22 OCT 2023 Which Path To Take?


Just using a few more oils right before we get started. Yes. Another Sunday is here bright and beautiful, sunny Sunday here in Bali. And I had an interesting thing happen to me today. I had several interesting things already that this past week. I was going through some of my oils and bottles, you know, open bottles. Do any of you gather open bottles the way I do?


And I came up with Highest Potential. This doesn’t looked like what we have today, does it? This was one of the original bottles, would you believe, from 20 years ago. Actually, it was either 2003 or 2004 convention that this was presented, Highest Potential. And I felt like that was a perfect oil, perfect blend, especially since it’s Gary, was Gary’s, favorite blend after he created it.


So I’m going to first start with just use whatever oil you have and breathe in these frequencies intending that they assist you in reaching your highest potential. I’ve chosen to use my Tibetan Bowl from 1998, so just enjoy these frequencies. I wish you could all feel these frequencies the way that I do when holding the bowl. It just brings about a tremendous sense of harmony for me.


And I also something else that happened this morning was that one of one of the things that I have to remind me, this is the saying of Rumi, which it’s laminated so that it won’t get messed up. And I have it here because I want to remind myself, your life – Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.


Now, how many of us feel as if life is rigged in our favor right now? It seems to be, we think we get one thing settled and then something else comes up, doesn’t it? Well, that’s this week again. Just a few days ago, I happened to see a photo that was taken here at Fuller Life Bali, where three paths intersect


all right there at the pavilion. And it inspired me to talk about “Which path to take?” We all have choices in every moment. We forget. Most of the time I know I do. We get started on one thing and we have it in our mind the way that it worked in the 20th century. You know, we made a plan.


We carried that plan out and we achieved and then we made another plan, would you agree? Well, life is different these days. It is not that that may not be the way to work, because we all have choices in every moment, and we can change the course that we are going on. It’s all okay. Again, I was raised to research, make a plan and carry it out.


No matter what. I put on blinders. So many of you know. And it really doesn’t work now. Or how many of you have found that it does work? Do you find yourself coming up against obstacles and challenges, things that are not fitting together? Well? This is where, in my experience, I have learned that I have to be more flexible.


Most of my life flexibility was not something that that I even thought about. It was definitely not something I wanted to have in my daily life because I liked order. How many of you are finding that there is order in your daily life now? Are you finding that when you get something settled and you really think it’s settled,


It’s not. All that we really have to do is make another choice, because in every single situation we have a choice. No matter how tumultuous I started looking up words are, I don’t look them up, I Google them. And I love looking at words to see what those underlying meanings are. Because the first word that came to me today or when I was thinking about this, this morning’s video was tumultuous because the frequencies we had of a new moon solar eclipse last week and everything seems to be all up, just turbulent.


That was another word that I saw for tumultuous, “turbulent” – confusion, conflict, disorder. How many of us really are comfortable with disorder? Well, I can promise you that that is something that has been uncomfortable for me. So, I am constantly searching for harmony. Harmony on all levels. Thankfully, Gary gave us a beautiful blend which has amazing single oils in it to assist us in achieving that state of harmony.


Carry it with you. If you don’t have that particular blend, hold whatever blend you have in your hands. Intend that the frequencies of harmony, the frequencies that you personally require at this particular moment, be in that little bottle. And as you breathe it in or apply it multiple times, just intend that those frequencies of harmony go wherever they are required to bring about that balance.


Now. OK. The outer world may be in total chaos, be totally hectic, totally chaotic, totally everything that is uncomfortable for many of us. However, that does not have to be what our inner world is going through. Now, does this mean that once we become in harmony, we will remain there forever? Unfortunately, I’d love to say yes, but unfortunately that’s not really the case.


It’s constantly changing because we’re energy beings. Remembering that we are energy beings that are constantly interacting with all of the energies around us. Every single energy on the planet, every frequency has the ability to affect us because we are interacting in all times. And that’s why it’s so important for us to create our Sacred Space, that that little space where we push out all of those distractions, all of the chaos, and create a space where we can have harmony within.


And what is the first step? Well, the first step is all always, always, always about making that connection with your Source, with your Creator, with that which created your reality, you and everything in your reality. When that connection is strong, then you are on your way to harmony and balance in every portion of your being. When that connection gets a little bit upset, or when we get distracted, then that’s when those unhappy, those chaotic, those confused, those turbulent, the energies start filtering in.


All of that chaos that was outside is all now coming in. So that number one thing, whatever your favorite grounding connection blend is. As I said, I use Sacred Mountain because Sacred Mountain puts me in that space. Puts me in that space. I immediately think of this, because this is my visual for what the Sacred Space is.


And having my filters up. That’s number one. Grounding to the planet upon which we live. Well, we have lots of grounding blends that Gary gave us, didn’t he? Of course, you can continue to use Sacred Mountain. You may find some of the big tree oils like Cedarwood, Copaiba, some of those heavy oils, Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense, Valor blend.


Many of you. How many of you, choose Valor blend when you are feeling as if things just aren’t going correctly and it’s time to, to do something? But we don’t necessarily have the courage to do what may need, or make the choices that may need to be made. So Valor blend. Use it. Use it. Whatever it is that is going to assist you in staying grounded to the planet. When we, we’re – we’re a big portion of the way there.


