19 NOV 23 Experience Magical Moments


It is Sunday morning here in Bali once again, another week has gone by.


I’m just enjoying a few more oils before we actually get started.


Which oils have you chosen to apply this morning?


Well, I’ve had a lot of oils on me as usual, but who knows my favorite two blends? I’m going to talk more about these later, but the two blends that are part of the Rainbow Healing System set of oils, the 10 single oils that anchor the single glyphs and the two blends. And the first of these is the Sacred Mountain. Which I’m just going to have one more application of Sacred Mountain.


And breathe. Breathe it in intending to create our Sacred Space. The space where I can push out all of the stuff, the distractions and the chaos of the outer world and just connect with the sores go round to the core of our planet and just be in harmony and balance.


So I have with me today, all about harmony and balance. And I have my Platinum Boss Bowl, which has the rainbow. You can see the rainbow iridescent colors in it. I’m just going to tap it and breathe in whatever essential oils you have chosen to use for this session.


Well, this is interesting. Last week we had a technical thing that as I pressed the button to begin the video last week, it said I could no longer post on that particular page, my public page. So this week, the winds of change are here. Last week we moved over to my page and here we are.


So welcome. Thank you for finding it. Thank you for choosing to be here and horror upon horrors, as I was playing the bowl, I saw twice the little sign, the warning signs, telling me that I had lost my connection and it had been restored.


So hopefully, we will get through whatever I’m, whatever I’m sharing, that it will get through and each one of you so.


Welcome. It is 11:00 on Sunday morning here in Bali and I have chosen to talk about “Experience Magical Moments” today.


As we head into this festive season, we’re all so busy. We thought we were busy before. And things are accelerating at a rapid rate, aren’t they? So it is a time where we all require additional attention to balance. Would you agree?


So it’s a time when going back to just the simplest things can make a huge difference.


And that’s what we’re going to be doing over the next weeks. But this week, particular week, I thought that it would be helpful to really focus on the 4th glyph, the glyph that is all about balance.


Getting balance into every portion of your being. This is that beautiful turquoise energy, the nurturing, it’s all about nurturing.


Getting rid of that, that feeling we don’t deserve to be nurtured, that we don’t deserve the good things. So it’s that gentle, gentle harmony. And this particular glyph, each one of the glyphs is anchored by at least one single oil. So I’m going to kind of go back, to give you a little history of the Rainbow Healing. 


When I brought through the oils back in 1999, I was using Young Living. And there was, there was Spruce, which was not farm or not distilled at a Young Living farm at that time. However, Spruce seemed to hold to the frequencies of this 4th glyph, of the nurturing of self, nurturing of others, in finding that perfect balance of giving and receiving. So often when we get out of balance on that, that affects everything in our entire being doesn’t it?


So it was the Spruce. Then, in 2002, Gary introduced the Idaho Balsam Fir, which was grown at right here, right on our farm. And distilled. This was the basis. This was the single oil that was introduced in 2002 at Convention.  And it totally. When I when I smelled it, it was too powerful for me, actually.


Because I was not very much in balance at that time, I was definitely imbalanced on that nurturing aspect. So however, as I used that and Believe Blend was the one of the two blends that were introduced in 2002. It was totally amazing, because it control, it is primarily the Grand Fir and Frankincense. So as we use these particular oils.


Then in later it was a bit later that the Northern Lights Black Spruce came in to be that Gary managed to build that wonderful that incredible farm up in the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle in Northern Canada.


And where we get our beautiful Northern Lights Black Spruce. So all three of these single oils actually anchor these frequencies, can anchor these frequencies of the Compassion glyph.


What if we use them all three?


Do any of you have all three of these particular single oils? I’m very fortunate because I do have all three of them. Two of them are here in Indonesia and Young Living Indonesia. However, I managed to get the Blue Spruce that I choose to have.


To get enough of it to have what I require. So I’m going to suggest if you have any one of these three, or two, that you utilise them.


Going back to the basics, intending to bring about that harmony. Now, I was talking with Joanne Kan in Hong Kong just a few days ago and she happened to mention. I was asking her some a specific question about of Northern Lights Black Spruce, because that is an oil that she’s very well versed in, having spent, I think she said six different trips, many of them along our trips, not just a day or two, to the Northern Lights farm and I was talking with her about those properties.


And she was saying how that in Hong Kong they have, a group of them have been using three single oils for emotional clearing.


And are finding amazing results. Well, guess which three?


