I have talked about my bone recovery and Frankincense. As a complementary topic, let’s talk about MEGACAL! MegaCal™ is mega-rich in calcium.🌟

Everyone is aware of the need of calcium for strong bones and teeth. But did you also know that calcium interacts with other minerals? For our systems to properly absorb and use calcium a balance of magnesium, other minerals, such as zinc, and manganese is crucial.

In particular, calcium and magnesium function well together to support the maintenance of strong bones, nerves, and teeth. Would you be surprised to learn that Magnesium activates more than 300 enzymes in the body? Along with calcium, it affects nerve and muscle functions. Without sufficient calcium and magnesium (and other trace minerals), your body struggles to carry out basic cellular functions. This makes it harder to maintain healthy neuron and muscle activities and pathways. 


SO… What’s inside of it EXACTLY? 

🌈Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is necessary for the development and maintenance of tissues, cartilage, bones, and teeth.

🌈Calcium supports proper blood pressure, nerve transmission, muscular contraction, cholesterol metabolism, and blood coagulation. It is vital for strong bones and teeth as well as maintaining strength and flexibility.

🌈Magnesium supports and maintains everything from blood pressure and glucose levels to muscle function, protein synthesis, and more. It is necessary for the body to produce energy as well as for the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and glutathione, its main antioxidant.

🌈Zinc is a crucial trace element that maintains healthy muscles and energy levels while also supporting the immune system and calcium absorption.

🌈Manganese is an essential cofactor for the body’s enzymes to function. It contributes to the metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol, glucose, and carbohydrates, bone development, and immunological function.

🌈Lemon is rich in limonene, which impacts immunity, aids in lymphatic system decongestion, and enhances nutritional absorption. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to learn more about this!

That’s a long list of good things right here. Right?😍

Let’s enrich it even further.

❤️Here’s the list of our favourite skeletal supplements❤️

BLM: Supports muscle and joint health. Formulated with type II collagen and glucosamine to help with the formation and repair of cartilage.

SUPER CAL: Supports overall bone health with calcium citrate, the most gentle form of calcium for the stomach. 

AGILEASE: Helps the body’s natural response to inflammation after exercise. Contains Frankincense resin powder, hyaluronic acid and UC-II undenatured collagen.

MEGACAL: Supports healthy nerve and vascular functions. Helps support healthy bone density and strength. Includes 4 types of Calcium and 3 types of Magnesium for optimised absorption.

Which one is YOUR favourite choice?