1 OCT 2023 How Deep is Your Mud?


Hello, hello. And another week has passed. I hope it has been a very happy one for you. It’s been really, really exciting for me, because my daughter, Jamie, and her husband Terry arrived on Friday night. So, we’re just excited about the fact that, I’m excited about the fact that they are here. Terry is watching already. Because this is something that I have looked forward to for so long.


So. At any rate, woah! Take a deep breath. I’m excited to be here and I have sitting in front of me. Whatever essential oils you have chosen for this session, just apply them and breathe in the frequencies. I have chosen to use Clarity, as my goal every, in every one of these sessions, these videos, is to bring about clarity on some level.


That is one of my goals and the other is Inspiration, that I’m using right now because I always am choosing to inspire each of you to dream more, learn more, do more, and to become more. So. I’ve selected this morning a bowl that I was not expecting to select, and that is the Rainbow Platinum Crystal Bowl. And it is a very interesting bowl because it is a yin energy, a very feminine yin energy.


Yet it is powerful enough to have the nick name the Boss, the Big Boss Bowl. So just sit back, breathe in your frequencies and listen…. And that takes us to the top of the hour. So again, happy, happy day, whether it is Saturday night, Sunday morning as it is here in Bali or whenever you are watching this video.


So how deep is your mud? I was searching through old photos, you know, flipping through on my phone. I just flip back and look at things. This and a photo from about six years ago popped out, six or seven years ago, of these two little dogs. If you missed it, these two little dogs standing there, one was very short and one had very long legs.


And it says, how deep is your mud? And I thought to myself, that is exactly the way we perceive things. The little short dog’s mud came all the way up to his shoulders, whereas the taller dog, it was only to the elbow. So, it’s all about how who we ask and how we perceive what’s going on in our lives.


Every single one of us has mud going on in our lives because that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to learn. We are here to experience. If we have everything is perfect all the time, then it gets boring. It would be boring, wouldn’t it? Well, I had a lot of fun this morning, last night and this morning in preparing for today.


And it occurred to me that it was really important for us to pause, to reassess in the present moment how can we know how much mud and what kind of mud is in our lives if we are thinking about what happened in the past or thinking about the future. It is all about what is happening in this present moment.


And this led me into more things. You know, Frances’ brain gets going and we never know where it’s going to go. But I began to think about what is your ultimate goal? I’m going to say that again. What is your ultimate goal? It’s not about my ultimate goal. It’s about yours. And as we are reassessing things – that’s our Grow Actively Refining Yourself with different R: Grow Actively Reassessing Yourself. What is your ultimate goal? Now I have two. Now, I share mine, not because they’re necessarily the same as yours, but because it gives you an idea of what I’m thinking about.


You don’t have to agree with me. It’s perfectly fine for you not to agree with me. That’s good. If I can get you to think, think about what is going on in your life, think about what you would choose to have, then I feel that I’ve been successful. So I feel I have two major visions. I don’t like using the word goal anymore because goal puts an end point.


It is also confining to whatever I can think of at the moment. So I prefer to think in terms of a vision or an idea, an on-going thing. Sorry, I forgot to turn the sound off on that other phone, so there’s always a message that comes in. So my first goal is to be become my authentic self, who I was created to be.


That’s what Rainbow Healing System is all about. It is a step by step pathway to assist you, me, everyone into finding, discovering and to become our authentic self. So that’s the third glyph right here. So I have that sitting here in front of me. I forgot to pick up my amber sphere and my red jasper sphere, but I do have the Cedarwood, which I had been applying quite liberally today, which anchor this frequency of Authenticity.


My second part of my thing, if I’m not my authentic self, how can I possibly be in harmony? And that is my second goal, or my vision, to be in harmony on all levels. Harmony means there’s no dissonance, there’s no dissonance anywhere in the physical body, no dissonance in the energy body, in the emotional body. Everything is harmonious.


