12 NOV 2023 Searching for Keys


Well here I am at 10:59 having a very stressful 2 minutes attempting to press the live button on my public page and sure enough, it will not allow me. It says I cannot broadcast on that page so.


Here I am. Happy, happy Sunday. It is 11:00 AM here in Bali on another beautiful, bright, sunny Sunday morning. I hope that some of you can be redirected to my page and be able to watch live. Otherwise we will manage to get the videos on all of my pages, on all of my platforms. And I see Susan is now watching on this page. Thank you. Thank you, Susan, for being here.


I’ve been sitting here for a long, long time this morning, getting ready, all excited about what I would say, what I would start with. And it’s like, whoa, we’re having to change directions and that’s actually part of what I was going to talk about today.


So first, I’m going to use my Sacred Mountain, which is the frequency that will assist me in reaching that that state that of my sacred space, of being in the present moment and creating, allowing all that chaos to move outside so that I can be my, reach my highest potential. I can be the light that I was designed to be.


So I’m going to touch my little, my striker, since I have my White Alchemy Gold Bowl sitting here in front of me. It did. And the White Light Angel gold. It has significance, which I will talk about and probably let run a little bit longer today because of the technical challenges. So breathe in whatever essential oil you have in front of you and just listen.


This is a very special bowl to me that I always feel that it is anchoring a frequency. A frequency, that is similar to, in any way that we possibly can know, of the Fifth Element. That “possibilities.” The possibilities are endless. Many have said that the Dodecahedron, which is a geometric figure, holds these frequencies of the Fifth Element. The frequencies of the void, of the possibilities. That is also what we kind of think of the New Moon.


When I was preparing for today, the first thing that I thought of was cycles.


What are cycles? Well, cycles we can measure time by cycles and there are many different ways. We all have different ways of measuring cycles and here in Asia. In Bali particularly, but in all of Asia, the cycles are measured by the moon. The New Moon, the Full Moon. And tomorrow we will – or actually in the middle of the night tonight – we will be experiencing a brand-new Moon, which is the emptiness.


The void. Hence my using the bowl of the Fifth Element.  That energy of possibilities, endless possibilities. So the first thing. This also happens to be a very special time for many in Asia, as this is Deepavali, this is the festival of lights where we start in the darkness.


Adding light. I’m getting emotional. Adding light each day, as we become more and more, on that cycle going up. I found this fell out this morning, that I had drawn weeks ago, and about how this, the cycles.


And I’ve also talked about the trajectory, which is totally a different thing. However, I am going, I found this morning on my shelf, a blend that I have not seen in a long time. The White Light. And it just seemed so appropriate. I’m not sure whether this blend is even still available anywhere but.


Intend. Hold whatever bottle you have in your hand, and intend that that bottle holds the frequencies that will assist you in adding more light to your being, each moment. Allowing that fullness of the light to shed more insight. To add flexibility to who you truly are, allowing that light to shine brighter and brighter.


And that kind of led me, of course, the Fire Element is all about creating.


I feel like I’m jumping around a bit because I’m still a little bit unsettled after not being able to click the Go Live after sitting there for 30 minutes with it all programmed and ready to do this live broadcast.


Yesterday I received a beautiful gift from Abbie Cheung in Hong Kong. From there I received it by way of Pak Yudho, the general manager of Young Living Indonesia. And it is a Limited Edition.


This, when I looked at this, it brought tears to my eyes. Build Your Dream and I thought “Yes, build your dream.” Each of us has a dream. We came here with a dream.


We don’t need to know, or at least it occurred to me, that it might not be necessary for us to really understand what that dream is, that perhaps more important is to be open to the possibilities that appear before us in each moment.


Each moment is different. Things change all the time. We don’t have a lot of control.


Many of us are used to being in control. However, this is not the season of control. This is the season of being aware. Into that light. Adding more light into everything that we do. That white light, that frequency. That building. Realizing that each one of us is a gift.


Each one of us has gifts that are unique to us.


And that the more that we focus inward on casting light inside of each of us, the more light we can radiate outward, that also brought me to using of a single oil that many of you, or many of us, may not use often. This is a wonderful oil. This is the single oil of Sacred Frankens of Sacred Sandalwood.


Whether you are using Sacred Sandalwood or Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, this is that frequency of radiating outward of the experience.


As we work on ourselves inside, as we build up to the summit, as high as we can go, at this point we can radiate that energy outward. As I breathe in the frequencies of Sacred Sandalwood, and those frequencies of that bowl that I played a few minutes ago, I am feeling – I am sensing – and intending that those frequencies radiate outward or diffuse. To put it in the vernacular of our essential oils, to diffuse outward.


Getting more light each moment.


Each moment bringing that darkness into light. It’s not about overcoming anything. It’s about illuminating, illuminating what is there.


Allowing ourselves to believe. Oh, yes, that’s here too. To believe in the possibilities of what is available.


As each one of us focuses more and more internally, then we can collectively move through these cycles gently.


Reaching higher and higher pinnacles with each one. Does that excite you as much as it excites me? Yeah!  Well, I get excited over lots of things.


So. It occurred to me that I pulled out the blend of Gratitude.


How much are, how, how much gratitude do we have for the challenging moments in our lives?


It’s easy to be grateful for those happy, wonderful moments where everything fit together, isn’t it?


It’s more difficult to be grateful for the, those other moments that aren’t don’t seem quite as easy to be around. However, it is those moments – in those moments – that we are learning the most.


And it is in those moments that it’s very important for us to remember, to be loyal to ourselves.


Many of us feel guilty when we really pay attention to what’s going on in our own being, we feel that, many of us, that we need to look outside and take care of others. Well, guess what? Is it possible that by taking care of ourselves by being loyal to ourselves, we are giving the greatest gift of all?


This blend, how many of you have ever smelled The Gift?


It is one of my favorite blends, one that Mary created for Gary as a surprise, including all of the same essential oils that he mentioned in his book The One Gift.


This is the blend of oils that will remind us of what a special gift we are.


And that as we truly focus inward, we are giving the world the gift of the best possible being that we can be at any given moment. It’s not about guilty because we didn’t do something yesterday or because we may make a strange choice or may have made a questionable choice way back. It’s all about being the best that we can be in this moment.


Reaching our highest potential in this moment. As we focus on this moment, the possibilities, the opportunities of what is ahead may be very, very different from the opportunities that we would have seen. So instead of focusing on what we did wrong before or upon what plan we had laid in action.


I had a plan for this morning and this is just a kind of a reminder. I was all sitting here ready to start talking, start using oils and to press that button the same, the same one that I’ve been pressing for years.


And have it say I’m not, I can’t broadcast, it won’t go. And I thought no, it has to do. And it just would not do so. It may be that this was even a better choice. Hopefully. So at any rate, as we move forward through this week, I challenge you to really stay in the moment.


Be open to the possibilities of that moment. Because those possibilities may open up potential that you never dreamed about.


It may open up things that are far greater than you had any idea you were capable of doing. So. Have a happy, happy week.


Have lots of fun. Remember, this is fun. We are not sent here to be miserable and work, work, work all the time. Perhaps this flexibility will allow us to ease up.


Lighten up. Have fun. Be like a child. The wonder of the newness of each moment, and I’ll see you next Sunday.