15-OCT-2023 Fresh Start 🦋 New Moon Eclipse


Here we are again. Another week has passed, and I am excited to be here. And I’m feeling very, very positive this morning. So first of all, I thought when I came downstairs, I thought I should use Rosemary to support my brain in working well. And then I thought again, wait a minute, Frances. We’re attempting to get out of the brain and into the heart.


The heart, where our real power resides. So, I decided on the beautiful blend from the Young Living Foundation, from the Gary Young Foundation a few years ago. One Heart. And I, have you used this? Apply it several times. I’m going to breathe it in, intending that we all have one heart. And of course, the goal, my goal, my vision for the world, my vision for Rainbow Healing, my vision for myself, is to be in harmony on all levels.


So let me have another breath of that Harmony. And in keeping with that, today, I selected the bowl that is a clear quartz crystal and gold inside. And the outside is rose quartz crystal and platinum. This is said to be a great balancer and harmonizer, opening the heart. So, breathe in these frequencies.


(bowl singing)


Good morning. Good morning again. Or good evening. Whenever it is that you are watching this. Thank you for being here. The title this morning that came to me was Fresh Start. About 10 hours ago, we had a new moon solar eclipse that is said to be extremely powerful. All eclipses are, but this is said to be an even more powerful time.


And many of you may have felt the energy shifting, the unrest, the unsettled feeling around this, as change is always, always a little bit on the challenging side. However, nothing moves forward unless we change. Would you agree? So, as I was watching our security dog, Manis, here at Fuller Life by getting his weekly shower. I was reminded that this is a time to shed off.


We had been shedding off a lot of things. This is a creative time, and this is a time that is very powerful for setting things in motion that may be here for a long time. You know, we in the past, in the 19th and 20th centuries, we you know, we could plan things and schedule them out. And that seemed to work very well.


Is it working for anyone now? Most of you would, if you’re honest about it, would say that all of the time we spend planning, things just happen that change all of our plans around. So perhaps that is what is encouraging us to remain in this present time, in this present moment. Now. I’ve talked about that over and over again.


And I as you know, I get on one little aspect of things to do, and I seem to just go over and over. However, it has been so important and so powerful for me and to really focus on the present moment. So first of all, it’s important to be grounded and the, the way that I ground the best, of course my favorite oil for grounding is, blend is, Sacred Mountain.


I have sitting here, Grounding blend. Valor blend may be your most favorite way to ground. The thing is, we simply must pay attention to our grounding because as we are grounded, we can focus and be in the present moment. So for me, again, my favorite thing to do is to create the Sacred Space. You are here listening to me today, so you are hearing my views about Rainbow Healing. And Rainbow Healing is all about creating harmony at all levels in each one of us, each of us creating harmony at all levels.


So, at the physical level, there will be no illness or disease or pain. At the emotional level, again, no pain, no dissonance. And the mental level, we think clearly. We learn to listen through our hearts and allow our brain not to control everything that we do. So, this is that period, as I said, of a fresh start. It’s a time to release our ideas about the way things have to be done, letting go of them.


Now, this is hard for most of us. It has always been very, very difficult for me. However, that that letting go of my preconceived notions about the way things had to be done, or what needed to be done. Yeah, what needed to be done, because I was a great mind for, you know, for figuring out all of those things. And just letting go of that and allowing the process to move us forward with new choices.


Every single moment, every moment we have a choice, and the choices we make in this moment will lead us to different choices tomorrow. There is never a bad choice. It’s not good or bad. It is simply a different choice. So, we don’t. It isn’t necessary to beat ourselves up because we made what we consider now, “poor choices.” They were in the past, and they led us to this particular moment.


So, as the new moon is here, a new moon, solar eclipse. Full solar eclipse! Power, power. Power to create new things. Now we may have our mind set on, our brain may tell us that, ooh we were going to create this particular thing. Whereas what actually, the choices may be, something far different. And the choices may be, or as the chances may be. I certainly found it in my life that those, what unfolds was far out of the scope of what I could have dreamed about.


Or I actually pulled this blend today, Envision. I couldn’t envision it here. It had to be envisioned here in the heart. And the only way it gets into the heart is to be in this present moment and allow the flow of this present moment. So, in keeping with that I have I have a piece of rhodochrosite here to remind me, because this is this is very important.