The Rainbow Healing Cards, which I have been, over the last two almost three months daily at least Monday through Friday, I’ve been actually selecting cards and showing, you know, asking questions about what you might ask yourself. And the Rainbow Healing Cards are not about telling the fortune. They are…they are…they can be fun! Just fun to see what I happen to draw. Colours, things that will make you feel more comfortable.


The real value of the Rainbow Healing Cards is in our ability to pay attention to the frequencies held within them. As we pay more and more attention to those frequencies, we bring them into the very centre of our being, and we can then move about in a greater state of harmony. So, the first thing, of course, I always talk about the first thing that I do every day, and that is I go through the Journey of the Glyphs, because there are the ten glyphs. I use the oils that anchor them, the single oils.


Many of you, even if you have not been following me, have a number of these oils to begin with. And Harmony Blend in itself has seven of the ten single oils that anchor these glyphs that I go through. All ten of them. If you don’t have the focus, time, energy, desire, or you may choose to, at least look at the first four. You can find these on your app.


You don’t have to have the physical cards or all of the books, the tools that we have, but just looking at them, paying attention, asking the questions. Now, as I said in my daily post, I will ask you questions because each one of these has a word at the bottom, which is what it’s all about. This particular one, the first one is about unblocking.


We all have blocks. That’s what causes us to be uneasy. That’s what causes us to have pain. That’s what causes us to have illness, diseases, emotional upsets. So when we are free of blocks, that’s not going to happen. Unfortunately, we’re not free forever. So whatever happens in any moment is not going to go on forever. And that’s always, Frances can always find a positive and a negative side, because the negative side is that it’s going to change.


So if things are happy, they’re going to, you, you’re going to come up against something that may not be quite as happy there and harmonious. However, if they’re in chaos, that doesn’t have to stay either. Isn’t that exciting? We have the power within to pay attention and it’s all about paying attention. Often! Not just once a week, once a month, once even an hour, or once, once a day.


It’s about paying attention. Being in the present moment. Because things do change. This has been, really as those who have been following me know, this has been my favorite blend for a while. I just, ah, Present Time, I cannot get enough of it because my whole way of dealing with chaos in the past was not to live through it.


It was to look back or look forward, not to pay attention to bringing harmony in that present moment. So as we learn to begin paying attention to what’s happening in the present moment, then we can begin to bring that harmony within and allow it to radiate out from us. Isn’t that exciting? You have the power. No one has that power for you except you.


However, you, each one of you, each one of us has that power. We simply have to pay attention. And I’ve talked a lot in recent weeks about Checking In, which I’ve now decided I kind of like, because partly because it goes along with our acronym of GARY: Grow Actively Refining Yourself. Grow Actively Reassessing Yourself. So I’m now thinking of this as a reassessment.


And every time I do that, I think about the acronym GARY, which warms my heart, because Gary – Gary Young – was such a mentor for me. So as you see, I get emotional because I get emotional. I never allowed those emotions, those feelings to surface for most of my life. It took, back in 2002, going to a training with Gary for me to actually begin to unlock those feelings, and the feelings don’t go away unless we deal with them.


So it’s it’s going. They come up for a reason. It’s to bring our attention there so we can do something about it. We can do something about them. So if I am looking at the cards, first of all, I’m again, I don’t want to run too long. Even if you only go through the first four – Pay Attention! Look, look a little farther.


If you are on the app, if you don’t have my questions, the questions that are that are in the books, then they are sitting right there in the books for people to read. See here, mine plopped right open to the Earth element and, um, just a little while ago it was sitting here. “How do you block your healing process?”


This is just things to ask ourselves. “Are you afraid of your own power? Do you block the download of healing into your cellular memory?” That is the physical cells. We actually can heal those physical cells. “How do you participate in self sabotage?” Oooh! “Do you believe you can heal your DNA to allow for the replication of cells which hold your true genetic information?”


Now those just happened to be in the book. The book was written in 2020, so those questions were back then. I could come up with more, and I do every day, in my post. I’m starting with those and just whatever comes, because I have found that there’s so many different aspects for each one of these glyphs and each one of these cards, that one card – selecting one card and paying attention to what’s important in that moment may be a real key to your healing process.


It’s not about what was important yesterday, it’s what is important today. I keep, I keep drawing, selecting, choosing, whatever you would like to use, whatever word. I keep, this, a lot of the same cards keep showing up for me and I think, “Oh, I thought I did this yesterday!” or “I thought I did this a few hours ago!” But it may be a different perspective, a different aspect of that card that would be helpful for me to pay attention, to ask myself, and to really focus.


Now, I have found that it’s difficult to focus on more than three things at the most, but one is sufficient. Maybe it’s my age, but one thing that we focus on really paying attention may be the key to everything, to unlocking that harmony and balance in every portion of your being. So, as you go through this week, pay attention.


You can draw just one card at a time on your app. That’s – that’s perfectly fine. Select one and swipe over to see what are these other things that may have to do with that particular card that you selected. And just enjoy the process knowing that everything is going to have a cycle. There will be an up cycle, a lower cycle. Lower cycles,


most of us don’t particularly like. Most of us like it when everything’s happy. And it is possible that instead of having these giant swings of drama, we can have just these little gentle flowing waves going through. So, as you move through this week, pay attention, use your favorite single oils and blends, and have fun. Live your life as if everything is rigged in your favour, because you are important and you are here for a very, very special reason.


See you next week.