24 SEP 2023 Comings & Goings


And the time has arrived again. Another week slipped through our fingers. I am excited to be here today and I am sitting here with lots of oils as always in front of me. The one that I’m choosing to use first right this minute is Gathering and that will become very obvious. This is a blend that I, I don’t use too often how because Gathering is one of the main components of Highest potential, which I use every day.


And Highest Potential contains Gathering, Australian Blue, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. So I’m going to use a little bit of Gathering right now. And as I said, I will kind of probably explain that it will become obvious a little bit later after the top of the hour, and I’m going to take a little breath of the Highest Potential as well.


Little sniff never hurt anyone. Today the goal, the bowl that I have selected, that I tested to use is the Ocean Gold Bowl, which will bring us into that gentle energy of the ways of the ocean. Moving, moving with the tide coming in and the tide going out. So just close your eyes. Breathe in whatever essential oil you have with you and breathe in these frequencies, you’ll move, you’ll see.


The top of the hour has arrived. I am really excited to see those of you loyal beings who are here every week. Thank you. Thank you for being here. I, as always, I have all sorts of fun things or fun things for me to talk about. And we have had the title today that I selected in the middle of the night when I awakened is “comings and goings.”


We have had a number of groups here at Fuller Life Bali over the last weeks and it has been such a fun and interesting experience because each one of the groups of people who’ve been here have brought their own special gifts and their own special lessons for all of us to learn. And that’s only, of course, if we are paying attention.


Hence my focus on Present Time, quite often. That happens to be sitting here beside me as well. They each one of the endings of these groups, when they begin to start going home, it’s there’s a certain sadness, a tremendous sadness that it’s over because every one of the experiences is just so powerful. And so, so obviously leading me, and I hope others, into that healing space, that space of moving forward, of regaining the passion in our lives.


And it, also there’s that sadness as they’re, as it’s ending. But the gratitude that each one was here, the experiences that we had, I’m getting Gary’s leaky syndrome, which because just thinking back over them gives me this incredible emotional feeling of that power, of the awareness of what’s going on and understanding feeling that I am truly moving forward.


Sometimes it’s slower than others and we’re heading into a full moon here in a few more days this week. That cycle. This reminds me of that cycle, that release and the moving forward, the integrating, the bringing the new things in. So I, I’ve read a quote this week about from a football coach in the US a long time ago, Lou Holtz, and he said, “Define your fears rather than your goals.”


My thought that’s an interesting thing I wonder how that perspective fits in things for us. Define your fears rather than your goals. I’m sorry, I forgot to turn off my the sound so my phones beep when there’s a message that comes in. So taking a deep breath, the two cards that I selected when I, with with my intention of what would be the most appropriate things to talk about today are Fulfillment and the Holy One.


And I thought, well, how did these fit together in what we’ve been talking about and into what might come up today? The Fulfillment at the bottom of the card says “Bringing passion and joy into the life experience.” And that is what I normally think of with Fulfillment. However, there are other ways we can look at it, and perhaps this might be more effective to ask ourselves some questions.


You know, like “What is preventing me if I’m not feeling passionate and excited in every moment? What is preventing me from being in that state?” That’s kind of a different perspective. It’s kind of like going back and looking at the difference in examining our fears or attempting to pay attention and examine our goals. So examining our fears may lead us to what is preventing us from bringing that joy and fulfillment in every single moment of our lives.


I was asked this question a similar question in one of the group sessions this week, and it immediately it made me step back because she asked, “Have you ever felt like giving up?” Well, we all have moments where we think, “Wow, what am I doing? Why am I doing it? Why did I make that choice to be where I am right now?”


Would you agree? Well, this is where the next blend that I put here beside me, Release, may come into play. Releasing. Releasing those fears. Releasing that that habit that we all have of going back of looking at the past, at rehashing. Asking why? If I had done something different, why didn’t I do something different? The guilt that I certainly have lived in a lot of guilt through my lifetime.


If looking back only rehashing, why didn’t I do this? Why didn’t I do that? Why did I do this? When in fact the past is over. The past is what has brought us to this present moment. And if we’re spending our time going back, feeling guilty or looking at the past and analyzing it, we’re missing the opportunity to do things in this moment.


