29 OCT 2023 Transforming Chaos To Tranquility


Wow. Another beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in Bali. And I am grateful today, grateful for all the opportunities that have come to me in the past. In the past week. In the past weeks. Many, many weeks. However, I am here. I’m excited. And I just am looking forward to sharing with you, hoping I can make some sense. As always, I have already used several applications, or shouldn’t say applications.


I have used Sacred Mountain a number of times and I have also used Inspiration since that is my goal every week in our videos. To bring inspiration. To inspire each of you who chooses to watch. So this morning I. I was up during the night. How many of you? About 7 hours ago, we just had a brand new big, big, big, giant full moon eclipse, shining bright light.


And so that might be something you may choose. This is what I chose to apply for right now. And I’m going to show you how I decided to use it today. This is kind of based on what I had forgotten. How many of you learn things, then you learn more things, and then you learn more things, and we forget about some of the important things that we learned earlier.


So I’m going to hold my wrists together and just hold them together. This was one of the things that Gary taught us with the Valor Balance, is what he called it, where we just hold our wrist. As you many of you know, those of you who do the Raindrop, that he always started with Valor blend and holding the bottoms of the feet.


Now you can hold the bottoms to your feet. That’s wonderful. I have already done that this morning. And you can also, if you don’t have the ability where you are right now in front of the camera, I can’t reach down and hold my feet. So I am choosing to put my wrists together, just to hold them together, so that it will intend,


I am intending that balance. That balance of the energy throughout my being. So it’s already 11:00 and I have not even struck the bowl. So I’m at least going to show you the bowl that I brought for this morning. And see, I get started earlier and earlier, don’t I? This is the White Light Alchemy Bowl, The White Alchemy Gold Bowl and the White Light Angel Gold Bowl.


So there’s lots of gold in this bowl. And it reminds me of the bright light of the full moon. So apply whatever oil you have, oil or blend, single oil or blend, and just breathe in these frequencies for a minute or two. And happy, Happy Sunday. I apologise for talking so long first. I’m just really, really grateful to be here.


Grateful for each one of you who’s choosing to be here. And I have lots of fun things around me. Frances and her little, and her props, her tools, her toys. So today, our video, our message, is “Transforming Chaos Into Tranquility.” How many of you are feeling that there’s a lot of chaos around you in every area?


It’s as if no matter where we look, we get one thing settled and then there’s something else that pops up. It’s just as if everything is coming up at once, and that reminded me of the full moon. The full moon is all about that shining, that light, that bright light, that reflected bright light into the dark corners, the corners that we don’t choose to really look into all the time.


We all have them, don’t we? Yes, unfortunately, that is kind of the way the way that life is. So it’s all about making sure, first of all, that it is illuminated. However, there’s no way. It is overwhelming when we see so much that needs to be done. Okay, This needs to be done. I don’t like the word “need” because need implies that there is a lack there. And all of us, everyone on this planet has lessons to learn. And they are.


The lessons, when they are illuminated, are going to appear disharmonious. There is a lack of harmony. Everything is unsettled because it requires our focus. So as I mentioned, I was earlier, I was awake during the night. I woke up and I was wide awake at 4:00 when the full moon hit its peak, here in Bali. And I was just filled with so many thoughts. And the first thought I had was. This may seem silly to some of you.


It may be one of these little things that clicks in other thoughts, of focus, a way to think and a way to perceive things. So I, I have a little flashlight beside my bed in case the electricity should go out and before the generator comes on. However, it occurred to me that this one has more than one function. This one has the bright light.


I don’t know if you can tell that this is a bright light. I can show you. Show you how that it hits my hand and it shows a big area of my hand. That’s like the full moon. And then this one has that other, the ability to focus in on a smaller area. I see. Showing you? Can you? I don’t know whether you can see.


I hope you can see. To me, this was very enlightening because, it made me excited because that is what I have missed many, many times. The full moon, or all these lessons coming up at one time, create, create chaos. They create turbulence. I thought of that word after I had already written the title for today. Turbulence. And the idea is that the turbulence – we can change, we can transform into harmony.


But how do we do it? Well, that is what Rainbow Healing is all about. To me, Rainbow Healing is a set of tools. It’s. It’s exactly what it is. It is a set of tools. Now, I love color. I love things, visual things. I love things to remind me, to keep me on track. And so that’s all of these tools.


I introduce a lot of different ways to use them, not because you have to use all the ways or you have to learn everything. This is about choosing the things which work for you in any given moment. Hey, now, take a deep breath, Francis, and apply your Valor. Apply that Valor. Breathe it in. You may choose to carry Valor.


Is there anyone watching this video that has never experienced Valor blend? Since that was one of Gary’s most favorite blends of all, one of the first ones that he created. The next one that I’m choosing to do is to have that courage, that strength, that Valor. To pay attention enough so that I can create – Harmony might be another blend you would choose to use – harmony at all levels.


So these tools of Rainbow Healing can assist you in creating that harmony. Is it going to happen all at one time as we meet? Is is that big flashlight or do we need to focus a little bit on a smaller area? Well, that’s what I found out. And that’s what when we narrowed the focus down, that’s what the Refinement List is all about.


Have any of you wondered about, well, what is how does this Refinement List have anything to do with the the glyphs of Rainbow Healing, the colors, all of the frequencies and things? The Refinement List is a tool to allow you to pay attention to what is really important in your life at any given moment. And this changes. It changes a lot.


