17 DEC 2023 Quick Energiser


Once again, it is Sunday morning here in Bali and another week is flown by.


I’m sitting here as usual, using my Sacred Mountain.


Taking one last application of that before 11:00.


Whatever essential oils you have, just breathe them in with the intent of being in your Sacred Space.


This morning I have for you the White Light Angel Gold White Alchemy Gold bowl, which I read the  description, a different description for the first time ever this morning, and I was astounded to see what it said.


Because I have felt that this bowl represents the Sacred Space.


The fifth element, the possibilities. Everything that each of us is capable of doing. So I have chosen this bowl, and when I read those these descriptions this morning, that this bowl


illuminates the light within each of us, and it also aligns our heart energy with our Creator, our Source energy, which is exactly what we are intending to do when we create the Sacred Space. So, breathe in whatever oil you have chosen to experience and just enjoy these frequencies.


And that will take us right to the top of the hour. So.


Happy, happy Sunday and happy, happy, busy time of the year. Thank you for taking your time out to be with us today and it’s going to be a quickie. I decided the title of this would be “Quick Energiser.”


Because every one of us is so busy at this time of the year and we’re pushing ourselves up to and over our limit. Would you agree? So, as we move forward sometimes, what can we do about it?


And things sometimes are not going according to plan. Yes, when we get pushed and pushed and pushed and over loaded,


things don’t seem to fit together, do they? So what do we do?


And what can we do?


Are they the same thing? Well, I decided that this morning we would talk about two things. Well, and then at the end, the third. However, two things. The first one about quickly creating our Sacred Space and those of you who have already listened to the crystal bowl


already have a head start on that. But we’re going to do a quick visualisation of the Sacred Space. So, for those of you who are new, this is my visual, where we’re going to create that – a cylinder around us that goes all the way up to our


Creator, our Source; down to through the core of Earth and connecting with this Source below, and just intending to make that your connection with your Creator.


Take a deep breath in and apply whatever essential oil you’re choosing to use during this session. And of course, Sacred Mountain is the one that I feel really, really anchors this frequency. So just close your eyes for a moment and just take a deep breath in intending to make


that connection with your Creator, through your Crown chakra, coming all the way down into your heart.


All the way through the very core of your being.


Allowing this connection to anchor you down to the core of Earth.


To hear your guidance from your Source. And just take a deep breath in, and just slowly release it.


And then, just visualise if you can visualise colours, your favorite colour, the favorite colours of the rainbow, whatever, floating through your entire Sacred Space, that entire cylinder, just moving wherever they need to go in a gentle, beautiful, harmonic flow.


And just allow this connection, these frequencies, to blend. Harmonizing any of the frequencies that are not in harmony with who you were created to be.


And let us take a deep breath in.


And you slowly release it, and when you’re ready, open your eyes.


Give everyone a moment.


Do you feel better than you did before? Maybe not energised, but at least a little less stressed.


I certainly do. It’s like, wow! I am beginning to feel more normal. More like I would choose to be in every moment. So, now we’re going to talk about the second thing, that I said we would do two things. The first is about harmony. Now, I was visualising this Harmony hologram for the Rainbow Healing.


I also was visualising these beautiful the glyphs, the colors and the glyphs themselves flowing through every part of my being.


Bringing about that harmony and balance. So now, the other thing to get us energised is Fire, the Fire element. This is a huge factor because I mean, what can fire do? Fire is going to create.


Would you agree? When you strike a match to something that’s going to be a change. When you put a, if you have a fire under your feet, you are going to change, you’re going to move. Would you agree? So.


The glyphs of the Rainbow Healing that anchored this, this frequency of fire, are the Breath of Life, the Freedom and the Leadership. So, and these are,


these essential oils are orange. I’m sorry I had them, had pulled them out. Orange, Lemon, and Sacred Sandalwood or Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.


These three essential oils will anchor that frequency, will assist you in bringing those frequencies into your field.


Now, we can, with our intent,  we can bump this up many, many, many times over. And if you happen to have your Orange, Lemon and Sandalwood essential oils beside you, breathe them in or apply them as we’re talking. And, we’re going to do another really quick visualisation.


If you can be, if you choose to visualise the frequencies, or visualise these glyphs or these colors, these re the orange, the bright fiery orange, or the lemony-yellow and the pale, the pale off-white, the champagne color.


If you visualise those, or visualising the glyphs, or just plain the intent. Now.


The first thing we’re going to do is to think about what fire does. Fire, as I said, creates change. It can burn away things that don’t belong there, OK?


Burning away those things that don’t belong any longer.


