3 SEP 2023 Journey On With Joy


Hello, it is another week has gone by in a flash, It seems. So I’m excited to be back here today and looking forward to sharing just a little bit of time with you. What kind of week have you had? It. Many of us have experienced a lot of different things. So the first thing that I thought about doing, for me, and I’ve used it so much this week, is the Harmony blend.


How many of you use Harmony every day? Well, that’s since, that’s really very high, number one on my list of things that I choose to have in my life. This is a blend that sits very, very close to me. So I’m going to apply one more application of Harmony. Breathe it in. And then, the bowl that I selected this morning that I tested was very definitely all in alignment with Harmony.


This is the Rose Quartz Platinum Bowl that also has the white light and the gold inside. So just listen as gently I play these frequencies, just intending harmony throughout every portion of your being. And let us just all intend that those frequencies will create greater harmony in us this morning as I was preparing for this particular session, it just suddenly occurred to me. First of all, I happen to see the blend, Journey On, which seemed like an appropriate choice, considering all the things that are going on in the world today.


But then, it didn’t seem like that was enough. So, it was Journey On with Joy. We all are going to move forward whether we choose to or not. The time is going by, and I was struck by the idea that life is always about – it’s not like being up here all the time or being down here. It is a cycle or cyclical thing where of ups and downs and ups and downs. And perhaps the secret to journeying on with joy,


remember we have that blend, is to pay attention to what is happening when we are on those highs. And it occurred to me that that right now there are just so many changes going on that the two cards, I selected two cards actually. I kept selecting cards because it was as if more and more were required and it was the single glyphs that I was looking at this morning.


The first one that I selected is one that I’ve talked about quite a bit, and I will continue talking about the Breath of Life that change. Change that is required, whether we choose to have it in our lives or not. I have a giant golden calcite rock sitting on my desk that I hold on to. The orange essential oil, which anchors that frequency to allow us to more gently embrace the changes.


And isn’t that what it’s all about? What happens to us when we are fighting the changes? Okay? When we are fighting against change, change is here. We cannot help. We cannot do a whole lot about that. So as we are fighting the change, that puts us in a very different mode, a different place of energy. It also usually, you may check and see this for you.


I know for me it may put me in a place of fear, and fear, and resisting change, often bring about self sabotage. So how do you self? How do you sabotage yourself? Now, you know, I’ve done a lot of this internal stuff and I continue to do it every day. How am I sabotaging myself today? How am I throwing myself into fear about my thoughts rather than paying attention to the positive things that are going on?


There are always positive things going on in our lives. We merely have to open our eyes and look. And I look around me, and this week has been a wonderful week for me, even though, yes, there have been some ups and some downs, and I’m not impervious to that either. However, it’s been a glorious week. We’ve had lots of guests and I have the opportunity when they’re guests here to show off my two babies,


as I refer to them, Fuller Life Bali and Rainbow Healing System. So it just is it, when I think back to it, when I look at pictures that they post, it inspires me to do more. It inspires the passion in me. And what happens when we have passion instilled in us? The passion will cause the fear to dissipate because as we are more and more passionate, then the fear just goes away because our belief increases.


So. My nose itches, sorry. So. Oh, I get excited. Can you tell? I get really excited when I start thinking about the things that create passion in my life. This may be something for you to think about What creates the passion in your life? Who inspires you? Well, one of the oils that I have sitting here with me right now is – a number of people do inspire me.


Of course, the one that I think of most often and the one that I always get emotional and tear up, my, I get my leaky syndrome from Gary. Gary’s Light. We have, in these essential oils, this this essence locked in, and this is, I have found, just smelling that blend will give me passion and belief in things that I may have been, that may have created fear,


otherwise. So as you are going along, note down who it is, what inspires you, who it is, what really brings passion. We can always bring us back to that moment, if we’re paying attention. Now, if we’re not paying attention, we’re going to miss the point. Would you agree? Now, I did that a lot, through my 80 years of life.


Believe me. I’m beginning. I’m still learning. We’re all learning. And every day there are new lessons in front of us. And we either sabotage ourselves, we don’t choose not to pay attention, or we learn. And every thing that we learn every day, what we learn can enhance the passion and the joy, and the harmony, that we experience in our lives.


So what else do I have sitting in front of me? Well the other card that I actually did, my apps. I have three phones and I did my, my, my cards on all three phones. And yet the same things kept turning up. And I have cards upstairs, cards downstairs, and I mean, I kept drawing cards in the same two course that one about the Breath of Life, getting through that fear, that change.


Change is inevitable. So learning to deal with it, learning to embrace the changes, change is going to enhance their lives. When we cease to be fearful about it. And the other thing that kept coming up for me was Authenticity. And that’s what this journey is all about. That becoming who we were created to be letting go, Releasing, letting go of the ideas that we had about who we were, what we have thought, learning to identify the things that bring passion in our lives.


When we identify that, we are getting closer because the things that we are the best at, the things that give us passion, are part of our true, authentic self. Things that we may be good at, that do not really give us joy and passion, things that create more stress in our lives, generally are not part of our Authentic Self, because we are actually here to learn.


