05 NOV 2023 Agreements We Make


Hello? Hello. It’s another week. so surprising that it’s always so fast that the weeks just come flying by already. It is the first Sunday in November, so I’m going to just quickly use my ohm fork I get one last time of using my tuning fork over my heart chakra. This being the ohm tuning fork with the I have a crystal tip on it.


Well, crystal and gold tip with the amber stone, which Cynthia was able to get for me and I’m very, very grateful. So I’m just using that. And then I’m going to use. Over and over again, I kept testing which bowl and it kept being not clear. So I finally determined that this Tibetan Bowl, the 1998 version that I personally got in Lhasa, Tibet, would be what I would use this morning.


So apply what ever essential oils you have chosen. I have already used my Inspiration, which is always what I put first or breathe in first and apply first, right before the these videos, and my Highest Potential. Because I’m always, always intending that whatever I say, be inspirational for every one of you in some way, and that I reach my highest potential, and that each of you reaches yours. So, breathe in these frequencies and just enjoy.


That should take us just about to the top of the hour, and I need to turn my other phone off. That had, as a message came in, that gave a, a notice, a little bell tinkling. And make sure that all of my phones are kind of turned off sound. So welcome. Welcome. How have you experienced this past week?


It’s been an interesting week for many of you, I’m sure. Has it been pleasantly interesting or one that’s been a little bit more of a challenge for you? And what have you done about it? So the title that came to me this morning or in the middle of the night actually, it sort of started forming yesterday, but in the middle of the night it was “agreements we make” because we are constantly making agreements all the time.


Now, I try. I drew cards for this morning, as I always do, with the intent that they give me something to focus upon, that will be helpful to each one of you who is listening. And again, I always thank you for being here, live, as your energy is added to my energy and to the energy of the whole.


This morning, I finally, after multiple times of choosing and then testing and it was always, no, this is not the right one. I thought, am I, is it appropriate for me to select cards? And I kept getting yes. But every card I selected was not an appropriate choice. Finally, the right one came out, just one. Air Element. Clarity.


This is about that mental clarity, and it is also about the ability to get out of the brain and into the heart to clarify the thoughts that we are having. So I thought, how does this fit in with what we’re, what I’m, talking about? So I went to my oils and the first one that I saw was Awaken.


This is not one that I use frequently because it’s difficult for us in Asia to get. And Awaken blend! It’s time for us all to awaken. Awaken to what’s going on around us, but even more important, perhaps to awaken to what’s going on inside us at the physical level, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual level. We have so many different level levels, and awakening to what’s going on.


In other words, pay attention, gain some clarity. Clarity. I love. I love. I don’t. I never really loved the Clarity blend until fairly recently. And Rosemary is a big part of that blend. How many of you use Clarity to gain perspective? It’s not about necessarily that first mental thought. It’s about that perspective that we get when we step back, awaken our senses, get out of the brain and get into the heart.


So the only way that we can do that is by being in the present moment. And I’ve talked a lot about this recently, because present time is where we live our life. Present time is where we understand what is going on in our life -lives- and what we choose to have in our lives. The past does not tell us that. The future is not here and may never be here. The present moment.


So as we awaken ourselves, gain a little bit of clarity and stay in the present moment, then we may be able to see what’s really going on. And that’s what it’s all about. You know, I forget, just like every one of you, we we get started doing something and then we forget all about what brought us to any particular point.


And paying attention is key. Paying attention in the present moment. What are you paying attention to? So back to this whole thing, I kind of go around and around, of agreements that we make. We make agreements in every single day, every hour, every moment, and perhaps even more often, don’t we? We make agreements, some of them are long term agreements.


Some of them are more short term, short lived. However, we’re constantly making agreements to do something. We make an agreement with something or with ourselves. We make agreements about what to eat. We make agreements. Some of the agreements are conscious ones that we’re thinking about, like, what do I eat? What agreement am I making with the person who’s standing in front of me?


Am I agreeing to go somewhere, do something, have fun? What kind of agreements are you making in each moment? Well, we also the conscious agreements affect us on all levels for sure. And how many times do we make conscious agreements with someone when we really do not choose to do that? What causes us to enter into those agreements when we really are not 100% energetically behind doing whatever we are agreeing to do now?


Remember, we have choices in every single moment so we can choose either to agree or not to agree. And those will affect everything that comes after, because everything in our lives really is kind of cumulative. Isn’t it? Now, sometimes we would prefer for it not to be cumulative, but really it is. The big thing is not to look back and judge ourselves for the agreements and choices that we have made, and to just intend to pay closer attention, to be in that present moment and to pay attention.


