17 SEP 2023 – What If?


And Hello, Hello. Another week has gone by swiftly, even more swiftly then before. So I am here today deciding what to talk about. And the first thing I have beside me. Which oils have you chosen to have beside you? And the first oil that I chose to have beside me right now to breathe in is Inspiration.


blend. So whatever you chose, please just take a moment, breathe it in, and then. Then we shall also. I’m going to breathe in a Highest Potential because I’m choosing to reach my highest potential while we are together and inspiring each of you. Now, the bowls that I have chosen for this morning that jumped out at me is the Grandfather Bowl.


So this is the bowl that is is really loaded with grounding frequencies and with ancient wisdom. So as you breathe in these frequencies, intend that that you absorb all of this knowledge from these frequencies. Looks like it’s almost the top of the hour. I must be rushing just a little bit because my phone has not yet turned over till 11:00.


But I’m very, very grateful for each of you who is here. It inspires me to know that you are here and I feel your energy. So let us all take a nice deep breath and the title that I’ve chosen today is called What If? Now you have to understand, Frances attempts ahead of time to to prepare something.


However, it never works out that it’s what I’m going to really be talking about. So yesterday in preparation for today, I drew three Rainbow Healing Cards and I rolled my eyes. If your eyes roll when you see them. I can understand that because it’s the same cards over and over which must mean that I’m not getting something or something that I need to step back and get a different perspective.


The first card that I selected was Creation, and that makes a lot of sense right now because we just had a New Moon, which is all about creation and this card, Possibilities, because the New Moon is that that emptiness, that void where we can fill it with whatever potential is out there. And then I also the Crusader card, the leader of passion and belief, which I feel like I talk about all the time.


And and it also got me to thinking that perhaps that different perspective here might be, “Are we leading others astray in our zeal? Are we actually paying attention to how the things have changed?” Because as things change, it’s it’s things can be very, very different. So first of all, I’ve right before I went to sleep last night, I read a quote from Wayne Dyer from years ago, and it just made me happy.


When I read the quote, it was “When you dance. Do you,” excuse me, “your purpose,” I’m sorry. I wrote it down so I would be sure not to misquote him since I said it’s a quote. “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It is to enjoy every every step along the way.”


So we’re not looking to get to the destination, but rather to learn and enjoy, to experience everything along the way. So this led me into oh, ah. Before it led me too far. It led me into thinking about a child. So pardon me. The first blend that I selected to talk to, to think about was to suggest that you Envision. Envision yourself as a child with that childlike wonder, observing what is going on.


Not that feeling of, “Oh, here we are again,” but childlike wonder. And reinforcing it with Inner Child. Yes, Inner Child. Children experience everything. The newness of everything that they see. Watching a baby, discovering their feet, their toes, their fingers. Everything is new and happy and brings them joy. So those first three blends just really spoke to me and I selected them last night and used them before I went to bed.


So fast forward a few hours. I woke up in the middle of the night and as often, I will have one thought or something, I will jot something down. I keep a notebook beside me on the bed and just without turning on the light. I’m sorry. I’m going to move things around. I will start writing. Well, I started writing and more and more words kept coming to me.


So I even turned on the light. And I have in front of me my notebook that I fill several pages and I will try to condense this down to this video. However, the word the word that I wakened thinking about was “cycles,” and that fit so well with the fact that we talk about the moon cycles, the New Moon, the creative moon.


And I got to thinking of our farmers, the farmers planting and weeding and harvesting, planting, weeding and harvesting everything is a cycle. And it further occurred to me, I jotted this down in the middle of the night. See here I am writing right here. That I was thinking about how these cycles go in a horizontal way. What if that gave me the title for today.


What if we are able to change the trajectory? These thoughts were occurring to me. When a plane is landing, it has to land in a specific place, but they make adjustments along the way according to the air currents, according to what is actually happening. Who knows where those planes would land if those adjustments were not made? Aha. So what adjustments are we making in our cycles if we are keeping the same cycle going along?


This is horizontal and Frances, the non-artist, drew this showing that it’s just going straight along. It’s a perfect, well in math we call this the sine wave because up and down, everything is equal. It’s all symmetric. Everything goes according to the sequence and it goes in a in a horizontal manner. Well, that made me think, what if what if we could change the trajectory of this cycle like the big aircraft changes so that it would be in a different end place instead of being horizontal?


