3 DEC 2023 How Clear Are Your Intents


Good morning. Good morning. I actually came on a little bit early today just so that, I was just excited. I didn’t want to be late. So I am just going to take another little round of my essential oils first, before we get started and while we’re waiting for a few people to get online.


As I sit here every Sunday morning, preparing for this video, for this time with the rest of with all of you here, I get more and more excited because it is always new.


How many of us really get excited over new things? Well, I’m going to take one more Believe shower.


And then, the bowl that spoke to me this morning was the Tibetan Bowl that I got in Lhasa in 1998. This is a very powerful young energy. However, it is also, basically a heart opening. So just enjoy. Thank you for being here. Each of you who is already online and just breathe in whatever essential oils you’ve chosen for today, and breathe in these frequencies, intending that they bring harmony and balance to every aspect of your being.


And somehow, now that December is here, it feels that we have to have a bell. So I have my manku bell, my beautiful gold, 24 karat gold-lined bell, and I’m just going to tap it a few times, to listen to the different frequencies.


And I see it is 11:00. And happy, happy Sunday here in Bali. It’s been an interesting week. Have you had an interesting week? We are now…It’s really difficult for me to believe that it is December already. And December can mean many, many different things to each of us.


For one thing is we’re usually busy. We’re thinking of hectic, busy things. It’s – the holiday season is in full swing. The end of the year, which brings about many things for many people in terms of reviewing what we have done in the past. So.


I’m going to review a little bit of what I did in the past last week because it has been so very special for me. So, at any rate, what I’m going to talk about first is that when we go back to the past and rehash the past, it’s usually with judgment. Would you agree?


How many things? How many of you made resolutions? New Year’s resolutions for 2023?


How many of you are reviewing the things that you “failed” to accomplish in 2023? Now, this is where – I’m sorry – this is where, what I’m talking about, how this looking back and reviewing, with judgment, many times can prevent us from actually moving forward. So, rather than making resolutions about what we’re going to do differently, correcting what we did “wrong” in the past year, what if we can start out with a totally clean slate?


Looking at it as a clean slate rather than “correcting” what we did before. Looking back, there are no wrong choices – ever, ever, ever! Because every choice that you have made has brought you to this moment. And this is the moment where we can change anything in our lives right here. This moment. The Present Time.


So, if we’re looking back and passing judgment on ourselves, one of the blends that jumped out at me first thing today was SARA (S.A.R.A.) the blend that Gary created for overcoming patterns of abuse, emotional trauma from abuse. And, what I always think of, in terms of this, is that we are the greatest abusers of ourselves, because we constantly judge ourselves. We constantly are talking down to ourselves. How often are we truly being loyal to ourselves? So Sarah may be a blend that you would choose to use.


This is one that I have put – I have created my own 7th Heaven set or collection. Last week we talked about the 7th Heaven collection that Gary set up, and he – specifically when I listened to that audio tape, the audio recording that he did many, many, many years ago. I had heard it live. I heard it in cassette tape, I heard it in CD. And now I got to hear it again and really pay attention one more time, in this present moment, and I was astounded to see how that, first of all, he said that was not a set of oils to be used in a particular order, but rather a collection to use.


Two or three, one, two or three of the blends, at any time, in any order, or to make up your own. So, I am so excited today because I chose.


Many of you know that before I go online, each time, I have my little habit of always using Sacred Mountain. And in that audio recording, Gary talked about how that Sacred Mountain brings you in, makes that connection with your Creator, with the Source. This is what’s going to keep us from going back into the past, judging ourselves, abusing ourselves with all of the “I should have…” “I could have…” “Why didn’t I?” And “I’m going to do better,” but rather connecting with the Source and listening. Learning to listen.


And that’s where the second blend that he mentioned that I was very happy, because this is the blend that I have used before every video – Inspiration. Now my intent, my thought, prior to revisiting that audio recording, was that I would inspire others by something that I said, it would be inspiring to you.


Now what Gary said in that audio recording really made an indelible imprint on my, on Frances, because he said it’s like an amplifier. It’s like the tuning knob to tune into the frequencies of your Source, of your Creator, to clearly hear your guidance. Wow. So.


On the basis of that, these blends are sitting beside my bed, right on my bedside table, and I have used them multiple times. I have more than one bottle of each. And I have used them multiple times together, one and then another, with that intent. To make that connection with the Source. To listen, to amplify, and then to truly listen. Pay attention.


And what has happened? Wow.


I have. My grounding has stayed more stable. I had. My excitement has grown, because I’m hearing all sorts of interesting, or having all sorts of interesting thoughts that are new and exciting. My passion has grown. So this is what happened for me.


I don’t know how many of you thought about trying that or how many of you are interested in trying those two blends together. I made-up my own set, as I mentioned. I decided. I also. Because staying in the present moment to me has been very, very powerful, and to not lapse back into the past where I was judging. It’s just so easy as I said, especially at this time of the year, to go back and judge our performance for the last year, and to make resolutions. To make promises. To do things better. Well, some of these new words that started coming in to me, over this past week, were newness.


