08 OCT 2023 Let’s Talk About Ways to Use the Archetype Cards


And yet another week has gone by as they go by faster and faster, it seems. But happy, happy Sunday. Saturday. Whatever day or evening you’re watching this. Oh, I’m excited. I have already used a number of oils, as always. And today, as always, I am intending clarity that there be clarity in what I say so that things will become clearer to each one of you as we move along.


And also, as always, I had a healthy dose of Inspiration because it again is one of my my goals. My reasons for being here is to inspire you to be the best version of your Authentic Self that it is possible to be. To dream more, learn more, do more and become more. So. Today, I have chosen to or I tested to play the white, the White Alchemy Gold, White Light Angel Gold crystal bowl, which is all about all awakening, awakening your imagination, your creativity, and bringing joy into every aspect of your being.


So, as I play this bowl, just close your eyes, breathe in the frequencies, intending that they move into every portion of your being, awakening your imagination, your joy and your creativity. Once again, take a nice deep breath. Thank you for being here. I’m always grateful to see those of you who actually get here early because, you know, I’m an early bird. Whenever I’m late,


there has been some sort of a mix up for me not to be there before about 1057, so that we can begin right at 11:00. And today the title is “Let’s talk about how to use the Archetype cards.” It’s come to my attention in the recent days and weeks that that I’ve never really addressed how to use, what they’re all about, how to use them, how to use them either individually, together, how to really use the cards.


So, we may be focusing over the next weeks, on different ways to use the Rainbow Healing Cards. As I was preparing for today, I realized that actually our G.A.R.Y, our Grow Actively Refining Yourself that we talked about last week, the very basic the first thing is that we make that connection with our Creator, whatever your concept is. So that which created your reality, you and everything in your reality. And not only that connection, but to create your Sacred Space.


And that’s what I envision like this, which is simply making that connection, pushing out all the distractions, all of the chaos that’s out there that is preventing us from moving forward, from really discovering who we are, from being our Authentic Self and all that we can be. So, the Journey of the Glyphs. Now I have my Glyph card sitting here right in front of me.


And the Journey of the Glyphs is the very basic foundation for anything that is done in Rainbow Healing System. It is all about, it’s just a pathway. It’s reminders of things to focus on and doing. I have them sitting here. I do all ten of them in order every day, multiple times. That doesn’t mean that you have to.


I’m 80 years old. I don’t choose to procrastinate about things these days. You know, when I was in my twenties, procrastination might have been appropriate. Right now, I’m choosing to do whatever is going to be done. I may live to be 160 years old, knows I feel like I’m better now than I was when I was 40. So who knows?


We don’t have any guarantees there. However, building that strong foundation, just having a pattern, a sequence, something to go back. These are tools. The Rainbow Healing Cards are not fortune telling cards, although I have been told that many times. It is an awakening. It’s not a fortune telling card, but rather awakening things that we have been over looking.


That’s where that constant repetition of going through the Journey of the Glyphs at least once a day, preferably more often, at least morning and night. Why do we say morning and night? We all, when we awaken in the morning, we are setting our energy for the day. We are setting ourselves up for success or failure. I don’t like that word.


However, failure is a big word for many of us because it’s a trigger word. So we’re setting ourselves up for different levels of success. Does that feel better? And when we do these things again at night, nighttime is our time of integration, of greatest feeling. It is the opportunity for our body to physically repair itself. It’s our opportunity for us to spiritually, energetically repair ourselves.


So what we are doing before we go to bed at night is going to enhance that. So last week we also talked about reassessing. We use the three things. Clear. Am I clear? Am I in present time, in the present moment? And I’m listening? Do I trust? Am I believing what I’m hearing, what I’m feeling, what I’m sensing?


And remember, we’re getting into the heart, into our body-level knowing. That’s what kinesiology is all about. I use my fingers and again, we can go through, whatever. Message me. Let me know what you choose to hear about. So, at any rate, today we’re talking about the Archetypes, to get a new perspective. So, we’re doing the foundation, already done the foundation, and hopefully each one of you will do the foundation at least once a day. Which is all of the glyphs, going through one by one – singly. And then doing the reassessing, various times through the day, as often as possible.


Am I clear? Am I in this present moment? Am I listening to my gut, to my body-level knowing? Or what am I listening to? Well, with the Archetypes, I have a different – they’re, they’re not trying to figure out, “Oh, who am I? What am I?” Or “Who’s someone else’s?” – analyzing who your friends or your family members are.


It’s more about, it may be helpful to think of them as is collections of possibilities. Because every one of these. There are 11. They are just 11. They are not 100, they are not 50. Just 11 of them are kind of different combinations of abilities and potential challenges. And they’re packets. They kind of fall together, which is why I put them as the Archetypes and called them names.


