27 AUG 2023 Searching for Clarity


Hello. Hello. Can you believe another week has gone by? I find it startling that here we are. Here I am another beautiful, sunny Sunday morning in Bali.


I have so many things in my mind to talk about today. I’m really excited. So apply whatever essential oil you have chosen, or blend, to use during this session. I have of course, many here. I’ve chosen to use today  – to play.


The Tibetan Bowl, my oldest Tibetan bowl that I got in 1998, 25 years ago, and my Manku bell that Teja and Manku selected for me 15 years ago. So.


Take a deep breath in. Use whatever essential oil you’ve chosen to have with you this morning or today, and just breathe in these frequencies.


And that probably will take us just about to the top of the hour. I will wait until my phone turns over to the 11:00 before I actually begin.


But I hope you’ve had a really, really positive week filled with lots and lots of new perspectives.


It has been an interesting week for many as there are so many different frequencies that seem to be clashing. Have you noticed that? So many turbulent, I call the feisty energies, seem to be out there during this creative period.


And we have a full moon coming up on Thursday. That can be exciting!


We’re creating, right now, still in those creative stages, and ready to let go of even more, to get down, to become more and more of who we were created to be, our Authentic Self.


Grow Actively Refining Yourself. I love the GARY acronym because it’s so.


Describes what we are doing all the time.  So.


Just by way of letting you know how I come up with some of these things, Thursday night in the middle of the night, I I awakened and I had these thoughts. This thought of clarity, searching for clarity.


How do we find clarity? And I keep a notebook on my bed with a with a pen. And without turning the lights on, I started just writing what the thoughts that were coming in. And that’s probably pretty much what we’re going to talk about today, because when I read it in the morning, it felt right.


And if I needed more confirmation…


We always need confirmation, don’t we? If I needed more confirmation, I drew cards with the intent of selecting the appropriate – the most appropriate cards – for this Facebook Live, this video.


So I posted a photo of them on Friday morning.


These three cards.  Creation, Breath of Life, and Performer.


By the way, the first one that I actually drew was Breath of Life. Not that that the order has anything to do with it. However, I’m going to talk about them. Well, first of all.


When I thought of clarity, what was the first? What’s the first oil you think of, with clarity? Well, two came to my mind immediately and they’re sitting right here, and I have used them a lot.


One of which is Clarity blend. Yes, and I am – I have diffused it a lot, as well as wearing it. And Rosemary. Rosemary is a major part of the Clarity blend. It also. I’ve massaged it in my head.


Because I wanted to get into my brain. But, how many of you know that Rosemary also, in some studies, has been found to help to restore natural hair colour?


How many of you would enjoy having your original natural hair colour restored? So, whether it happens or not, it’s going to assist you in coming to balance on all levels. So. I have used them multiple times today, as I said.


And now, I’m going to get to these cards. Because as I was thinking about this idea of searching for clarity, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Can we can we ever really gain clarity?”


Is that really possible? We may be able to gain clarity on our little perspective of what we’re seeing, but we don’t see the big picture. So attempting to make order out of the chaos that may seemingly be around us.


Or the seeming chaos.


Maybe, kind of a, maybe something that cannot really take place.  So I just kept thinking.


You know, order.


When we think about order, it’s order according to what we know. Not according to what the big picture is. So.


The next thing that came to my mind was, “What do we do about it?” OK?


And obviously, from what I talk about all the time, staying grounded. This, for me, is essential. And I was reminded just recently of something that Gary taught us to do when we just are in a hurry or anytime we are feeling slightly off balance.


It is also something that in 2008, Cynthia Deo reminded us yesterday, of beginning the Feelings Collection by just balancing. And of course, that’s what Gary did with all of his sessions.


The Valor Balance. Well, you can easily, anywhere you are, apply a drop of Valor to your wrist. Oooh, I got two. I guess I must really need to be balanced. Just rub your wrists together.


And hold them for like, two or three minutes. This is so easy, so fast, and it may make a bigger change in your overall energy than you have any idea could happen. Simple, simple. Can happen. We can do it for ourselves.


We can do it for others. So.


When you feel your foundations are crumbling, reach for the Valor.  Courage. Strength. Whatever will assist you in remaining better grounded.


Most of you know that my favourite thing to use always is Sacred Mountain.


Sacred Mountain brings me into that Sacred Space, that beautiful space where the chaos is pushed outside. So I’m enjoying the aroma, just having put this on just for a moment, another application of the valor.  So.


It was. It was like, “What am I going to talk about first?” And I feel that the most important thing today is to talk about these three cards, because I drew them again this morning, for myself, and with the intent.


I did them separate. Like, can you believe? So, this is 3 times. Friday morning, this morning for myself, and this morning for the video.


So. I decided I would look first of all at the Performer. Why is that here? Well, the Performer to me, shouts: Focus! Focus!


Concentrated Focus. Because a Performer is very, very focused on perfecting their creative talent, whatever that talent is.


And, remember, there are always two sides to every single one of these cards.


