Did you know with what intention these special oils have been created?

They were created to support The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation.
A portion – 35% – of the proceeds from this collection goes towards the Foundation’s mission of promoting education, fighting poverty, and ending exploitation.

  • One Heart Blend helps you find your centre, open your heart, and connect with others. With One Heart, you’re contributing to the Foundation’s mission of creating transformative connections. Introduced in 2020, One Heart essential oil blend was specifically blended to bring people together and celebrate the joy of creating unity and connection.
  • One Voice Blend empowers you to believe in yourself, find courage, and speak your truth. Supporting One Voice means inspiring lasting transformations through a unified voice for good. Created in 2021, One Voice essential oil blend invites you to bravely embark on your journey of empowering your inner voice.
  • One Purpose Blend helps you connect with your strengths and life’s purpose. It’s perfect for moments of reflection. Released in 2022, One Purpose essential oil blend pairs well with Young Living’s Feelings Collection to clear mental and emotional blocks.

  • One Heart: Place 1–3 drops on your chest with these intentions: My heart is full of love, compassion, joy, and freedom.
  • One Voice: Place 1–3 drops on your neck with these intentions: I express my truth and value easily through my one voice.
  • One Purpose: Place 1–3 drops on the top of your head with these intentions: I focus my life’s purpose with courage, strength, and keenness of vision to guide me.

Which one is calling you?