So as I said, it is all about understanding that they are, every single one of them has positive things. But because of the particular packet, the package of attributes or qualities, they also have potential challenges. As we learn lessons, we move out of these challenges. As we become more and more into harmony and with who we truly were created to be.


Then we have fewer and fewer of these challenges. Most of the time, the challenges are the things we don’t choose to look at. Would you agree? Who wants to look at the challenges? We’d much rather look at the positive things and think, “Wow, this is what I can do.” So as we are going through these. Ask yourself first if you select one of the Archetypes, you can do it on your phone, your free app.


Everyone has the free app and I apologize that this particular time that the newest versions of the iPhone, I understand, are not that they’re not really compatible with the whole of with our Rainbow Healing app. So we need some updates. But I do have some exciting things and that is that we do have new things coming. They are coming.


They’re not here yet, but we’re working on them. So at any rate, first of all, when you select an Archetype, muscle- test: Is it the positive attributes, the abilities that I should, that would be helpful for me to focus on today? Or is it the potential challenges? So without further ado, I’m going to, I’ve got my my Achetype cards here, all 11 of them, and I’m just going to shuffle them.


I don’t know what’s going to come up. My intent and this is what I do when my intent, when I am pressing on the app, is to select the card that will be the most helpful for me at that particular moment. So I’m shuffling these. That is my intent. Okay, let’s see. One of them didn’t come out.


Usually one of them sticks out more than the others. So I’m going to say, “Is it the one on top?” And I’m going to muscle-test. It’s not the one on top. Is it the one on the bottom? No, it is not. So I need to shuffle some more. I have, one of them kind of fell out.


Is this the one that’s most helpful? There it is. Well, guess what? The Teacher. Now, whether this is for me personally, it may be for me personally, it may be for the group. My intent was to select the one that was the most helpful for me to get it for the group today. I happened to be in the Teacher role right now, so it’s possible.


Why don’t I test? Get that kinesiology, get your fingers working again. Show me my Yes. Show me my NO. Is this for the whole group? Yes, it is. Is it is there any reason to doubt that? No. So this really is the card that would be perhaps the best. Now, don’t worry. We will do some more, too. And it’s always helpful to understand.


And I forgot again to turn off my other phone. But guess what? It’s 11:11. How about that? I seem to see that every day for some reason. However, the – now I kind of lost my train of thought as to where I was. But the first question to ask yourself is: Is it the attributes or the potential challenges that would enhance my focus today,


that would be helpful for me to place my focus? Is it the positive attributes? No, it is not. Is it the potential challenges? Yes, it is. I always ask it both ways because there are only two answers, but I wanted to double check. Never hurts to double check. Now I know what all of these. It’s very helpful to know what all of these are.


If you don’t know what they are and you probably don’t, and I will tell you, you can go to your phone, you can go to your phone, press on the app. Sorry, I’ve already done mine today multiple times. I have three phones right now. Come to the Journey, come to the Hologram. It’s the second one. And look and see what the Holograms are.


They are all right here. And if you click on Select on Holograms. I’m so sorry. I meant Archetypes. See, I’m not even thinking straight. Archetype is right after the Glyphs. So I’m going to give you the Archetypes. They’re all those picture cards. So I’m going to come down here to the Teacher and press on the Teacher. And then if I swipe to the left, it’s going to give me a little information, a lot of information about the the Teacher hologram, the abilities and the potential challenges. Well, they’re also in the Journey book in a little different.


I’m going to use it because it’s easier for me while I’m on the video to look at. So here’s the Teacher and all of these things now, because I don’t always have my book with me, and the phone would keep me going back and forth and back and forth and it doesn’t have questions because I find that rather than just reading over all of these things that asking my self questions is more helpful for me.


Okay, try it. See what works best for you. So I actually typed into my notes on the phone. Let’s say we chose our Teacher, so I’ll come down to the Teacher and I wrote on here the Teacher is the communicator, which it is. The Teacher has that ability to communicate, to make complex concepts. Simple. Okay. You know, some people have the ability to make simple concept complex, but a Teacher has that ability, a real teacher, to make the complex things easier for all of us to understand.


So it’s the communicator, the ability to communicate effectively. Now, you might ask, finding the Teacher card. Am I, is am I using, is this about communication today, yes or no? No, it is not about communication. So I’ve already determined that it’s the potential challenges. So I might look at the potential challenges, which are things like codependent relationships leading others astray self-sacrifice, murder, martyr patterns, weak boundaries, all sorts of things.