If it is, if there is no dissonance in the physical body, there is no illness, no disease, and no pain. So these are the two things that I personally choose to really pay attention to and that is what this is all about. We’re learning to reassess, over the years. By the way, this is the Harmony, the hologram that I have sitting here, and I have on Harmony earrings today.


These have the Harmony glyph. Actually, they’re made here in Bali. And I have on the I have I didn’t pick up my amber sphere because I’m wearing amber for the Authenticity. So at any rate, Iet me take a deep breath. I had fun thinking about how do we do this. So the first thing is, of course we have to get grounded.


And you may choose to use Valor or you may, I have sitting here – Grounding blend. We have lots of blends that can be helpful to keep us grounded. I also have Present Time sitting here. This has become, and some of you may be tired of hearing me say Present Time because this has become a real focus for me to remain in that present moment.


And this particular blend has been very, very helpful to me. And then, of course I have Highest Potential. So as I mentioned earlier, the Clarity, the Valor, the Grounding, the Present Time and the Highest Potential are keys for me. They are things that help me to focus. So over the years I’ve given you many different lists of things for Checking In because it occurred.


I haven’t talked about this recently. Yeah, I talk about it many, many, many videos and you can go back. We have a video platform and hundreds of videos, literally hundreds of videos are on there. They’re in reverse order. So the newest ones are first, if you want to go back a while and come forward, they might be in a better sequence to understand.


However, the whole idea is all about moving into that place where we can Check In. And I’ve talked about that given all these many different possibilities, I have one that I use because I change. I’m not the same every day. I’m not the same every week. If I were the same, I would be stagnant, wouldn’t have. That’s not what I would choose to do.


I choose to move forward, becoming more and more of my authentic self in every moment, bringing my self into greater harmony every moment. So I distilled, using essential oil words, I distilled this list down this morning. And I had lots of fun doing it because I mean, man’s up to way, way – to a lot of things. And it occurred to me that we have a Morning Alignment Process in the in the New Life Journey where we, and a Nightly Integration Process, or practice.


And these are things just steps to do when you first wake up in the morning and when before you go to bed and you can make up your own. These are what I personally use. So it may not fit for you. And that’s okay because every single one of us is unique. However, Checking In is a totally different part.


We Check In in the morning as part of the Morning Alignment Practice. We also Check In again before we go to sleep at night, which is our greatest time of integration. So in between though, a lot can happen and it, so, Checking In is “reassessing in the moment.” And it occurred to me we live in an age. I spend half my time looking up acronyms on Google to find out what somebody is saying because people are using so many acronyms.


And acronyms are a great shorthand if you know what they mean. So, I distilled the list of Checking In down to actually do six really key things and I made them into two little three letter acronyms. So the first key is the first thing is the connection, the connection with your Source, your Creator, and then the Sacred Space, creating your Sacred Space.


It may or may not look like my Sacred Space, which many of you are used to seeing me hold this lot where I’m inside, connected with the Creator, connected with the ground, pushing all the chaos out and having my filters and nothing but Harmony inside. Now, because I’m a visual person, I love to just visualise this. Yours may look very different.


I looked at mine through the years. What is in the cards was from 2011, from 2011, when the cards were created for the Sacred Space. And what was in “Journey I” was 2018, the way I visualised my Sacred Space, which was slightly different. And now this [Journey II] was 2020. who knows what 2024 is going to bring? And we will have some new things coming out in 2024.


Can’t believe we’re in the last quarter of 2023 right now. So lots of exciting things ahead. But that first thing is we must make our connection with our Creator. However you choose to do that, just intending that that connection be very, very strong. And that you create that Sacred Space and that your Fire, the fire of your Life Force, which the life force comes up from the center of the Earth as we are grounded.


And with that Grounding blend is we are grounded to the Earth. And we’re drawing up that power, that energy from the very centre of the Earth to bring it through every cell in our body as it burns away all of the things that are no longer serving us. It actually it energises us. It totally can revitalise us. And then drawing down that energy from the sun, this is the energy of regeneration.