Now, we have two essential oils that will anchor this frequency. Cedarwood and Copaiba. I love both of these. In fact, I have massaged both of these into my head this morning after I washed my hair, because these really bring me into the moment and remind me of who I truly am. So if you have those nearby, you may choose to have them, or those of you who have crystals.


I have sitting right here on my little tiny table. And of course, I’m always afraid I will knock something off. There are also two crystals that can hold this frequency. I have the little, a sphere of Red Jasper, which is usually fairly readily available. And I also have my Amber sphere, which always gives me great joy to see it, to feel it, to hold it, to rub it with the Copaiba and the Cedarwood essential oils.


So as I’m doing that, I’m intending to recognize, to pay more attention, attention to what makes me feel joy and the things that tend to take joy away. We often only have focused on the things that that we think of the “Positive.” Well, we also may change the perspective. I’m big on changing perspectives, because there are two sides to everything.


Always two sides to everything. And so one is going to enhance our feelings, enhance our passion, enhance our belief. The other is going to draw us down. It may not be an obvious thing. That’s the biggest challenge for me, because I have to, I’m one of these that you have to hit me on the head with something. I would never have moved to Singapore if I hadn’t – if it hadn’t been an overwhelming thing, of acceptance of my being there, that that made me realize, “Wow, I’m supposed to be teaching Rainbow Healing and Young Living Essential Oils in Singapore!”


And the decision was made because it was such an overwhelming “message to me” that that I couldn’t ignore it. So how often do we attempt to ignore rather than to pay attention? That might be something that you pay attention to, you know, this week, as you’re moving through the week. Just intending that Harmony. And of course, I have the Rose Quartz crystal here beside me too, which is all about everything working together in harmony.


And even though I muscle tested for the Rose Quartz crystal bowl today, I still had to muscle test and of course, it was no surprise that it was the Rose Quartz Platinum and Gold bowl. So it it’s all about identifying those things which will bring you joy, which will inspire you, and which will assist you in finding the passion. The passion to enjoy all of the ups and downs, because we’re going to have ups and downs. When we choose to live down here in the depression and the the lows, then it’s harder and harder to dig ourselves out. When we choose to live in the passion,


when we identify what gives us passion, then it is so much easier because it seems that once, you know, once we focus upon it, more and more passion comes into our lives. Can you see that I’m, I’m really excited? Right before the video started, Teja sent me another message about, you know, the the refining our system of of preparing the organic fertilizer from our cows, and the red rice straw, and all of the different things, so that we will be able to teach the farmers in Bali, as they come to learn here at Fuller Life Bali, how to farm organically, how simple it is and how easy it is.


Simple and easy, I don’t feel is ever the same thing because things can be very simple, but that does not mean they’re easy. And perhaps that’s our Life Path. Our life path is laid out in front of us. We have messages that our lessons are right in front of us, but we often don’t choose the to pay attention.


And when we don’t choose to pay attention, it’s like when we’re getting sick, our body is tells us all the time. The body says, “I require this” and we don’t listen. Because if the body feels good, we go right about our business and abuse it more. How do you know? I do. Push, push, push. Harder, harder, harder. And then if the body is the pain, what happens if we cover it up?


It’s not about getting rid of the pain. It’s about paying attention to what the body is trying to say. The body only has two ways of communicating. Either it feels good or it is not good. Okay? And if we don’t pay any attention, it’s going to do something else to get our attention. How many of you experienced that?


If you haven’t, you’re not paying attention at all. Or perhaps you’re just living in a wonderfully, wonderfully blissful, perfect environment. And I, I applaud you for that. So at any rate, whatever is number one on your list of priorities. As I said, mine is harmony. I want harmony in all aspects of my life. Whatever is number one on your priority list, pay attention.


Pay attention to how it would inspire you to actually achieve that priority. How it would feel. A Members feelings are very, very important to our being. Our feelings and feelings are different from emotions, and I talked about those weeks and weeks. We’ve talked about those in these videos and how that feelings are the attachments to our experiences, our previous experiences, and that’s what causes us to have certain reactions.


I won’t even call them responses. I will call them reactions because they happen to us because we have not release those attachments to the feelings of a situation. So as you go along, just pay attention and remember that this is all about bringing joy into every moment. So as we bring joy and harmony into every moment, think about how many more of those highs you will live on rather than down in the lows and how quickly you can rise back up.


That’s what I’ve noticed more than anything else that it doesn’t take long when I’ve had, when when things seem to be going the wrong way, right and wrong going in a challenging way for me. I need to sit back, take a deep breath, use some oils and think about “What does inspire me in my life? What does give me joy? What does give me passion?” and pour on a little bit more of that Believe.


Because after all, without belief, you’re not going to go very far. So as you move through this week, I wish you a happy and joyful and harmonious week filled with beautiful insights into what your joy, what your Authentic Self, what your true passion is. And I look forward to seeing you next week.