And every moment holds beautiful, beautiful experiences for us, but only if we are in the present moment. Present Time. This is a new way of looking things for many of us. It’s the past is gone. We have to learn. That’s what we need to, to learn to let go of. Would you agree? Only the present matters. The future will matter when the future comes.


If the future comes. There are no guarantees. But the present moment is here for us to experience every possible opportunity, every lesson, every wonderful opportunity to learn our lessons, and to experience the connections. What I realized when I started thinking about these groups that have been here is that it’s the connections that make really give me that joy, the connections, the interaction, the gratitude that each of us feels.


Now, some of the lessons that they may reflect may be a little difficult. However, how can we possibly reach that state of Fulfillment if we are not paying attention to how we got there? Okay, so I also this other card. How does this fit in with this? I always think of the Holy One as being the one that is just so connected to the Cosmos, connected to all of this wonderful stuff that’s out there that many of us may not write recognize.


The downside of that is that the Holy One, the question that we might ask, this might be the reason I chose this particular card, and that is that it’s all about learning to stay grounded. Am I grounded? Am I grounded in this moment? And yes, I’m connected to lots of incredible things out there. What am I connected to?


What am I listening to? This is this really came up for me because it’s so easy to get sidetracked. We think we’re listening to our guidance, but are we really? It is just so easy. There’s always other stuff bombarding us. Would you agree there are all these other things that are bombarding us and if we’re not paying attention, staying grounded in the moment, clearing our blocks so that we can listen, pay attention and move forward, then we’re just spinning our wheels.


Would you agree? I have sitting in front of me today the cube, which represents, this is the sacred geometry figure that has been said to represent the Earth Element and that it would be very easy to see. It’s got six flat surfaces which are really good for solidly bounding, bonding with. So I have this sitting here in front of me.


I also have the Aquamarine. Excuse me as I hit my head. The Aquamarine crystal, which is all about that balance, that finding that perfect balance that will allow us to be in harmony. Isn’t that what each of us is actually looking for? Harmony? Disharmony creates challenges. Now, some of you may enjoy the disharmony. You may enjoy the dramas.


I invite you to examine the reason that you enjoy these dramas and the disharmony. For me, I love getting through the disharmony, getting through the dramas. And what I have learned for me, it may or may not be applicable for you, is that it is so important for me to constantly reassess. Yes, that’s where we have the G.A.R.Y. series, the constantly checking in. Grow Actively Refining Yourself. Grow Actively Reassessing Yourself.


It is really uncanny that I can feel really wonderful, and then all of a sudden, I realize something is off. And when I step back, if I’m fighting it, I have two choices. Hey, I can really come up against it and try to fight it and push down those those other feelings, or I can examine them a little bit


farther. If I examine them a little bit farther, what do I find? Well, that’s for you to figure out with you. For me, it may be the same thing as it is for me, because I find that when I’m feeling off or when things aren’t going right around me, it’s because I have lost my grounding. I have also there are several things that happen.


I’ve lost being in the present moment. My mind is going around and I’m planning for the future or I’m rehashing what happened in the past. When we’re in this present moment and paying attention, there are so many wonderful lessons, so many wonderful experiences in every single moment, and we’re missing them. So stepping back for me means to pull that energy.


Pay attention. Is my Sacred Space intact? Are my filters up? Have I just let out some things that shouldn’t be have gone out or brought in some energy, some frequencies? It’s all about learning to really pay attention in each moment because everything changes. And in a fraction of the second, everything can change. It can go from, quote, good to bad, and it can also go from drama and disharmony into passion and joy and harmony on all levels.


So I have another quote that I read just this morning that I want to read to each to each of you to leave you with this. This is a quote from Albert Einstein, and I will read it because it’s long. But I have I know what it means, up here. We are slowed down sound and light waves. A walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the universe.


I’m sorry, tuned into the cosmos. And he goes on to say, our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music. Now I know I’m going to read it again because I messed it up reading it the first time. See, I can correct this now because I’m here in the present moment. “We are slowed down sound and light waves.” Isn’t that exciting? “A walking bundle of frequencies that are tuned in to the Cosmos.”


Perhaps that’s why I got this particular card this morning. “Our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music .” As you go through this week, my wish for you is that the week holds many, many experiences that bring greater harmony and joy into every level of your being. And I look forward to seeing you next week.