I said that twice, three times, ten times. To pay attention to those unconscious agreements as well as the conscious ones. Yeah, we do that too, don’t we? Sometimes we just aren’t paying attention and we may be making unconscious agreements with someone, something. Who are we making those agreements with? That’s something our fingers cannot tell us who, but our fingers can tell us –


Our kinesiology can tell us whether we have any. So it’s not those agreements that are moving us forward that are going to be the key ones for us to think about. It may be the ones that we are not conscious of, the ones that we’re not paying attention to that may be having the most adverse effect upon us.


And we don’t have to keep everything up here in the brain. Again, this is the heart. We are attempting to pay attention with the heart, not with the brain. So some of the things that I have found that are really, really helpful for me and another card that did fall out as I was selecting this this Air Element this morning. You see I’m decked out in my purple, because this is the lavender and the violet energies of, that work together to blow in, to first of all blow away the things that are no longer serving us, and to blow in new ideas.


Now, it’s really important for us to Build after those new ideas, isn’t it? Those new ideas that are coming in may be wonderfully helpful in moving us forward. They also may lead us astray, would you agree? So paying attention. I’m going to use. These are the second and eighth glyphs which are lavender, I’m going to take another whiff of them,


and jasmine, and just intend that I pay attention. Allowing the things that are no longer serving me to blow away. Allowing these frequencies to move them away out of my field. And to move the frequencies that are in harmony with who I choose to be on a conscious level. And then I’m going to, after doing this and getting into my Sacred Space, that beautiful space where we push that chaos out and get our filters in place, I’m going to intend to check to see, “Are there any agreements in place that are interfering with my moving forward, with my having a harmony and balance in all aspects of my life?”


And that’s my test. It’s a yes or no, very definitive. There are either agreements in place that are interfering or not. If there are agreements in place that are interfering, you may choose. You don’t have to, but you may choose to ask, “Are they conscious agreements or unconscious agreements?” Okay, if they’re conscious agreements, that might be something to focus on.


If they’re unconscious agreements, those are the most difficult ones and likely the ones that are causing the most challenges in your life. One that I have found that is really a challenge for me is to find out that I may have made agreements with some being to allow there to be an interference in my connection with the Source.


That’s pretty serious. Yeah, it is. But it happens. It happens. We don’t beat ourselves up over it. It is simply a fact. We’re not perfect. We are on earth to learn. This is a school. It’s a it’s a wonderful school where we can learn all of the lessons to get rid of all the excess baggage. However, we do, each one of us require the assistance, the connection with our Source.


That is the most important connection that you can make. So test if your connection, if you’re allowing something into your field or if you’ve made agreements with any anything with any kind of agreement that would in any way affect your connection to the Source in a negative way. Then just intend to terminate those agreements. I love, I used to say, to end those agreements. I realize that I need a stronger word. End, or or get rid of, or cut those agreements,


whatever – wasn’t good enough for me. The word terminate to me is really serious business. So to terminate those agreements and to cease making any new agreements that would in any way interfere with my connection with the Source, no matter whether those agreements are on the conscious level, the subconscious or the unconscious, and whether they are in this lifetime or before. It’s quite possible that we made agreements with something to allow there to be an interference in our connection with the Source just before we ever got here.


So we just intend to terminate those agreements and cease making any new agreements that would in any way interfere with that connection with our Source. That is our lifeline. That is our guidance. It’s not what’s out there outside of the Sacred Space. It’s what in our connection with the Source. And it’s so easy for something to come in because our filters are not always as perfect.


I talk a lot about the filters, the boundaries, what I used to call boundaries, and I’m now calling filters and to filter out things. However, with a filter, some things always get through. It’s a fact of life. So we are intending that that connection with the Source. We also may have made agreements in this lifetime or before, consciously or unconsciously, on some level, with other beings.


Now, that other card that I selected that fell out was the Holy One, and it was like, yes, Frances! Remember to talk about that, because we have the ability to connect with lots and lots of different frequencies. And it’s to our advantage. It is important for our connections to be with the Source and to listen to our Creator, not to whatever else might be pushing in information to us.


So as we are paying stricter attention, we can make this this little, this intent, multiple times every day. We simply have to be paying attention. And intend to terminate all agreements, conscious and unconscious that we may have made, in this lifetime or before, to allow there to be interference in our connection with the Source. And to then intend that there be harmony on all levels.


That harmony which will ensure that we are at peace in our entire being no matter what is happening outside. So as you go through this week, I suggest that you just take a breath from time to time throughout your day and ask yourself, “Do I have any agreements that are in place right now that would interfere here with my connection with the Source?”


Yes or no? You can do that really, really fast. And if there is a connection, take that breath. Use whatever essential oil you have had have with you. I have Release. Although sometimes I think. I like to think of fire. Burning those agreements, just absolutely terminating so they cannot be restored. And just intend that that harmony be restored throughout every portion of your being.


Have a happy, happy week. I look forward to seeing you next Sunday.