dec 2023 Flowing Along with Ease and Grace


Happy, Happy Sunday or happy, happy day, evening wherever and whenever you are watching. Just putting my final touches of oils before we actually begin, my Sacred Mountain.


Making that strong connection with the Source. Intending to remain in that, that little bubble, that connection with the Source., and also my Inspiration, to amplify the guidance that I am receiving.


According to Gary Young’s description, when he was describing it many, many years ago in the 7th Heaven Collection. And I have for you today my Rainbow Platinum Bowl, which represents to me the harmony and the flow of the Water element. So we’ll talk about that. Just apply whatever oils you have chosen to use this morning and or this evening and just breathe in these frequencies.


Once again, happy, happy day, evening, whenever you’re watching this. I’m so grateful, as always, for those of you who actually get online early – the clock has just turned over to 11:00 – and who are sharing, who are choosing to share with us, to be with us Live, adding your energy along with the rest in the group. Thank you. Thank you. This being a very, very busy time of the year, we’ll make this really short.


However, the actual focus is probably very key to our enjoyment of this season. So the card that I drew for this particular video is the Water element, and the bowl that I just played, that Rainbow Platinum Bowl, to me represents that frequency of Water element.  That flow, that gentle flow. And as we are really, really busy, the busier we get,


the more we allow disharmony into our lives, because we – we just get frantic and start doing things, and we forget the things that keep us nice and grounded and in harmony. Would you agree? So.


That’s what sparked this whole thing today and you know, it, it reminded me that the Universe does not speak English, or Chinese, or Bahasa or Spanish. It speaks frequency.  And it’s not about whether a frequency is good or bad or higher or lower. It’s about whether those frequencies are in harmony with who you are at any given moment.


Something may be in beautiful harmony in one moment, however, the next day it may not be in harmony with who you are.


Frequencies change so quickly and it’s just so important for us to remember and to take note of what, whether, things are or are not harmonious, in harmony with who we are at any given time. In other words, it’s all about flexibility. Now I am blessed here in Bali where I live.


I can look out my windows and see a beautiful little sacred river.


In fact, even I can stand at my desk. Yes, I have my standing desk here now. I can stand there at my desk working and looking out at the river at the same time. And as I walk out, I get to walk past the, actually up the river. But I can look down the entire time.


And it is fascinating to me to just watch the way the water flows. Have you ever stopped to do that? Most of my life was too busy, or I felt that it was too busy to stop


and actually pay attention to things like that. However, I love watching this flow of the river and the way that it’s more turbulent. It’s sometimes. There are always. There are always little whirlpools and sticks and twigs and things


come flowing down the river at different speeds. They get caught up in the whirlpools and some of them manage to flow on through. Others get thrown up on the bank and left behind.


So that to me, is such a metaphor for what happens when we have little turbulence in our lives. Big turbulence, little turbulence.


Things that are not going according to the flow that we anticipated.


It’s all about again, going back to that flexibility, that willingness to change direction.


That willingness to step back.


Listen to our guidance. Check to be sure that we are grounded, that we are connected with the Source.


That we are listening. That are we are in our Sacred Space. These are just a few things. And just take that that instant. It can happen so quickly. To close your eyes and visualise a gentle flow of water. Now, Frances, you know, loves color. And colour has frequency. And the colours of the Water element are those, beautiful to me,


beautiful turquoise and silver frequencies. And I just love visualising those colours. Visualising the flow of that stream and asking myself, “Am I connected with Source?”


Am I in my Sacred Space? Is everything that’s… Is everything filtered out that is causing disharmony? That’s often our challenge, isn’t it? It’s as if we get busy and we forget to pay attention. And I am the worst of the lot, I can assure you. It’s all about recognizing taking a breath, stepping back and asking.


Taking stock.


Am I listening to my guidance? Is my guidance, are the messages that I’m hearing, there to help me find harmony?


If you’re connected with your Creator, that would be exactly what’s happening. That, to learn our lessons, and to learn how to flow through these more difficult periods. So as we are busier and busier at this time of the year, the very end of the year, as we step back and intend to be in the flow.


To be in that gentleness.


I love breathing in my… I have them sitting right here. They’re behind, they’re everywhere for me. I’m actually diffusing, both the Northern Lights Black Spruce, the Idaho Grand Fir – oh, this is the Balsam Fir – and the Sacred Frankincense. Just creating.


Just intending to create this gentle frequency that will assist me in becoming more flexible. Flexible like the water. The water doesn’t flow in a straight line. The water gently moves.


If anyone has ever been in a riptide… who knows what a riptide is?


A riptide is a tide that suddenly comes up, that can wash you away, if you fight.


If you fight, you’re not going to beat it. However, if you relax, you have a very good chance of getting back to shore later. Otherwise, you will be washed away.


And that is so, so much these little small whirlpools are like gentle riptides. These things to remind us that we have the opportunity to step back. That these little challenges may be there to teach us lessons.  And we’re all here on Earth to learn our lessons. Would you agree?


So as you go through this week (as I said, this is going to be short) just intend to take a deep, take a step back, take a deep breath and check. Ask, “Am I? Am I connected with the Source?”


Am I flexible?


Am I willing to make little changes? Sometimes it’s the tiniest little change that can make the biggest difference of all, when we fight.


Fight those changes.


We seem to get more and more caught up in those, and more disharmonious frequencies come in. Would you agree? So have a beautiful, beautiful week.


Filled with lots of peace, lots of harmony, lots of joy, lots of hugs and loves, and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.