This is of the frequency – it can anchor the frequency – of the very first glyph, which is the one that will help us to unblock. That is Geranium essential oil. You see, I kind of consider this, this top that I have on today, my unblocking, my rhodochrosite top because it looks so much like it does. So, at any rate, I have my little, little reminders that will help me to remember the most critical thing we can do.


That is, first of all, to ground and create that Sacred Space. Whatever yours looks like. Mine has changed through the years. This was the way it looked in 2011 when the Cards were created. This is the way it looked in 2018 when Journey 1, and this is the way it looked in 2020 when Journey 2 came about. So, whatever your visual is for your Sacred Space, it is important to for us to be (I’m making sure I don’t knock my cards off) to have that created. And to check, to reassess frequently whether you’re actually in your Sacred Space, connected with your Creator and anchored to the earth of the planet upon which we live.


So, as I said so many times over and over, the ten glyphs are the basics. They are the basics. We have the cards. They’re in your free app, and they are the very basics. And just because we move on into a different area, you will hear me keep talking about them over and over. You can tune out my sound.


You can turn off the video if you like. However, the first four of the glyphs are the foundation of everything that will bring harmony into your life. It is four different sets of frequencies that will all have that ability to work together to bring you into harmony. The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and 10th build upon that foundation.


However, the fresh start is that we start with the foundation every single day. And the first step, of course, is getting rid of the blocks, the Geranium essential oil. When we are blocked, there’s no way we’re going to move far up any farther, would you agree, and when we are not running our own energy signature. Our own energy makes us powerful.


We don’t get sick when we’re running our own energy because we are creating and supporting healthy cells, healthy molecules. A healthy energy flow. It’s when we are attempting to use the energies of others or allowing other energies to infiltrate our Sacred Space that we begin to have those pains and illnesses and diseases. The good news is we can get rid of them, and that’s by identifying who we really are, becoming more authentic.


And most of us have grown up believing we were not as authentic, and not, not anything like who we really were created to be. And then, that finding that perfect balance, that nurturing of self. We so often feel our head, that idea, maybe it’s been programed into us that, that it’s better to give than receive. And we just give and give, and we don’t receive.


So, we have lost that balance of giving and receiving. So, you can see how this, this mindset, is very, very important for us to have in order to move forward. So, this. Today I – last week I started talking about ways to use the Archetype cards. And for any of you who are following me on my personal page, I’ve been posting Monday through Friday a card or cards with some possibilities, some questions you might ask yourself, ore the questions I ask myself when I select cards.


Now, these cards, as I’ve said before, are not fortune telling cards. They are focus cards. They are ways to assist us in zeroing in on what can be most helpful to us at any given moment. That does change. Remember, we’re not the same. I’m not the same right this moment as I was when I started talking. And just about 15 minutes ago.


So, it’s all about understanding that we are constantly changing and paying attention. I’ve called it checking in in the past. And I’m, you know I love to change things around or analyze things in some way. That’s how the brain gets in here. And I’m thinking maybe just call about, let’s reassess. Reassess. Often that goes in with Gary. Reassess. Grow Actively Reassessing Yourself, just like Grow Actively Refining Yourself.


So, what I do, that’s what I talk about, what I did. This is what I actually do every day, is I start with creating my Sacred Space and my favorite thing to do is, of course, to start with Sacred Mountain, because that to me brings it all into focus when I smell it, when I even think about it, when I hold the bottle, those frequencies, I can feel those frequencies entering every portion of my being.


If I’m intending to create that Sacred Space, pushing all of the distractions outside and having harmony and balance inside. Now with the cards, after doing, I do all ten of the of the glyphs every day, going through them one by one and applying the oils. Then I’m ready to select a card. Now, whether you do this on your app, on the app, we have three different types of cards.


We have the Glyphs, we have the Archetypes, and we have what I call the Holograms, which are the combinations. There are 11. There are ten of the Glyphs. There are 11 of Archetypes, and there are 22 of the combinations. So, you might select, and this is something, this is a wonderful time to get to practicing all of your kinesiology because you can’t do it wrong.


There’s nothing that’s going to be wrong. So, it’s all about the practice. And as we are practicing our kinesiology, we get better and better at it. So, the first thing I would do is in addition to saying as the “Show me my yes, show me my No,” to figure, that is to say, to ask myself, and I do this every morning, to ask myself which one set of the cards should I select from first?


