10 SEP 2023 Do You See Miracles In Your Life ?


And once again, we are live Sunday morning in Bali. And a beautiful, sunny, bright, sunny Sunday again. I am excited to be here and looking forward to sharing with each one of you as these days flit by so rapidly. We’re we’re almost to the middle of September already and it is absolutely frightening to me. However, instead of being frightening, I have other exciting things to talk about today.


And I’m I have been I decided today since this is all about passion because of all the cards that I have been selecting over and over, I decided to play that by my Tibetan Bowl that I personally bought in Lhasa in 1998. I have been rubbing it with the lemon essential oil and the the orange essential oil, which are so good for cleaning it.


See how bright and shiny it is and I’ve also been shining up my mangku bell, my meditation bell that is lined with the 24 carat gold. And I just want you just each one of you, whatever oil you have brought that you have sitting next to you, apply it and just intend to to drink in the frequencies as you listen.


And I’m going to tap them with the both the striker and I happened to pick up Present Time and tapped the bowl and it is a totally different frequency. So just sit back and enjoy while we wait for the top of the hour haa take a deep breath. How are you feeling right this moment? Well, what we’re going to talk about today or what I’ve chosen, I’m not sure exactly what will come out is something that in the middle of the night, two nights ago or three nights ago, I woke up and suddenly all sorts of thoughts were flying into my head and I started jotting them down, which I don’t always do.


And usually if they’re not jotted down, I don’t remember them. So in other words, it all is about where we are in the moment. Well, I’m starting with the cards, with some of the cards that we have. Now, the title for today is based upon something that I read somebody posted. The title is Do You See Miracles in Your Life?


And someone posted a quote from Einstein from so many years ago. There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is a miracle. How do you choose to live? Okay, so this went right along with the cards that I keep selecting. My daily. I select sometimes multiple times a day for my focus cards.


And that’s what the Rainbow Healing Cards are all about. It’s focus. Gives us something to think about, to get a different perspective. Well, the one that I. I keep the single glyph that I keep drawing over and over is breath of life, that creating new that allowing the new things to come into the life or letting go of the old.


The willingness. This is that orange essential oil. This is the Fire. Allowing our Fire to burn brightly, allowing our Fire to move passion and miracles into our life on a minute to minute basis. Energy changes. How many times have you felt wonderful, and then something happened and all of a sudden you were down. Your your beautiful, happy, wonderful, passionate feelings suddenly diminished because something that was in disharmony with who you are interfered with your feeling great, passionate, and as if everything is a miracle.


So this got me to thinking more and more. Now, by the way, the other card that I keep drawing over and over again is Authenticity. That being who we were created to be. Do you see how these two work together that as we become more willing to apply their fire, we can become more of who we were created to be?


And as we become more of who we were created to be, there is more passion in our lives. It is. It’s a symbiotic thing. So I’ve used a lot. I’m diffusing lots of drops of cedarwood and copaiba which anchor this frequency and as you see, I am dressed in this the brightest thing that I own, this bright orangey-golden color that I have had for a long time that I rarely wear.


I’m not sure why, but I rarely wear it. And I thought, this is what I’m talking about today because it’s about lighting our fire. I believe we have a blend that Gary gave us, Light Your Fire. We also have the blends of Live Your Passion. How about Ignite that most recent blend for this year’s conventions? It’s all about getting our passion going now.


I got to thinking this when I woke up in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago about how when there obstacles. This does not mean that there will be no obstacles, there will be no challenges. It merely means how are we going to view these challenges? How are we going to deal with them? Well, you know, crazy Frances thinks of things in different, different perspectives.


There are two ways of looking at it. Just as Einstein said that there are two ways of living a life – as if nothing was a miracle, or as if everything is a miracle. Well, we can when we have those obstacles, we can choose to push, push, push back. To overcome the obstacles. Okay? That’s one way of dealing with them. By force. Pushing over, really winning by force.


There is another way, and that is by going within and increasing our own life force, our own passion, our fire, increasing it to the point – I love. I remember reading something somewhere to become so positive. Raise your frequency so high and so happy and so joyous and so passionate that negativity cannot exist around you. In other words, that still that same idea of frequencies that are in harmony, frequencies that are in disharmony.


This morning one of my friends and actually my my daughter’s one of my daughter’s closest friends from high school, Donna sent me a link of an Instagram post that showed the the Bali clean up that these these people got together here in Bali and decided that they would clean up the most polluted river here and an insurmountable path of choice of things to do, seemingly.


However, then the government even jumped in and sent machines and sent things to assist and people joined in and in 24 hours the most polluted water way in Bali, the most polluted river was cleared from nothing but a garbage dump to flowing water. This is the power we all have of working together in harmony. How often do we, have


we heard? I know I was raised to identify my strengths and identify more greater, actually never it was identify your strengths. It was identify the things I didn’t do well. They were referred to as weaknesses. Well, I don’t happen to like the word weakness, so I call them lesser strengths. This is Frances, living in her passionate flower world where everything is a miracle.