There may be some that carry on from week after week, month after month. There may be others that come in and reach a higher priority. And then you realise, “That isn’t really important to me anymore. That’s not something that I require focusing upon.” So it’s a way to help us zero in on what is important to us, and what is important for us not to have in our lives.


That, to me is more revealing, more it’s more of an eye opener than what is on my list of what I choose to actually have in my life, to bring in my life, to allow in my life, to actually experience in my life. So it’s all about zeroing in, finding that focus. And just so you know, I always do select cards at every every single video.


I select cards for that particular video. And I selected the Performer this morning. The Performer, the archetype. And for those who are not familiar, really for me, you just don’t know when you see this exactly what that, what that’s talking about. It’s not saying, “That’s who I am.” It’s saying that either the positive attributes that the performer would have, the innate abilities that a performer would have, or the potential challenges that may come up for a performer.


So that’s going to help me to zero in hopefully on what can bring greater harmony into my life at this point. Well, when I see the Performer card, the first thing I think is Focus. Which I’ve already mentioned a little bit about the focus. And whether that my focus, I might ask myself. This is where we get our little fingers working.


This is that kinesiology or whatever form of kinesiology you choose to have confidence in. If you don’t have confidence, you can begin practicing your kinesiology skills. Practice improves the skills dramatically. So you can’t, it’s not going to be an earth shattering thing. Nothing is going to be wrong, “wrong” if you do. Not, if you do not feel you’re really skilled at muscle testing, you won’t become skilled unless you use it.


So getting your fingers together. On the free app, there’s lots of things there. There are things on my website. All of my my resources. There are videos and there are also words. And you can google kinesiology or muscle testing and choose your own. My way is not necessarily the best way. It’s the way I do things. And each one of us is different.


So each one of us has this opportunity to pick and choose to select what is most helpful for us in any given moment. And I don’t always do things the same way. That’s what keeps it fresh for me, I guess. After 25 years of working with, developing Rainbow Healing, I am still experimenting with new ways of perceiving things, new ways of doing things.


And that’s what I share with you. Not that you have to learn all of them. Not that any of them are necessarily the most appropriate for you as an individual. It’s for to show you that there are options. We always have options in every single situation, not just about how do we use the Rainbow Healing Cards or the Rainbow Healing System, or options about everything in our lives.


We always have a choice. Have you ever experienced times when you felt that you really were backed into a corner and had no choice? That’s a really horrible way to be, a place to be in, isn’t it? Well, you make use to take a deep breath in, breathe in some of your Valor blend. Harmony. I chose this morning to to also put in front of me and to use SARA. SARA, which is the way S. A. R. A., which is all about allowing us supporting us in getting rid of abusive patterns.


Now abuse comes in all forms physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. It comes in all forms. And this will assist us. For me, I’d probably well, the biggest form for me is not what others may have done to me. It’s what Frances has done to Frances. Frances’s self-talk, that self-abuse, putting myself down. So, this may be something. If this sounds familiar, or if it touches a nerve and makes you uncomfortable, I apologise, but if it makes you uncomfortable, it may be something you might choose to look at. Because we all have lessons to learn.


And this is a big lesson for me. My self-talk was – still is sometimes. Someone called me down this week because she said, I’ve never heard you talk about your age so much. You keep talking about your age. And I thought to myself, “Wow, I wonder why I’m doing this, and I appreciate her bringing it up.” Well, I talk about my age, not because I’m afraid of dying, or having, or being unwell, unhealthy in any way.


It’s to give others hope, because I’m 80 years old and I feel good! I feel better than I did when my neck was in such pain. And, and I was on so many medications for antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, for all of my allergies, my thyroid, my hormones, everything when I was 40 years old. Half my age now. And I feel good now.


The wonderful thing is that we can make the choices to feel good any time we choose, and we have tools that we can use: the essential oils, the Rainbow Healing tools. What we do to pay closer attention, and then to make up our minds, to actually make the choice to make changes. This is what this full moon is all about.


With all this chaos everywhere, we have the ability not to do it all at one time. That would be really, really upsetting. It would probably bring more disharmony than harmony. But to focus in that laser, focus on that smaller thing, the one that is most important to you, the one we have determined by looking at our written list, paying attention, that is the key to it all.


Then we can intend to bring in the frequencies that will bring about harmony. And because I’ve talked for as long as I have already. I was hoping to get farther along in this topic. However, I guess it’s going to have to continue next week. However, open up whatever Rainbow Healing tool you have, whether it’s the app, the books, the My Journal, what – the Cards – whatever you have, and pay attention. Begin using your little your kinesiology. I say, “Little kinesiology.”


This may be the most important skill you can ever learn! And you can have fun with it. I’m also test where I’m going to wear. I muscle test which oils I am going to use. I muscle test what to eat. I also test which, what products if I don’t use any products on my hair, what oils to use on my hair.


I muscle test everything and it’s fun. It makes it a game. So lighten up. It isn’t this horrible, horrible experience that we choose to make bringing changes into our lives. It can be fun! It can be bring joy and happiness on all levels! So as you go through this week, be sure to just step back, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing now in alignment with my priorities, with what I truly choose to have in my life?”


If the answer is yes, congratulations. Do more and more and more of whatever you’re doing. If the answer is no, then take another deep breath and make a choice. Make a decision to make a change and truly believe – use that Believe blend – that you have the ability to transform every aspect of your life. And I look forward to seeing you again next week.


Have a really happy, happy, enlightening and harmonious week.