20 AUG 2023 – The Winds of Change…Can you feel them? Learn how the Archetypes of Rainbow Healing System may assist you in weathering these winds of change.


Welcome, welcome.


I’m excited to be here again.


I cannot believe another week has gone by and…


Sorry my phone. My other phone was still on, making noise.


Whatever oil that you have chosen to use, please use, just applying it. And I have two bowls here today.


I was guided to bring two of my crystal bowls. And they have the very yin energy.


Hopefully, balancing a little bit of this tumultuous energy that we’re all experiencing it right now.


So today I brought the White Light Alchemy Bowl, and the Rainbow Platinum Boss Bowl.


So I’m going to just have these a little bit. Whatever essential oils that you have chosen, just apply, breathe them in and enjoy these frequencies.


And that probably brings us pretty much to the top of the hour.


Yes, my phone just turned over.


First of all, I’m choosing to just thank each one of you who makes the effort to join us live each week.


There is never a good time for everyone.  And I found that when I make videos by myself, that it’s never the same as when I’m doing them live.  And that the difference is YOUR energy.


So thank you, thank you, each one of you who makes the effort to join us live.


So take a deep breath in.


What kind of week have you had?


It has been just, I felt that the energies of the planet are all over the place, and there are so many things that are ripping away at our lifestyle and our lives, at the very core of our being, that are out of our control.


Have any of you felt that way?


Whether it’s the waves coming in with floods, the rains coming down with those floods,  or the wildfires, the spark that sets off those wildfires that are so destructive, that totally change everything.


I got up this morning expecting, because I had already even taken pictures of the cards that I had selected to talk about today.  I had done that yesterday and really thought about what I might be talking about today during our short time together.


And then when I awakened this morning, it was a totally different thought that came to me. Speaking of awakened!


Now, what oils did you choose to have around? The first oil that’s sitting here right next to me, now I have a lot of oils but, it’s the blend Awaken, which is one of the older blends around.  And it is a very special blend of blends.  And I felt – I’ve used it several times already today – that this was something that I needed, to awaken to the fact that there are things changing.


The winds of change are here, but in addition, that we must respond according to what’s happening in the present moment. 


So Present Time is also sitting in front of me. So.  And another blend that jumped out at me was Surrender.


We absolutely have to surrender to things that we cannot control, and we can’t control a lot of things in our lives.


So what can we control?


I often turn things around to ask myself what can we control?


We can control how we respond to every situation.  No one else has that power.


We have that power.


However, if we are all over the place and not paying attention, there’s no way. We’re surrendering our power rather than surrendering to the things that are out of our control.


Do you understand? Does this make us any sense at all?


So, I then have in front of me Transformation, because the number of changes that are going on right now on the planet are transforming everything in our lives.


Transforming the way we look at things. Transforming the way we do things.


So Transformation is really something that that just, I’ve been doing a lot of.


And then, I’m actually diffusing the Sacred Frankincense.  It’s right here.


I’m diffusing it.  Because this is all that frequency of Acceptance.


We have an Acceptance blend too, and right before the video began, I picked up that bottle and dropped it, and it’s under the sofa here and I can’t reach it without moving the sofa.


So, but the Sacred Frankincense anchors that frequency of the 6th glyph – Acceptance. Embracing who you are, who others are, where you are on your journey. Embracing those things that you have no control over.


And then the good news, I feel, is  – let me have some more of the Sacred Frankincense.


Did I say that I’m, I’m actually diffusing both Sacred Frankincense and Northern Lights Black Spruce, both very yin frequencies that are very calming and balancing, right here in my room right now.


And I’ve used them multiple times already today.


So, what did I –  what happened when I woke up?


I thought, the first thing I thought when I reached for my cards was, “You should select four of the archetypes.”  The archetypes.  To give you a little idea of which – what – what can be helpful to you and what may not be helpful to you, because it’s so important for us to realise that the same thing which may be perfect in one moment, but because of the rapid changes, it absolutely – it may be totally different in the next moment.


So the first card  … I’ve I selected all of these and I’m going to talk about them just for a moment, because when I select some of the Rainbow Healing Cards with the intent of how of what, what message is it giving me?


How can I use these frequencies?  Whether it’s the positive attributes where it where the archetypes are concerned, or the potential challenges?


What is important about this particular one for me to pay attention to at this moment.


So, the first one I selected kind of surprised me in a way.


The warrior.


Well, the warrior is all about strength and persistence.


Persistence. Not giving up, but following through.  Paying attention.


How many of us, many times will start something, but when things get a little rough, we choose to look for something else?


Well, in a way, there are times that that may be the right approach.


Each one of us is different and that’s what’s so exciting because each one of us is very, very different and we all require different things at different times. So.


See. Ask yourself, “Is the strength and is the persistence of the Warrior,  the passionate ability to really be prepared for every situation. How is that going to be helpful to me in my life at this given moment?”


Now, Before I go to the next one, I’m going to make a reminder that most of us are going to go right up here to the brain, because that’s the way we have done things most of our lives.  We have made a judgment.


The brain loves to control everything, everything.


And it will, if we allow it.


But the brain is only, it’s like a computer. I’s the computer of the body, and it’s only as good as what we put into the brain.


So what have you been putting into your brain?


That’s kind of an interesting question to think about, isn’t it?


So, I like to stir up things like this.


So how are we going to get out of that logical thinking and really get into the heart?


Well, this is through our connection. That was the next card that I selected.  The Holy One.


The Holy One is all about that ability to connect.  Each one of us has that innate ability to connect with our Creator.