Northern Lights Black Spruce.


Grand Fir, which was the former Idaho Balsam Fir and Idaho Blue Spruce. Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar, really, with Idaho Blue Spruce, that is the single oil that is the major component of all of the Shutran products. And Shutran is, was, actually said to hold those frequencies that will balance the harmonies that will be very supportive for endocrine balance, for both males and females. So everything is always about balance, isn’t it?


As I said, going back to the basics. Sometimes is, like we feel like we don’t need them anymore. Do any of you feel that way ever? That you don’t really need, you’ve done that, you know all about that. We don’t. We need to move forward and get into something more complicated.


I’ve done a lot of thinking about the glyphs over the past few weeks because I’m always thinking of new ways to present them, new ways to present Rainbow Healing System, because I’ve been actually, you know, I started 25 years ago in developing it.


So it’s as I have evolved, I’ve found new ways, new perspectives, and I’ve also found that they are astonishingly effective at the very basic level. Because it is not about just these are just basic steps. The glyphs are very, very complex frequencies. Each one of these frequencies has the ability to assist us in becoming in achieving greater harmony within ourselves.


It’s as if they are kind of like our DNA. The frequencies. Our frequencies of our DNA as we are bombarding ourselves with things that are not really compatible with who we are, they become tangled up. And the glyphs have that ability, those frequencies, to untangle the things that are not put together the way we were designed. And when we are experiencing the frequencies of the glyphs, when we are bringing these energies in these energies that can bring about harmony, we are experiencing them at the place where we are at any given moment.


That is powerful.


So it means that what we are bringing in as the frequencies held within the Northern Lights Black Spruce, the Idaho Grand Fir, and the Idaho Blue Spruce are able to morph into the frequencies that we require to gain that greater balance. Does that excite you as much as it excites me?


I just truly, truly get so excited thinking about that because every time we bring in these frequencies, every time we focus on this glyph, the turquoise color, the whatever we are choosing, the crystals of aventurine and aquamarine, which have the ability to ankle anchor these frequencies, whatever we are choosing to focus upon is going to be brand new.


Because we are brand new in every single moment.


Every moment we are different.


We are moving forward or we are moving backward depending upon what we choose to do. If we are choosing greater harmony and balance in every aspect of our being, it goes all the way down to the very core of who we are.


It goes down to the physical level and as we are becoming in greater harmony on the physical level, we are reducing all of the pain.


The illness, the disease, the possibility for those things to exist within us.


That is exciting to me so.


I’m going to personally begin my own.


I like doing things 30 days, my 30 day thing. And perhaps we’ll have a 30 day challenge for where we will. I need to think about this a little bit more as to how we might set up a new 30 day challenge. It’s been a few years like five years since we had one of the 30 day challenges, and I’m thinking that this is a good time to begin this again to create that habit of doing these basic things which don’t have to take up a lot of time. They can be very, very quick or we can spend a lot of time. As with most things in our lives, the more focus that we give to something the greater the benefit overall.


So as you go through this week, I’m going to suggest that you use really focus on the essential oils, the colors, the meaning of this glyph of Nurturing. Each one of the glyphs. This is the balance point between nurturing and tearing down,  absolutely not nurturing of self. Getting rid of the guilt that many of us have as we are rushing around busy, busy, busy doing many other things. We feel guilty when we steal away time for ourselves.


So I encourage you this week to take a deep breath, breathe in your Northern Lights Black Spruce your Grand Fir, your Idaho Blue Spruce.


Sprinkled with Sacred Mountain.


Be sure that Sacred Mountain is going to really enhance everything, because what’s in Sacred Mountain?


Northern Lights Black Spruce.


Idaho Grand Fir. Cedarwood. And Ylang Ylang. OK, not a surprise, is it? And what’s in, who knows my favourite, favourite blend for anointing everyone I see?


If you guessed Believe, Yes.  There it is. Believe. Well, guess which single oils are the primary components of Believe?


Well, guess what? It’s Grand Fir again.


Idaho Blue Spruce. Frankincense.  Geranium and Ylang Ylang.


That is powerful, isn’t it? So as you sprinkle your head with Believe, think about bringing in these frequencies of harmony, harmony and balance, and intend harmony on all levels.


Holding that bottle in your hand, intending that whatever frequencies you require at this particular moment, be in that bottle.


Have a beautiful, beautiful week this week, bringing about more and more harmony and balance into every aspect of your being, and I look forward to seeing you next week.