So that fire from the Earth. I visualise the fire. Remember we’re grounded all the way down to the very core of Earth, which is that fiery center of the planet on which we live.


Just visualise, or intend, that this fire rise up through your grounding cords, through the base of your spine. All the way up, through the core of your being, and out the top of your head with this giant fire moving.


Burning away the things that are no longer required and bringing up more fire through the bottoms of your feet. Bringing it up to the hips. All the way up through the shoulders, across the shoulders, down the arms, and out your hands so that you are absolutely a fireball.


And just intend that whatever is no longer supporting you, whatever you have agreed to, whatever. Anything that you have taken on that is no longer in harmony with who you were created to be. Just allow it to be burned away.


Then we can even envision the air blowing away.


Blowing away the residue. Do you agree? Getting rid of it all. Just generally, moving upward through the body, clearing out the things that no longer – the things that are holding us back. Things that things that are making us feel tired. Overburden.  Upset. Over stressed. Overwhelmed.


So as you’re doing this, then remember that we also – Fire can energise. It can regenerate. And what is the vitamin? What is the vitamin? That is the one that is the is talked about as been researched, as being the most effective for regenerating your cells.


Do you know what it is?


Well, guess what? It’s vitamin D. Vitamin D. And what is the best source of vitamin D that we can find?


The sun. So if you have access to the sun, and I’m very grateful that here in Bali we have a lot of sun. I love to stand in the sun. If not, visualise. Intend that you connect with the sun.


And bring down, draw down those frequencies of the fiery sun. That fiery gas, coming all the way down.


Reenergising.  Regenerating every single cell in your body.


There is no reason why we cannot do this whenever we feel stressed, whenever we feel less than energised.


How long did it take us? Just a few minutes. We can do it in less, because I’ve talked a lot. We can inhale our oils and apply them with intent and visualise the fire burning up from the center of the Earth.


Visualise the fire coming down from the sun.


Regenerating every single portion of your being.


And just intend that all of these frequencies then be in harmony, in balance with one another. And just take another deep breath. Now.


I won’t ask you to tell me how you’re feeling.


I feel more energised even though I’ve been talking the whole time. I feel much more energised because I can feel that fire building inside me. I can feel that fire coming down from the sun,


washing away, reenergising. Just totally regenerating the cells that are tired and have lost their energy. So OK, how long have I talked? I’ve talked a little while because I have


one other topic that I really want to talk about. But I would encourage you each one of you to, if you don’t choose to do exactly what I just did, to at least figure out, use some use that as a starting point for what you can do, in in any given moment when you’re feeling overburdened, overwhelmed, just tired.


Just allow yourself just a few, just a moment, just a few seconds, to take a deep breath, to step back and say, “What can I do differently?” I can breathe. I can visualise. I can intend.


And this can make a massive difference.


So. Now, the third thing I want to talk about. Because, today is, right now, the 17th of December. Wow! We are getting down toward the end of the year, and I’ve talked earlier, the last two weeks, about a challenge that we’re offering.


Starting on January 1st.  And Susan and I have been working to get things ready for our Rainbow Healing System Reset 2024. This challenge, which is a 30-day challenge in which you will have 60 days to accomplish, 30 consecutive days. Ad we’re we –  Susan has already set up – she will, we will be giving you if she has not put it in the comments already today, the link to our new Telegram group, the Telegram group is all ready established.


And it’s called RHS Reset 2024. So, RHS Reset. And we invite you, and you can invite your friends, to join us. The way you join, you enter our challenge, is by joining this Telegram group, which is going to be set aside so that on these, every day for 30 days, we will be giving you another activity.


They won’t take – it’s, we’re not talking about hours a day,  we’re talking about a very brief period. And we’re starting back with the basics. That’s why it’s called RESET.


Reset.  We’re not just restarting, we’re resetting. We’re starting back at the very basics, and by the end of the 30 days, you will have worked your way through the basics all the way up to as far as you choose to take this.


Because Rainbow Healing System is just a self formula, a self growth journey. And you can do it how much you choose to do, or how little you choose to do. And the Grand Prize for those of you who do not already know this, is a week at Fuller Life Bali.


A personal Rainbow Healing Retreat here in Bali, at our Wellness and Education Centre. So.


All of the details will be in the Telegram group, so look for “RHS Reset” and send your friends the link as well. And have a happy, happy week, stepping back to reenergise yourself whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, just not up to par.


Take a step back, take a few breaths, and quickly create your Sacred Space and get your fire burning again. And I’ll look forward to seeing you again next week.