6 AUG 2023 What Is Your Focus?


Good morning.


I had an interesting thing happen, because right as I began to speak, somehow my Internet connection got lost, and it’s taken me just a couple of minutes to get back on, or one minute.


So I, I hope that some of you will not have the same experience.


I’m going to take a deep breath and ground one more time. And my favorite grounding, one of my favorite grounding oils, is of course Valor. So I’m going to use that right now, and then tap the Tibetan bowl.


And we’ll see if others can get online.


I apologise, but…we never know! The energies are quite interesting out there right now, aren’t they?


So just take a deep breath of whatever essential oils that you have decided to use today, and just breathe in these frequencies of the Tibetan Bowl.


And that takes us to 11:00. It’s happy, happy, happy day or evening, whenever you are watching this. Thank you for being here.


How many are experiencing really, really different energies, right?


This is, actually the we are within that Lionsgate that many had predicted would be a very, very powerful energy here on Earth.


They have predicted this for years, and we are right in. Wednesday will be the culmination, the highest point where these frequencies are the strongest. And as we are experiencing these, the word that I woke up thinking of this morning was, “intense.”  Intense!


Now, how do you feel when you hear the word, or think about the word, “intense”?


Does it get you excited?


Wow. Powerful.  Lots of things can happen.


Does it, kind of make you fearful?


Hence, Valor might be an excellent choice to you, to keep with you a lot this week.


This is a time where transformation is supported so strongly by the frequencies that are out there, and it’s our choice.


Will we focus on actually becoming more harmonious? More in harmony in every portion of our being? Or will we come to fight it just a little bit?


So, this morning when I drew my cards, it was kind of an interesting thing that came about.


Because two fell out.


Sometimes that happens. But two fell out, and the first one was the 5th glyph.


All about change.


Breathe in the breath of that new life!


And as we focus more and more it is easier and easier for us to make those changes, to move through them.


This is the mandala that one of our staff at Fuller Life Bali, showed, coloured, and this is what I feel depicts it so well.


This energy, this exciting, vibrant energy moving outward. And then it must be tempered by Acceptance, because as we are changing, things are not going to always be the same. And it’s going to require some acceptance on our part.


Acceptance of ourselves, acceptance of what is happening this might.


This, I thought I would hold this up to show everyone what the mandala kind of looks like, and I feel that is those energies are just so special together.


Because without the change, we cannot move forward. However, without accepting all of the changes that come, we also are trapped in a position that is stagnant. So it’s all about our choice, what we’re willing to do.


And we have so many supportive energies behind us at this point.


It’s very, very exciting to think about the transformation.


So Transformation is the oil that I have, the blend that I have diffusing in all three of my diffusers, and I have applied it multiple times today.


It is not a blend that I use a lot.


Could that be fear creeping in? That I’m a little bit hesitant to actually magnify, to intensify, the changes that are coming about?


Well, guess what? They’re going to come whether we are ready for them or not.


And when we flow, go with the flow, that transformation can be easier and far more powerful, as we move along. So.


Some words that came to me this morning, and things were just flowing around, chaotically somewhat, in my brain as I was thinking, first of all the most important thing that I can do, can choose to do, in my focus of becoming in greater harmony on all levels, is to ground.  To stay grounded. 


And you will have, most likely most of you will have your favorite things that you use in grounding. My favorite, as many of you know is the Sacred Mountain.


Because that brings me into that feeling of having that connection with the Source, anchoring to the ground, to the Earth, deep to the core of the Earth, in my own little cylinder, with my filters around me.


That was another one of the words I thought of this morning that kept coming, as I opened my eyes.


Actually, before I opened my eyes, there were three words that began with the F that just kept bombarding.


The first one was Fire.


The second one was Filters and the third was Flow.


Now, why might I have thought of those? As I, I wrote them down to make sure that I was not forget them, because they, so much, they just felt that they were so important to talk about. And the Fire is our fire that we are drawing up from the center of the Earth.


The Fire of our Life Force that travels through us, allowing us to burn off those things that no longer serving us. To get things in motion. To move them more rapidly, and bringing down the Fire from the sun. That is that energy from the sun that will also meet that Fire from the core of Earth, allowing everything to move faster.


The molecules to move, move faster. The things to – to – to just get different. To bring about that change. And do we fight the change? Or do we follow with the change,? So the filters came in there by the fact that it’s really important for us to filter the frequencies that are coming in.  Higher does not necessarily mean better.


And lower does not necessarily mean less good. Not good. Whatever.


It’s all about which frequencies are the most harmonious, are the most balancing for you at any given moment.


That’s what we’re choosing to bring in.


So as we intend to have filters around us to filter what is coming in and what is going out.


This is going to be incredibly powerful tool for us.


Those of you who follow me know that these are the, this is the way I visualise my Sacred Space, where I’m pushing out all of the chaotic disharmonious frequencies.  Filling my little cylinder here with all of those beautiful, beautiful energies, frequencies, that are in harmony with who I am.  With what I am.  With where I am going.  With everything on all levels, because we’re more than just the physical level.