So if we focus on our lesser strengths and ignore our positive strengths, our greater strengths, we may get good at those lesser strengths. But you know something? There’s always someone else whose greater strengths are our lesser ones. So what happens? Just think about this. What if we focus on our positive things, the things we do well, the things we love to do? Those things will bring us joy.


And when we work together in harmony with others, we can produce so much more than we can when we stand alone and attempt to to increase, to better those things that we don’t do well. And this is what that Refinement List. Those of you who follow me know that I talk about the Refinement List. In fact, I call what we do now, for the last five and a half years now, I’ve called it GARY, the acronym to honor Gary Young, of course, but Grow Actively Refining Yourself.


It’s not about growing actively refining someone else. It’s about refining ourselves because ultimately we have no control over anyone else, what they do, who they are, how they respond. We have every every control over who we are, what we become, how we respond or react, as we talked about over the past few months, and the difference between reacting and responding and feeling and emotions.


So as we go along and pay attention to the things that give us joy, raise our own life force, then we can can produce incredible miracles on a minute to minute basis. Does that sound exciting to you? Now, this is something that Frances does, so I like to share what I do, and that’s what I’m doing every week with you.


But during these sessions, I’ll just share what I do, what comes to my mind, how my perception, and it may be something that appeals to you and is in harmony with what you feel and think and believe at that moment. It may not be. And that’s okay. However, what I have found, because much of my life. Now, I was plagued with, some of you know, I was plagued with diagnoses of three autoimmune diseases for chronic degenerative diseases.


And I truly, truly was given a prognosis that was very dismal. And I lived a dismal existence for quite a while until I determined, realized that it was my life force that was missing. So how do I increase my life force? Well, this fifth glyph. Now, I’m sitting here with with the mandala that has been colored from our coloring book, that just because this this exudes to me passion and fire and energy and life force. Positive. And positive is what I require.


So I’m looking to increase the fire of my life force. Now I’m going to cough, which means something may be attempting to keep me from talking about this. And I did not put my peppermint here right beside me right now. So it’s way across the room. So I will attempt to breathe. I’m going to use the Valor and I’m going to use Highest Potential, breathing it in, and now I’m going to move forward.


I have found that in my grounding, connecting, I’m at my grounding to to create my Sacred Space. It’s always about connecting with the Creator, connecting with the Source, connecting with the core of Earth, then drawing up the fire from the core of Earth through that connection, through that connection that goes all the way through the very core of your being.


So we’re drawn, drawing up the fire . Now, I am visual. So I am visualizing fire coming up through a base of my spine, moving all the way up my spine, out the top of my head, moving through the bottoms of my feet. I’m standing on the Earth. So I’m moving that fire. I am visualizing flames like this, moving through every portion of my being so that I am an ultimate fireball coming up from the center of the Earth.


And the insight that I received a few nights ago when I woke up in the middle of the night was that this is burning away those things that no longer serve us. It is eliminating. Just a fire. You know, fires can destroy. Fires can also totally renew and regenerate. So I may be off base on this, but I kind of feel that fire from the Earth, eliminating, burning off the things that are no longer serving me, burning off the things that are preventing me from moving forward.


And then the other part of that is always two sides to everything is aren’t there? So we’re going to move up from the bottom and that’s the way I always see fire going and adding more air to that fire. It’s getting stronger and stronger, burning more brightly. Then we can reach up to the Sun. The Sun is essential for life on earth to exist.


Would you agree? So, intend to reach up to the Sun. Draw down those those beautiful, fiery rays from the Sun, to energize, to renew, to regenerate every portion of your being. This is not in opposition to the fire coming up from the Earth. It is working in conjunction with the fire from the Earth, burning away the things, eliminating the things that are no longer what serving. The fire from the from the Sun, re-energizing.


How many of you are energized when you go out in the bright sun? I am definitely a sun person. I do not do well on gloomy, cloudy days. Two of our facilitators here at Fuller Life Bali and I race outside any chance we get when the Sun is shining brightly, just to soak up that beautiful energy of regeneration, that energy of renewal, that energy that will fuel our passion, the energy that will produce the miracles.


Now we can’t exist only on the Sun, those those regenerative energies, that Fire. It has to be a combination. Would you agree? So this was a really, a shock to me as I was, I was thinking about these things, jotting down a few notes that that during the middle of the night. I don’t turn on the light. So I’m writing on the the notepad is on my bed, and I’m just writing, and it’s really all jumbled up.


But it’s so inspiring to me to think of this, to make certain that I do bring up that fire from the Earth and also remember to bring the renewal. What is creating those miracles in my life? What is helping me to rise above any of the obstacles, any of the negativity. To burn brighter and brighter so that I can move forward with joy, with miracles in every step of the way.


So, as you go through this week, I ask you to just step back a little bit, think about your Fire. Perhaps go to your refinement list. Really un-, begin to understand what are the things that you love to do that create joy and passion? What are the things that are just simply dragging you down? And focus on those things that do bring joy and passion into your life. And have a beautiful, beautiful happy week and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.