Newness. New words that that had not come before. It was. The first thing was, to do things, that when we set things with intent. How clear are your intents? Well, to make them nebulous, open-ended, not specific.


So there was a reason why I used the word “clear” in this title today because so often we are attempting to make plans of what we’re going to do because something else did not work. Whereas suppose that we instead think of these intents as making a choice to do things in a new way. Ok?


Just making a choice. An intent is just making a choice to do something in a new way, rather than different necessarily.  Just new.


And what if we choose to make that connection with the Source stronger? To turn that little knob, that little knob to tune in, to listen to, amplify the messages that we constantly are getting from our connection with the Source.


Putting outside, you know, really pushing aside all of the distractions, the things that are preventing us from truly achieving the thing, the reasons, choosing what we came here to do.


What if we choose to learn something new, like kinesiology? Learn to practice, practice, practice, something like this that is fun, that can assist us in listening to our guidance from the Source.


It doesn’t have to be important things that we are testing. We can test everything. We can test whether what to eat, what to wear. We can test every single thing in our life, just to have practice. And it can be fun! And then we, as we do this more and more, we begin to trust what we’re hearing. So.


If there’s one only one message that I can leave you with today, and I’m not finished talking, but if there’s only one message, it’s that you always, always, always have a choice.


And that every. There are no bad choices. Every choice leads you to a new set of choices. So condemning ourselves for having made what we judge to be a poor choice, really that we would not be here today if we had not made the choices that we made in the past. So, pat yourself on the back. Give yourself credit for being here in this particular moment and to pay attention, to intend to do something new, something. To tune in to that guidance that you’re constantly receiving. So, ah ha.


I have all sorts of oils sitting here, and I’ve digressed from where I thought I might say today, but.


We have decided. This is one of the things that came up in Frances’s mind after using these two blends several times this week, this this idea of let’s – what about a reset of Rainbow Healing System? Now this led me to. I was thinking, is it is this rebooting?  Resetting? Well, I love to look up words and see different potential meanings. Ok?


So, a reboot is a restart where nothing changes. How often do we turn our computer off and then we restart it, or reboot is the word used for the computer, and everything comes back on exactly the way it was before? Correct? Or at least that’s what we’re hoping when we reboot or restart our computer.


What happens when you reset when you press a reset button?


Think about it.


Resetting makes a change. It means you have a clean slate, and you can fill that however you choose. You may choose to put the same things in that were there before. However, they are not set in stone.


So, we decided that – and because Frances always comes up with these ideas at the last minute, we will have a reset, Rainbow Healing System 30 Day Reset, that will run through – start on January 1st. So, we’re giving you a little bit of notice ahead of time, so that those of you who choose to join us on this journey, on this reset, can gather the things and can plan out, can push out some time, because we’re going to have 30 days. Now, we’re going to give you.


Maybe I should tell you what the Grand Prize is. First of all, there’s nothing that you need to buy to join. You can just make the commitment that is the first thing, for you to make the commitment to join. And the next thing would be to assemble, to pay attention, to allotting some time for this because it’s – we’re going to give you 60 days, 60 days to complete 30. 30 consecutive days. Ok?


Now, the one catch here is that if you trip up on the 5th or the 12th or the 17th day, you get to go back to day one. OK? So it’s 30 consecutive days. In other words, to get into the habit of doing something. And we’re going to make it fun this year. We’re still working out lots of details. Poor Susan hears these things from me, and it’s like – she’s already got things going, I’m sure, that need to… I mean, this is December after all.


However, we are still working out details. But it’s going to be a fun journey where we’re going to have something new, a specific little task to do each day of those 30 days. And number one, the first day will be one thing, the second day you get the first thing from the first day, and the second day.


The third thing… You get the idea. It’s going to be cumulative, so by the 29th day you’ll have all of the things done. So, we’ll be giving you some of this good things, good, good information over the course of the next weeks.


However, what you can be doing, if you choose, is first of all to connect with your Source. Make that connection. Tune. Fine tune that connection to listen and decide whether you would choose to do this.


The grand prize will be a week at Fuller Life Bali, which can be a transformation in itself.


Which you would then be able to either come alone as an amazing personal transformative experience or bring a friend. So, we’ll let you know more about that. But what can you be doing right now? You can be making that choice. That choice of whether you’re willing to commit to doing some things differently just for 30 days, 30 consecutive days. And to reset.


You can be gathering. One thing that you will be, really, do really need to do. You can download your free app, your Rainbow Healing app, and get familiar with playing with that. And get the oils, the 11 oils of Rainbow Healing System: the 10 single oils and the blend, Sacred Mountain. So, see you’ve already got that, Sacred Mountain, that connection with the Source, because you will be using these daily. So will you choose to “reset” this year, in 2024, or will you continue to reboot, or to restart, this year?


Have a happy, happy week and I look forward to seeing you and being with you again next week.