So that brought me into a whole another thing of thought this morning, and that was that of course, I wanted to talk about the Elements. How do we stay grounded? How do we move forward with ease and grace?


So as I’ve talked many times about these and, I probably will talk more and more and more about the elements, the four physical elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water.


These are depicted by the glyphs of the Rainbow Healing. They are in your app.


And these are the figures, and I’ve talked about before, but I’m probably going to talk about it a lot more over the coming weeks, because it has felt so very powerful for me.


To go through, really focusing on the individual elements and what they can do. How I can work with them. So the cube is the sacred geometry figure that has been for centuries and centuries, for eons, it has been thought of as being representing the Earth elements with its ability to these, these, square sides, six of them, for grounding.


And as I am applying the oils of the Earth element, which are Geranium, Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang, I am visualizing those beautiful pink frequencies to move through every portion of my being grounding me. And I love holding.


We all have cubes somewhere in our house.


It doesn’t have to be one of the thick wood cubes to help us, just to visualise grounding and sinking into the Earth, to remain more solidly connected to this planet. When we are connected to the planet, we can also utilise the frequencies, the frequencies that are supporting us in moving forward, in letting go of those things that no longer serve us.


And in moving forward into a state of greater harmony and balance.


So as  – I love to kind of, in my mind I’m layering the frequencies, just like I layer the essential oils of Young Living essential oils..


I stack on top of the Earth element, the Fire drawing up from the center of the Earth.


That Fire, that fiery core, to bring it through to assist me in actually burning away whatever is no longer serving me.


And these are the frequencies that are associated with the Breath of Life, Freedom and the Leadership glyphs, which are the frequencies of Orange, Lemon and Sandalwood.


So as I’m visualizing myself, really becoming a fiery inferno, so this will help me to have more energy, burning off those things that are just that heavy stuff that is really not supportive.


However, we can do go one step farther because Air, which is represented by these Lavender and Violet frequencies of the Structure and the, and the Divine Union glyphs.


Air has the ability to blow away that residue of whatever the fire has burned away, clearing it out.


And it also has the ability to make the Fire stronger. As we blow on a fire, it can become stronger.


This is the sacred geometry figure that anchors this energy.


I happen to have this, so I love holding it or visualizing it.


This week, I put a picture of the five elements that, the five sacred geometry figures.


On Friday I posted that. So you can see them. Just looking at them, intending that these frequencies will move throughout every portion of your being.


Allowing your fire to burn more brightly and blowing away the residue of things that you are no longer requiring.


And then, as it gets so intense, it might be explosive. It may feel far too, too explosive.


We temper it with the Water element, those gentle frequencies of Compassion and Acceptance. The frequencies anchored by the Grand Fir, Northern Lights Black Spruce, and the Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense.


This is the icosahedron, the 20-sided triangular faces, that anchor this frequency of the Water element, which is a very gentle frequency. To temper that fire, not to put it out. Too much water can put out a fire.


But to temper that frequency, those frequencies, down to a comfortable level.


And while Water feels gentle, and those beautiful turquoise and silver frequencies are very yin energies, Water is powerful enough overtime to even wash away the strongest stones. It can erode them.


So Water is powerful in a very gentle way.


Just because it’s gentle does not mean it is weak.


So as we move these frequencies,  these are the two cards that I drew.


The one of the fiery energy, the Fire, the Breath of Life, that new life as we welcome all of these brand new frequencies on Earth that can assist us in moving forward, and temper them down, accepting whatever comes next. And it may be unexpected.


Frequently, frequently change is not something that we can say, “Oh, I anticipate this!” It’s just going to be different.


And now the fifth element, which is not an Earth element but rather the fifth element is that space between the molecules. Every one of us is made-up of rounded molecules.


Ourselves are rounded. Everything on this planet is made up of rounded molecules, and in rounded molecules is always a tiny space in between each one, and that’s what the Ether of the fifth element will fill, as we begin to address that 5th element.


Intending harmony through the spaces between, through the Ether. Then this is the sacred geometry figure that anchors this.


These are the 20.


Yes, 20, I’m sorry.


20 of the dodecahedron.


This is the 20 pentagonal faces.


And this will help us, as you might think of a soccer ball, because it’s that generally that shape.


And as we are intending to blow away all of those frequencies that are disharmonious, to wash them away with the Water, and to fill those empty spaces with the Ether, with the possibilities, with harmony and balance.


Allowing us to move forward in greater harmony and balance in everything that we do.


As you move on, this is such a an amazing time on earth.


Take the time this week to focus to determine what it is you choose to have in your life.


What is it that you would choose to do differently?


What is it you would choose to keep in your life?


What is it that you would choose just to have in a new way?


Think about these things.


Focus upon them.


Bring in these Earth elements, the Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


Intending that they be existing in every portion of your being in perfect harmony and balance.  Allowing you to transform into the magnificent being that you were created to be.


And, I can’t go away without Believe.


I always have to believe.


Douse yourself with the frequencies of Believe.


Believe that you truly are here for a massive, magnificent purpose.


It’s all about allowing the changes to happen.


Have a beautiful, happy, happy week and I look forward to see being with you next week.