There is the, the, well shall we call  – well, there are just two sides. We won’t call them positive or negative. There are just different things. Potential challenges. What could be the potential challenge of the Performer?


Could it be that the Performer may not choose to recognise, and perhaps, perhaps accept, their true knowledge and abilities, their true gifts?


They may not value them. So as you are contemplating – thinking – going through this week.


First of all, test to see whether it is the positive side of this or the potential challenge side that may be most helpful for you. There may be moments where focus is required. That is what I often think about.


For me, that seems to be the part that is the key when I draw this card.


But, however, it’s also equally important to understand whether we are ignoring, and not putting that, placing that value on our true knowledge and abilities, while perhaps attempting to use the knowledge and abilities of others. To be something that we’re not.


So this is a huge thing. So of course the next card that I selected is one that seems to be a regular in my arsenal these days. The Breath of Life.


Accepting change. Change. Nothing can happen until we allow change. There can be no growth. There can be no positive things happening unless we let go of the things that are no longer serving us.


So this is all about lighting that fire, that transcending.


This was another thing.


Transcending the self-sabotage. Are we self, are we sabotaging ourselves by holding on by fear of inaction?


Are we sabotaging our movement forward by holding on to beliefs that no longer serve us?


What would happen? How would you feel? What would you create if those beliefs were no longer part of your reality?


And that brings me to this other. I feel like, in a way, that I should just read from my phone. All of the things that this Creation hologram, the different potential aspects.


As you see, that Breath of Life is in this hologram again, along with the Freedom which is more release, release, release.


And if we think we haven’t been releasing during this creative moment, we are going to be more releasing once this full moon comes into effect. And that Leadership, that expansion of who we were created to be. Expanding.


If we’re not authentic, it’s not going to have the same effect as what we can create as we are truly using our true knowledge and abilities.


So as you’re moving through this particular week, I’ve gathered more oils to kind of give me an idea of just of what to talk about. Of course, select the particular ones that make you feel good.


Valor, as I said, is by my side all the time now, as is Present Time.


Present Time is something that I truly, truly did not know much about most of my life, and it is part of the Feelings Collection. You can go back and look at some of those former videos.


We spent three weeks on the Feelings Collection and it is an essential part of that for us to remain in Present Time.


Now, whether you’re using this blend, which not all markets have access to, or whether you’re just using the intent.


Remember that as we hold a bottle of Young Living essential oils in our hands and intend that the molecules that we require fill that bottle, so that as we are applying the that particular essential oil or blend, that single oil or blend, those little molecules will move wherever they are required to bring about perfect harmony and balance within our entire being.


So even if you don’t have Present Time, what other things might you use if you do not have Present Time? Well, of course I always think of believe.


In fact, I think I’ll give myself another Belief shower right now. Believe.  Believe brings you into this moment. This is the only moment that we can move forward. This is the only moment we can experience.


The past is over. The future is being created in this moment, so.


Bring joy. You may choose to bring joy into this moment.


Now I had, earlier I had selected a bottle of Joy, which was a 5 milliliter bottle and I thought, “No, no, no! I need 15 milliliter Joy in my life right now,” so bring that joy. Apply the Joy wherever you put it.


Over your heart, around your ears, wherever. Remember Gary taught us the simplest way that you can bring the oils into your entire being is to put a drop in your hands, rub them together, to breathe them in.


When we breathe them in, we get them into the bloodstream faster than any other application. So intend to experience Joy in this moment. Allowing that Joy to be part of your Creation.


Anticipating the positive things that will be created rather than attempting to make order out of the things that are passed.  Truly, truly, we cannot control everything. Would you agree that there are very few things we can control, that are not part of us?


We can only control ourselves, our thoughts, our actions.


Everything to do with ourselves is within our control. However, when our thoughts are all over the place and we’re in the past and looking at the future and doing all these other things, then we lose that opportunity. So how are you going to bring more Joy into your life this week?


You may choose to use Journey On. This was a blend that jumped off the shelf, truly jumped off the shelf to me when I was collecting my oils for this. Journey On. This is a journey. It’s not a one step process.


It is an ongoing. Grow Actively Refining Yourself and as we Journey On.


This one always brings me joy. Just reading the name of it. Intend to reach your Highest Potential.


This of course I always think of Gary, because this is what he chose to wear every single day. It was from the time that it was created in 2003, it was just a very special blend, for him.


And for me. And every time I apply it, every time I smell it – I have a brand new bottle sitting right here.


I am reminded of reaching my Highest Potential in that moment. Remember again.


Not yesterday, not last week. Reaching my Highest Potential in this present moment.


Finding the joy, so that I can create more joy, more authenticity, in the next moment.


So as you go through this week, truly, truly take – breathe in your oils.


Give up that idea of having to make sense out of everything. The clarity is that we don’t have to make that sense.

00:21:01 And use your oils. Message me. Let me know what’s going on. I’m interested. And I look forward to being with you again in a week. Have a happy, happy week.