Should I select a Glyph or an Archetype or a Hologram? A combination? So, I’m going to say, “Should I select an Archetype?” No. First, “Should I select a Glyph first?” Yes. “Should I” – “Is it appropriate to select?” I don’t like “I should” and I’ve said it twice, three times. I like, “Is it appropriate,” because there are no “should’s,” “have to’s” and “needed.”


It’s all about what you choose to do in the moment. “Should I choose a combination card first?” No. So split left. So, I’m going to shuffle my deck. Now. If you’re using the app, you just keep the wheels going to shuffle them for you and you can press and stop, and so and I’m intending to pull out the Glyph that will be most helpful for me today.


Isn’t that funny? It’s not the Glyph I selected this morning because I actually selected the first glyph, the Forgiveness, to Unblock. Structure. It is funny, and I like, I smile, because Amethyst, this is Lavender and Amethyst has that ability to anchor it. Yeah. You may or may not have noticed. I have on Amethyst earrings, an Amethyst bracelet, and an Amethyst ring.


So somehow, I knew in my heart, in my being, that this would be helpful for me today. It may also be very helpful for those of you who are here listening right now. So, I’m going to look and see, what is this all about? Holding it upside down. There is no right side up, but the writing – the writing is on there,


in one way. It’s about building our own unique energy flow, not someone else’s our own. So, I’m going to ask myself some questions “Am I’m running, and my, is my, in my energy field, do I have only my energy?” No. So now I have to intend – I’m going to intend to release any of the energies in my field that are not part of my true energy signature.


I’m going to use some lavender essential oil to assist me in this. Okay. I may choose to use some Release, too, because it’s not good. We pick up frequencies, frequencies are in and out all the time. Our frequency changes all the time, the frequencies around us. We’re interacting with everyone on the planet at all times. So, it’s all about reassessing often.


And I’m going to intend to release those that are not in harmony with who I was created to be, not part of my authentic self. Now, had you not known how to or to do, that question came to me, and it felt right. However, you can swipe on your app or you can go in, look in one of your cards, I mean one of your books.


If you have the Journey book or the Journey II book, there are aspects – because each one of these Glyphs is not just one, one thing. They are very complex frequencies, and there can be many different aspects of that frequency. If you do choose to follow me on my personal page and read these daily posts, you will see a lot of things, questions that I’m asking. And I am talking about this. So, I can’t do this all in one Sunday, in one video.


However, I can invite you to watch each day or to look at those, look at those little posts. Maybe someday I’ll do a video every day. I don’t know. It will be a choice at the time. So, at any rate, now, after I have done this and I would test again, have I released the energy signatures, the frequencies that are not compatible with my unique energy yet?


No, I haven’t. I’m going to intend again. It may have been that I released them and let them back in. So, I’m going to just take a deep breath and I’m going to visualise those frequencies that are not compatible to leave. Take a few breaths and I’m going to test again. Am I running my unique energy flow right now?


Thankfully, yes, I am. So that tells me that I can move to another question. My next question might be, is it appropriate for me to select another Glyph as well? No. Is it appropriate for me to select another card? No. Is it appropriate right now for me to focus only on this particular frequency, the frequency of Structure glyph, that lavender colour anchored by the Lavender and the Amethyst? And really intend to focus on my energy flow? And I’m getting a strong “Yes.” So, because I have gone on, and I’ve actually gone past the 20 minutes, I will, we will take this up. Join me on my personal page for the daily post and we


will continue along this idea because each of us is so powerful. We are so powerful. However, each of us has certain things of which our power is most powerful. Would you agree? There are many things over which we have no control. We have control over what we do ourselves. The choices we make, the frequencies we allow into our being, who we are.


So, as we, as we get beyond that idea of focusing upon ourselves as being selfish and realise that this is a gift we are giving to the whole, this is what we can contribute to the whole. Imagine if each one of us focuses on creating absolute harmony and balance within our own energy. Imagine what will emanate from each one of us and the collective frequency, the power that it will have as it radiates out over the planet.


So have a beautiful week this week. Have fun and have fun reaching your highest potential and every moment. And don’t forget we can all — Where is my Believe? It’s got to be here somewhere. I’ve moved it. — Believe, Believe in your own power. Believe in what you are capable of doing and have a wonderful, fun week. I’ll see you next week.