11 NOV 26 Seventh Heaven Collection


Hello. Hello and happy last week of November. Busy, busy, busy time for so many of us. I am just picking one last whiff of some of my essential oils.


Another sniff of Sacred Mountain which I have applied several times today already, and another whiff of Inspiration.


And another inhalation of Present Time, intending that I think I’ll put more of that on my wrists, that I will remain in this present moment.


Fully in this moment, while we are together today, so today I have for you my special Rose Quartz Platinum Bowl that is lined with the White Light Angel Gold. This is an absolutely amazing frequency for both balance and for generating positivity, so harmony, positivity, positivity and balance.


Breathe in these frequencies.


And this should take us very close to the top of the hour.


I’m really, really excited. I just want to get started, so as always, I’m early and my phone just turned over to 11:00, so once again.


Happy, Happy Sunday or whenever you are watching. Thank you for being here. Those of you who are adding your energy, your time, your energy yourself into this video. First of all, I want to. I have two votes of thanks, two real, real appreciations things to say.


First of all, one of my friends, one of our diamonds in Hong Kong, Phoebe Ying, messaged me to ask about the 7th Heaven set and I thought, I messaged her back and she was looking for some testimonials about people who had used it and I said, well, actually we don’t in Indonesia have that set. We don’t have many sets and it’s not one that I have used a lot, but let me investigate. So then I contacted another friend.


Rana Saya in Singapore who actually sent me the recording the audio recording of Gary talking about the 7th Heaven, which I had heard. I had heard him live. I had heard him on the tape. I had had all of the cassette tapes.


And then the CDs, everything at one point, but I have none of those at this point.


So I have this been spending a lot of time, I’m totally appreciative to those two wonderful women for asking me, which prompted me to really look closer at this particular set and what I’ve learned was kind of interesting. First of all, that the first words out of Gary’s mouth with the 7th Heaven set, was that this is not a collection of oil of blends. It is 7 blends.


But it’s not a collection which was designed necessarily to use in a sequential application as, say, the Feelings Collection. The Feelings Collection, Gary said, was very important for truly getting into deep those, into those deep feelings and really, really working on those emotional issues that we have buried.  To do the entire set for a whole month, every single day, with great focus.


Now with the 7th Heaven, he mentioned that it is a collection of blends that have a definite function. They can be used together in sequence, or you can select two or three or four, whatever you choose, and use them with focus and intent.


So this is a little bit of a different concept than what I really expected. My memory just didn’t. It was not there that that was his way of talking about the 7th Heaven. And what is the 7th Heaven all about? It’s not about touching those emotions, those feelings.


7th Heaven is about getting us in touch with our creator with learning to listen, with being in harmony and balance. So a different kind of thing, right?


Well as I began listening and taking my notes from this audio. I’m a visual person so I have to have notes that I can see. So I wrote my notes from the audio, while Gary was talking. And the very first blend that he talked about was Sacred Mountain.


And that is a blend, of course, that I use. There’s some of these blends that are very readily available in every single market across the planet. There’s some that are far more difficult. So as I was, I happen to have all of them. I’m very grateful that I have every one of them. However, I was thinking of other blends that you may choose. If those are the blends that you are.


If those are the things that you’re interested in working on. So at any rate, his very, very first thing was Sacred Mountain because that is going to be key to making that strong connection with the Source.


And as all of you know, that is also the first blend, that is the first oil of Rainbow Healing System. Making that connection with the Source. If we are not connected with our Creator, listening, pushing out all of that stuff that’s outside. There’s so much chaos outside. Would you believe? Would you agree with me? Yes. Especially now in this busy, busy season, we seem to be bombarded by even more stimuli than than at other times of the year, so this is a great thing to really put on you multiple times a day.


Intending to make that strong connection with your Creator, to push out all of the chaos, and that’s where the second blend comes in, which as many of you may remember, is the second blend that I always use before getting on Facebook Live, before going out my door. Inspiration blend.


Gary says that Inspiration is an amplifier. An amplifier of that guidance, that information that you are gaining from your connection with your Source. It is like, I love his description.


It is like a tuning knob where we can tune into the frequencies so that we can hear them more clearly. For those of you who are old enough to remember a radio.


Of course I’m old enough. We used to have to turn the dial.


Well, this is like tuning that old dial so that you can clearly hear your guidance from your Creator. That guidance is always going to be absolutely perfect for you and it may not have anything to do with logic.


It may not have anything to do with anything that anyone else may tell you is correct for you. However, if you are tuned in to your Source, into your heart, listening with your heart, those messages will be perfect for you at any given moment. So. I was excited to see that those two blends were the very first things that he talked about in the 7th Heaven. I really kind of thought that the, or the blends that were in that set, because it’s been so long since I have actually seen the boxed set, that I felt that they were things that I didn’t really use a lot, yet I found out that I do use them. I use some of them every day like Sacred Mountain and Inspiration.


Then the next blend that he mentioned and oh, what did he say to do with these? Well, he said you can do what you choose to do. However, he suggested that with Sacred Mountain you diffuse it. Breathe it in.


Apply it wherever you choose to do so.


Well, I have Sacred Mountain diffusing in all three of the diffusers in my house, in my villa, right now, and of course I’ve been breathing it in and applying it over my heart because it feels so good to me to apply that blend.


