10 Dec 2023 Being All In


Oh, I love the blend of Sacred Mountain and use it every morning, every time when I’m before I leave my villa, everywhere I go because this epitomizes to me, being in my Sacred Space.


And I’m going to, as always before a video, also breathe in my Inspiration with the intent of making that connection, as Gary Young said, of fine tuning that connection with the Creator, so that what I say will be inspiring, inspired by the Creator and will inspire each of you. So.


This morning I have for you the Tibetan Bowl to just awaken, awaken in you whatever it is that is required to bring about more harmony and balance.


And that should take us just about to the top of the hour 11:00.


So thank you for being here, those of you who are already online, and it is always a joy for me to see people coming online before the top of the hour. And it has just turned over to 11:00.


So happy, happy Sunday here in Bali. Beautiful, sunny Sunday morning again, or whenever you happen to be joining us.


Welcome. We’re delighted to have you if you’re brand new or if you have been following me for a long time. We do welcome you. Today, the title came to me as often happens, right as I’m awakening in the morning.  I thought, “All in.” All in! And this just inspired me to think further about it, what it means to be “all in.”


I often ask people when they come to me for some type of counseling, on a scale of one to 10, how committed are you to getting well? Not getting better – to getting well.


And I asked them to give me a number between one and ten.


Now I’m asking you today, how passionate of you are you about your life right now?


On a scale of one to 10. This is all about you. It has nothing to do with sharing it with anyone else but on a scale of one to 10, what number – with one being the least and 10 being the top, or I would say 100 per cent – then where do you place yourself on how passionate you are about everything in your life?


When I thought of those words of “All In” when I woke up, the first, the next thing, that I thought of was Gary Young, who epitomized the everything about being All In. Everything that Gary did in his life was about being totally, 100, 200% committed, “all in,” passion, passion, passion. So this prompted me to think further. Now there’s one thing to think about our life as a whole. There’s another thing to think in terms of each activity.


We can break it down because if we’re not 100% about our life as a whole. Which things are we doing that are bringing us down? How committed are you to each activity, things, each thing that you devote your time and energy to? Think about it.


These are just numbers. These are just thoughts. You know, what if we all pay closer attention to things like that.


And if you’re not “all in” in a particular area, do you need to change? Are you willing to change? Is it worth it? Worth your while to change, to bring more passion in?


These are just little questions to get you to thinking. As you all of you who’ve been following me know that we talk about we use our acronym, G.A.R.Y., Grow Actively Refining Yourself.


There are actually other things, words, we can use such as “Get Authentic, Rediscover Yourself.”


What I have found for me is that when I am less than 100% passionate about something, it’s time to look closer. Why am I not passionate? Is it important enough to me to surrender? We have a blend for that – Surrender.


To learning new ways. To making changes. Changes are always, always a little bit difficult. They’re more difficult than keeping on doing whatever we’re doing. Would you agree? So it’s all about surrendering. And as Gary Young said, we use this blend Humility, which is very difficult for us in Asia to get right now.


But, Humility, which Gary said is all about being teachable. Humility is the understanding that we do not know everything. We do not. The way we’ve done things all our lives, or the way we’ve been trained to do things, may not be the best thing for right now. So it’s that willingness to allow change to come in.


Now I keep drawing this particular card for myself over and over and over again. And, it used to make me very uncomfortable because change made me very uncomfortable for a lot of my lifetime. Does change make you uncomfortable?


Well, it depends on the change, doesn’t it? If it’s a big change, or if it’s something that even if we know what’s on the other side is better, it’s still scary.


So this is about lighting that fire. Lighting that passion, understanding what it will take.


Again, on that scale of one to 10. Where are you willing? How? What number would you put with being willing to learn something new? Well, it’s all about choice, and there are no wrong choices. Every single choice we make moves us to new choices. I used to think, most of my life, I thought I had to research everything and make a logical choice.


And that I was put on, would put on blinders and move forward no matter what happened.


However, life is different in the 21st century. Life is not about planning ahead. So this is the next blend that has become one of my most favorite of all – Present Time.


Present. What are we doing in the present moment that can bring more passion into our lives? Is what I’m doing? This is a question I love to ask myself. And it’s not because there’s an easy answer, but rather because it is helping me to rediscover who Frances is, to grow actively refining myself. To really use the present moment in the best way possible.


We create tomorrow today.


That’s what we’re doing. Yesterday is over. What we did yesterday brought us to today. And I’m grateful for every single one of you who is here, who made the choice, whatever choices it took, to bring you to this moment that we are sharing right now. So it’s all about getting the most out of every single moment.


Making those choices. Realizing that there are no “bad” choices because every choice will bring up more, two more choices, or three or four, or 10 or 12. There is never a time when we have “no choice.” Isn’t that exciting?


Does that excite you as much as it does me? Well, I just really and truly, I truly, truly got to thinking about passion and the way I do things. And I realize that that passion and perfection are two totally different things, and I began to realize that you can be less than perfect, with passion, and accomplish far more than being perfect without passion.


Would you agree?


It is always your choice. Which would you choose? To be perfect – or passion.


What if we can have both? It’s possible.


However, passion will always… Look at Gary Young…Passion will carry you forward. Passion will bring you to the next step with excitement and joy and opportunity for expansion. So we’re going to… I’m very passionate about what we’re planning.


I would love for every one of you here to invite all of your friends, whether they have followed us or not, to join us in our Rainbow Healing System Reset 2024, where the grand prize …it will be..we’ll give you 60 days for this. We’re still working out all of the exciting details to make this happier and more fun for you, however, we want you to realize that we’re starting on January 1st.


And it’s going to take 30 consecutive days of doing, of going along with us, doing a step-by-step thing to rediscover who you were created to be. To grow actively refining yourself. So.


The grand prize? There is a carrot at the end. The grand prize will be a week here at Fuller like Bali. Either for you alone, or for you to invite someone to share it with you.


And we will have only one grand prize winner, however there will be no losers at all, because every one of you who participates will grow actively refining yourselves. You will begin to understand more of who you were, who you are, who you were created to be. And bring more joy into your life as a result of that strong connection that you have, that ability to listen to your guidance from your Creator.


So this is a short one today. This is a busy time of the year. December is always busy, busy, busy. And that is why I especially appreciate your carving out time to be here today. So, as you move through this week, think about how committed you are. How passionate you are to each little thing that you do that occupies your time and your energy.


And make a choice. Are you more committed to being passionate? Or to being perfect?


Passion without, necessarily, being perfect can be very effective. So have a happy, happy week, learning more about yourself every day and enjoying every moment. See you next week.