Perhaps we can rise to a higher places, higher endings, higher outcomes. So this also got me to thinking a lot about a lot of things, and this made me go back to that refinement list. That is what it is. It’s all about assessing, stepping back, taking another look. If we continue doing things exactly the same way that we have always done them, what is the outcome going to be? Okay.


Yeah, we would expect that the outcome would be the same. Is that the outcome you are truly choosing to have? Then we factor in something else. What about these external factors that we have no control over? Things change all the time. What if that wonder and excitement of a child can be rekindled by the newness of looking at things in a different way?


Now, well, that got me very, very excitement. Exciting because I love to get excited and that gave me a lot more meaning to the Creation card that I drew. That Creation card, there is and it’s right here, with that change. So I’m wearing today my Breath of Life jewelry, the Breath of Life, that newness that looking at things from a different perspective, that allowing ourselves to do things differently.


I would ask, what are you willing to change? Are you willing to step back and make a few adjustments and see where they lead you? I was raised to research everything. Research, Research. Make a logical decision and move forward with blinders on. The only challenge with moving forward with blinders on is that we are unaware of the changes in the environment, the external things that are also affecting us.


Now, I accomplished a lot of things, trust me, by doing this, putting on those blinders and letting nothing prevent me from reaching my goal. However, I did not take time to enjoy each step along the way. It was more like a push push, push you until I get there. Push, push, push until I get there. Well, the end point keeps being moved.


If you notice that, especially in these last few years when when everything has changed, what in your life is the same as it was in 2019? Is there anything that is really exactly the same? How have you adjusted to these changes? So what if we just step back and bring out that inner child again, really intending to just enjoy that those new things that are coming in to enjoy that new perspective, to instead of figuring out how we can put everything together, allowing the things to come to us.


This is a new way of thinking, isn’t it? Well, as we work on ourselves, mainly allowing ourselves, giving ourselves permission to make mistakes, giving ourselves permission to just do things differently from the way we have always done them in the past. What outcomes might be different? Might it be fine? Might we create more joy in our lives? Well, the only way that I have for me been able to feel like I am moving forward along a different trajectory now is to focus on the present moment.


I talk about this. I think I keep talking about this every week for the last several months because this to me for me has been the turning point. Focusing on the present. Every single moment is a new present. And if we are focused on what we did wrong in the past and attempting to correct what we did wrong or to project forward into the future, we are missing what we have, the opportunity that we have to learn new things in this moment and to enjoy the experience of learning them just like that child with the wonder.


Everything is new and everything is exciting. So let me see what I have on here. Oh, let’s see. What adjustments are you making? That was the question that I wanted to be sure I asked, but I thought about this. This is all about expansion. Expansion. Expansion. How can we expand if we are have an end point? If we have the end point in our mind of where we are going, The expansion is enormous and it is open ended.


That’s what that tenth glyph is all about, that Expansion, allowing everyone, everything, who you are, what you are, your essence, to diffuse outward into everything that permeates everything around you. I also have all my tigers eye earrings today, which are the Expansion and the bracelet, because these are reminders to me to, first of all, allow the changes to come in, not to predict what those changes are going to be, but to allow them. To stand back and take a look at them from a different perspective, and to enjoy the fact that it is new.


The newness of every situation, of every present moment. And then to expand upon who we are. Allowing that belief, that pure belief of who we are, that trust that we were created with magnificent ability to do something. And it may not be something that we are able to to visualize at this point. It is what we are allowing to come in, to come in. Those changes that we are allowing to come in . The newness of everything. Tthe enjoyment of being in this Present Moment.


So as you move forward this week, just take a moment to breathe in those oils. If you don’t have an oil next to you next to you, then please just take a deep breath. Imagine! Oooh! Imagine that you are breathing in, that you’re giving yourself a Believe Shower, that you truly are listening to the message, the messages that are constantly coming in to you. And just allow yourself to experience this moment, making whatever adjustments are necessary to enjoy this moment.


Just as Wayne Dyer said, it’s not about getting to another place on the floor when you’re dancing. It’s about enjoying each step along the way. So have a beautiful, happy, wonderful week ahead. And I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.