Over my heart and to breathe it in. Inspiration. He suggested that that go over the heart because again, that’s your amplifier. Your tuning.  Your fine tuning your connection to the Source. So applying that over your heart will assist you in getting into your heart in getting that information into your heart in assisting us in listening to that guidance that we are getting, that each of us has the ability to get from our Creator. So let us just take another deep breath in if you have those blends nearby, you may choose to breathe them, apply them, do whatever you choose.


So the third blend is Awaken. Awaken is difficult to find in some of our markets. However, it’s all about the realization that you can do anything.


It’s awakening to the possibilities.


Now. I happen to use one of my favorite words. So while Awaken was the first, a first blend of blends that Gary ever made. It is a blend of five different blends.


And I wrote them down, but I, unless I pick up a piece of paper, I won’t be able to tell you. You can check that out for yourself. However, when he talked about awakening to the possibilities, awakening to the realization and belief. Guess which blend Frances thought about immediately?


Well, if you don’t have Awaken, perhaps Believe blend could help you. I think I’ll have another Believe Shower right now. Believing. Believing in your heart that you truly can do whatever it is that your guidance is telling you. So.


Next blend, I have it right here, is Gathering.


Gathering is all about, he said, that is kind of like a filter. So we have the Sacred Mountain is the connection to Source. The Inspiration is the amplifier or the tuning knob to amplify those messages. The Awaken is the belief, the realization that you are capable of whatever guidance you’re hearing.


The Gathering, which is that filter, it is a filter to filter out all of the stuff that would distract.


Now Gathering is something that is in, is maybe a little more difficult for some to get.


Gathering is also one of the blends, where is my, in Highest Potential. Highest Potential. Probably the biggest part of Highest Potential is Gathering blend. It is Australian Blue, Gathering and Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. So if you can’t get the Gathering, perhaps you’ll choose to use Highest Potential. Many of you know that that was one of Garry’s favorite blends that he wore as a cologne from the time that he  created it, and on and on it was his favourite blend to wear.


So let us take another deep breath and then we have another blend that is a little more difficult. Excuse me, I’m looking for it here. Oh, that’s because I don’t have it here. Dream Catcher.


That wasn’t the next one. I apologize. The next one is Humility, and that’s why I couldn’t find the other one. Humility that is very difficult. In fact, I was checking and we don’t have it in Indonesia. We can’t order from the US, Singapore cannot even order it from the US. So if you happen to have a bottle of Humility, you maybe choose to guard it.


Gary said that Humility, that ability to be humble to allow yourself to let go of old ways of doing things.


To be teachable. Being teachable is one of the more difficult things that many of us have.


We learn lots of things and then we feel that we know it all and we are not willing to listen to other perspectives, other perceptions. I loved when Gary said that when somebody is applying to him for a job, he never looked at resumes, he was not interested in certificates or diplomas. He was interested in whether the person was willing to learn, willing to, he said. He could teach them what they needed to know.


They simply had to be willing to let go of all the old ways of doing things, and accepting the newer things, the ways that he might choose to teach them. Now, if you’re not able to get that Humility blend, what single oil do we use in Rainbow Healing to let go of old ways of doing things, of patterns?


Those beautiful pale lemon frequencies of Lemon essential oil. The frequencies of the 7th glyph, the Freedom glyph. Let go of the things that are no longer serving you. How many of us at this time of the year are pulling out things, rearranging things, going through them and letting go. Well, we’re excited. It’s exciting because tomorrow we have a brilliant Full Moon.


And Full Moons are all about letting go, letting go of the things that are no longer serving us, letting go of the old patterns. Letting go of the old thoughts and thought forms. Being open and receptive to the new ways of doing things.


The next blend in this sequence – I see I’m droning on and on, and I was wondering how long it would take me today – is actually Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher is another one that is a blend of blends.


And it is one that Gary worked on for a long time before it became the right blend for him. And he said that’s how to learn, to relearn, how to dream, to become a child. So if you’re unable to get Dream Catcher, you may choose to pick up Inner Child.  Inner Child. Those frequencies that will assist us in reconnecting, reliving that awesome experience of seeing things through the eyes of a child.


The wonder, the excitement of all the new things, of seeing them as a child, dreaming like a child. So many of us have spent our lives working hard, planning, doing things, when dreaming, daydreaming has gone far, far away from who we are.


And it may be, according to Gary, the most important thing that we can do with our time. Just to allow the brain to be in neutral so that the frequencies can enter into our heart where our real dreams take form.


And then finally the 7th, the 7th Blend in the 7th Heaven, is White Angelica. And Gary suggested that White Angelica might be used as a kind of as a shield before you go out into the world.


Somewhat the way we put our filters around this, our Sacred Space, to filter out frequencies that are not in harmony with who we are. And as we apply the White Angelica, intending that it act as a shield, you may choose – he likes to put it over the shoulders –  but to just brush it over your entire field from top to bottom, you may choose to also go from bottom to top.


Just intending that it be that additional filter.


That may be, oh.  That may be the filter that I have been looking for, the extra filter, because I had felt forgotten about that. So as you go through your week, your busy, busy week take a step back from the busy-ness.


Apply a few oils. If you choose, just select two or three of these blends, 3, 2, 3, 4 or one or two of them and some single oils. Just step back. Apply them, breathe them in and intend to make that connection stronger and stronger with every breath that you take to refocus, to amplify the ability, your ability to hear your messages from your Creator.


And let us have a beautiful, happy, blissful week, and I’ll look forward to seeing you next Sunday.