So I made up questions. You can make up questions. You can just write a list. My advice is not to read it until you test. Because you know good old brain here, the master switchboard here of the body who wants to be in control. Everything that we do will get in there. And that brain is going to tell you what what it wants to tell you.


So it’s all about getting to that body-level knowing, staying in the heart. That’s what this Alchemy Bowl was all about. That, that stimulating your imagination, your creativity. Not the logical brain. Getting out of the logical brain. So I wrote on my, on my little things, I made there is, actually I’m looking at seven questions now listed.


One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Notes is really good for organizing things. I also write them in my journal. However, I’m not always with my journal and every time that you have things in many different places, but you’re never there where you’re where the information is. That’s why the phone is so near and dear to my heart.


So I look and I see I have seven questions beside the Teacher, so I cover it up. Oops. Oh shoot, I’m sorry. I hit the screen. I know, I do this all the time, which is why I have to retype things frequently. I apologize. This is taking longer than I meant for it to take. Okay, I’ve got seven of them.


I’m going to cover them up and I’m going to say, “Is there more than one of these questions that would be helpful?” Yes, there is. “Is there one in the top four? In the first three?” No. So I can skip over the first three. “So I’m looking at four, five, six and seven?” Yes, I am. “Is one of them number four?”


Yes, it is. “Is one number five?” No. “Number six?” Yes. “Number seven?” Yes. So four, six and seven. Now I’m going to read them and find out what they are. Number four, a teacher by communicating and teaching others can has the ability, the possibility, of leading others astray. So I’m going to that’s one of the questions. That’s number four.


Now, this is could be about me. It could be about any one of you, because I did test that. This is about all of us. Am I leading others astray? We’re not going to do this right now. I could do it now, but. And I test No. “Is that my brain?” No. “Is that my heart talking?” Yes, it is.


The potential there for leading others astray is very definitely a possibility. So it’s important for us, for any of us who are in a teaching role to make certain that we are. “Am I connected with the Creator?” Or “Am I listening to my guidance?” “Am I keeping all of those distractions outside of my Sacred Space so that I can hear my guidance directly from the Source?”


Okay, We’re going to get over here because we have to finish this up. Number six, do I participate in the guru relationship? Well, the word guru actually translates to teacher and in the teacher, guru, teacher student relationship, there is always that potential for the guru, for the teacher, to be elevated to the point where the student feels that they cannot do it themselves and the student feels that they absolutely have to have the teacher, the guru, or they cannot do it.


So am I participating in this? And the answer may be a surprising one because you can participate on both sides. You can be the guru or the student, and in one situation you may be the teacher and in another situation you may be the guru – so this is – I mean, the student! So this is just simply a way of determining what focus could be helpful for you at this particular moment.


Let’s see what number seven is. The seventh, number seven is, “Do I use my perseverance wisely?” Well, the teacher is known for their perseverance, their patience, their willingness to do whatever it takes to get that information across to the student. So, “Am I using this wisely?” And you may be surprised at your answer on this. If you are using it wisely, how are you using it wisely?


This is the opportunity to go deep with inside to deep within to to really explore what you are doing, what you are capable of doing, and whether you choose to do it. Remember, everything in this life is a choice. You made a choice to be present today during this live video, and I appreciate every one of you who is present.


You made a choice to get up this morning. You made a choice to do every single thing in your life. Well, we have a choice. Am I using my perseverance to just continue, even when it might be better to stop and take another look? Because sometimes we get off course leading others astray. We get off course. And perhaps that perseverance up here, we’ve been taught.


Keep going until you finish. Finish, finish, finish. Complete the goal. Which is another reason why I don’t really like goals anymore. So, in any event, it’s a way of triggering yourself to explore opportunities, possibility. These are things that you are doing or things that you are not doing. Things that you are doing that will move you forward.


Things that you are doing that may not move you forward. Things that you are not doing that if you did, might be very helpful for your movement forward, for your evolution, for your becoming living a life of harmony and joy in every single moment. So as you move forward this week and I apologize for keeping you even longer today, just think of these.


You’ve got your app on your phone. Who goes out without a phone these days? Just open your app, click on the Archetypes and and select one, or click to put on “Select cards” and just punch in one of those Archetypes. And just see what comes up and then test. Is it the positive or the negative? And just give yourself just a few minutes to think about how does this really affect me?


And obviously it looks like this is going to take more than one week. So next week probably we’ll talk about how we integrate this with more than one card, with the Archetype with one of the other cards. So as we move forward, it’s all about enjoying every step of the way and how can we enjoy every step if we don’t pay attention, if we’re not in the present moment?


Because the present moment is the only one that we have. So, every time you touch one of these archetype cards and I’ll have to look forward to seeing you next week.