If you want to be regenerated, it will first, you will require revitalising through this energy from the sun. And that energy, that sun, has the ability to truly regenerate every cell in your body. We cannot live without the cell, the sun. So these three keys are C.S.F. Now, this is where I had fun this morning because I was looking them up on Google.


I thought, well, is there an acronym for CSF? And sure enough, there’s an acronym CEREBROSPINAL FLUID. Any of you medical people out there might have thought about that. I’m not a medical person. However, I have dealt with the cerebral spinal fluid, so I laughed when I saw that. But C.S.F. – Connection. Check your connection. When am I connected with the Source?


Ask the questions. Get used to checking with your fingers or whatever form of kinesiology works for you. There are hundreds of ways you can use. What I do is I have it on my videos, I have videos, I have it in my books. You can check it out on and on the internet. There’s so many ways, but practice it.


That is your way of accessing your inner knowing, the information that is perfect for you, perfect for you and you alone. No one else knows what’s right for you. However, you and the Source know exactly why you were created and what is perfect for you in any given moment. So getting those fingers, “Am I connected with the Source?”


You will be shocked to find out how many times that you may find out you’re not. “Am I connected with the Earth?” You may find out you’re not. So what do we do about it? We breathe in. We intend to make that connection strong. And we test again. We reassess again. We use our fingers. We Check In. That’s that Connection part. Sacred Space.


That Sacred Space is going to filter out all those things that really are causing problems for the mud. Okay. There may be some mud inside that you still need to pay attention to and understand why it’s there, but it’ll filter out a lot of those that mud that doesn’t need to be there. We all wallow in the mud from time to time.


So think of those two little dogs. You can stretch up to your highest height and make that mud lower. We can also choose to pay attention. And when we are connected and pushing the mud that doesn’t need to be there, then we’re in a much stronger position. Would you agree? So then the third thing – that Fire.


So, C.S.F. Cerebral Spinal Fluid, I can’t even say it, it’s too long a word. Three syllables are about my limit. So the idea of the CONNECTION, the SACRED SPACE and the FIRE. The Fire moving up from the Earth. The Fire coming down from the Sun. And then. Then we get to the real crux of it. That’s just standard. That needs to be in place every minute of every day. Present Time.


We need to ask ourselves three more questions. Just three. Not 100. Not 25. Three will do it. “Am I clear?” So often we think we’re clear. We clear in the morning and we think everything’s fine for the day. The fact is that in the flash of a of a light and the snap of a finger, the energy can change.


And what was once clear may not be clear. Those frequencies change or are constantly changing. So test: “Am I clear?” Thankfully, yes, I’m clear right now. There are many times when I check that, that I’m not clear. What do we do if we find out we’re not clear? Well, take a deep breath. You may choose to use one of your essential oils.


I love to use orange or lemon. Lemon is especially detoxifying. This is the frequency that’s anchored by the seventh glyph, the frequency of Release, letting go of the things that no longer serve you. Apply it, breathe it in. Test again. “Am I clear?” Yes! Get excited. Okay, one more of the two more things. And in the present moment, you’ll be surprised at how many times it turns out that,


no, I’m not in the present moment, because I’m thinking about something in the past or I’m planning for the future. So just take another deep breath and intend to be in this present moment. And that Present Time blend is a nice little support for that as well. Then finally: “Do I trust? ”Do I believe in the guidance that I’m getting?”


Do I really believe it? Am I listening? I chose to use C.P.T. because that’s also an acronym, believe it or not. Right there on the internet. That is Current – I have to look at – Current Procedural Terminology. Okay. That’s something that they use in business: Current Procedural Terminology. They also use it in medicine. So clear: “Am I clear?” “Am I present?” “Am I trusting, believing, listening in this moment?”


So have fun playing this week. Take time to pause, to reassess often. And I hope you have a very happy, happy week and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.