The Air Element and the keywords of “cleansing and purifying” have inspired me to share some tidbits about Hyssop essential oil.

Hyssop is a member of the mint family, often grown in herb gardens and native to both southern Europe and central Asia, while having also become established in many parts of North America.  It is an evergreen, perennial woody shrub with little pink, blue or violet flowers that bloom in summer.  Hundreds of years ago, it was even used as potherb, and is rumoured to be an ingredient in the secret formula of the Chartreuse liqueur made by Carthusian Monks.

On the Young Living product page in the US, the description of Hyssop essential oil says this unique essential oil single “has a slightly sweet, earthy and woody aroma, and was used traditionally in Ancient Egypt, Israel, and Greece to stimulate creativity and aid in meditation.”  It is also an important ingredient in these Young Living blends: Relieve It, Immupower, Awaken, Harmony, White Angelica, and GLF.

Given its traditional reputation as a cleansing powerhouse, this sweetly spicy aroma will refresh your environment and elevate your mind and emotions. Diffuse Hyssop to bring the essence of the Air Element, helping to “clear the air” while promoting greater harmony and unity in the home.  Allow its cleansing properties to help sweep away what no longer supports you, whether in moving forward to the goals you have set or to the harmonious relationships within your circle.

Have you experienced the beauty of Hyssop, either in the garden or in your diffuser?