To really connect through the heart.  That’s where we hear our messages, our guidance from the Creator, whatever your concept is.  Just, your connection is unique.


Your guidance is unique because each of us is different.


And what’s right for one of us is not necessarily correct for another one.


So as we are preparing, getting, getting our strength, remember that our greatest strength of all is connecting with our Creator through the heart, bypassing that logic, the logic that we’ve all been taught to use in all situations.


Trust me, that’s the way I lived my life until I learned, I began to learn, to connect through the heart and throw out all that logical thinking that I had used my entire life.


That’s when the magic began.


So we’ve got the Warrior and the Holy One.


That seems like total opposites to me, however, as I said, when we’re looking at little different aspects, they do actually go together very easily. 


And then, this is a card that I get repeatedly.


In fact, you may get tired of seeing my photos on Facebook of my daily.


I’ve been, for the last two weeks I’ve been posting a photo each day, and a little focus for the day, and Artisan. 


The Artisan.  The creative allowing the creative flow to flow through, throwing it out again, is getting out of that logical brain, allowing that creative flow to move through you.


It’s also –  the word that stands out to me when I’m describing the Artisan is all about, is flow.


Which means to allow change.  Allow the flow to move in the direction like water flows.  It doesn’t flow in a straight line, it flows according to the way it’s directed.


So this is going to be more of that surrendering.


Surrendering.  Surrendering to what is happening in that moment, rather than our preconceived notion that we may have originally planned.


Planned like the warrior who is extremely good at making a great plan, preparing a plan. This is again a seemingly opposite way to approach things.


And then the 4th one,  and I for some reason I knew it was supposed to be 4.


And I though, “That’s a lot to have to put together,” and I could have stopped after three.


However, the 4th one is another one that I select frequently.


Some of you will recognise that this because it’s very applicable to me in many ways.


That’s the Crusader.  The passionate one.


Remember that whatever is going on in your life, looking for the positive things, moving forward, totally. 


Gary Young, who was, of course the inspiration for this particular card. Gary Young never had a Plan B.


He only had Plan A. He said, “Learn to make plan A work and move.”


That doesn’t mean that rigidly adhere to Plan A, but allow for the flow.


However, maintain that passion.  If you are not passionate about everything in your life, it may be time to look a little closer. OK?


When we are veering off course, this is my personal experience, the passion diminishes.


So, ask yourself, “Is my passion growing? Or is it diminishing?”


I love to ask myself questions. And that’s exactly what I’m going to suggest that everyone do, because how do we know what to do?


Each one of us has the ability to listen to our innate guidance, from our Creator.


Each one of us.


However, if we do not make that connection and learn to listen with our heart, if we attempt to make sense of it up here, we are going to miss out on the most important things that may bring that passion, that joy, that excitement, into every aspect of your life.


So, how do we how do we know whether we’re going in the right direction?


Well, that’s where we go to Checking In.


Talk about Checking In a lot, and I have a feeling since it’s already deep into this particular video that we will, we will be reviewing that, maybe that, maybe next week.  We’ll wait and see what happens on Sunday morning for me!


However, that checking in.  Checking in, it merely means – I’ve given different, different ways on our free app, it’s on everywhere on all of my platforms. 


You’ll find versions and my versions of checking in change because I change.  I’ve added actually, instead of the original six or seven and then eight steps that are in the Checking In Process, I know have 11 that I do all the time. Because to me, Checking In is what brings your awareness into this present moment.


And as I said, Present Time has been a huge thing for me in recent months. Weeks and months. Because the only thing that we can learn from, the only lessons we can learn, are right in front of us.


If we’re looking back at what happened before, things have changed.


Would you agree?  Today’s not the same as last week or yesterday.


This moment is the moment that we can create the next moment.


What we might plan for what, we might spend hours planning for, for the future, may in the spark of a fire, may change totally.  So living in this present moment, learning everything we can learn in this present moment, is what’s going to move us forward more rapidly.


And as we are in this moment, connecting with our Source, our Creator, through our heart.  Listen. making sure.  Are you really listening to what your those messages you’re getting? Sometimes we hear, but we choose not to hear.


I was telling someone here at Fuller Life Bali this last week, that I said, “We live in the middle of rice fields. Snakes live in rice fields.  And I know they live in rice fields.  But I just don’t really like seeing snakes. They’re just not my thing.”


I’ve learned to live with the little chee-chocks and the tokays.


They have legs.


They – some reason  – there’s something about a snake that makes me uncomfortable. And of course, many of the many customs, many tribes have always said that snakes mean change, and change can be fearful.


That could be why, you know, I have that uneasy feeling when I see a snake.


But guess what? I don’t see them.


I have  – in 2…in 19…17…18…18 years in Bali, I have seen only about 3 snakes total, that whole time.


And they weren’t. They weren’t harmful.


None of them attacked me.


It was just.


But it was a time when there was a real requirement for change in my life. So that aspect. I don’t like to see them, so I don’t see them.


So how often do we choose not to? Do we choose not to listen to the guidance? We may receive it and think, “No, that’s not right.”


Well, that’s where my favorite blend that comes into play.


Believe. We all must trust and believe, so I’m going to give myself another believe shower and leave you with this thought.


May each one of us move through this coming week with acceptance.


Allowing ourselves. Making sure that we are getting out of the brain and into the heart as we connect with our Creator, with the Source. Checking In often.


And remembering to trust.  To trust that guidance.  It may seem totally crazy.


But it may be the most important thing you can do for yourself. So have a beautiful, beautiful week.


Balancing, harmonising, coming to greater harmony and balance on all levels.  And I look forward to seeing you all next week.