16 JUL 2023 What Is in Your Sets – Emotions & Feelings Part 4


Happy, happy Sunday.  And it’s difficult to believe that yet another week has gone by.


Wow. It’s going by so rapidly, it’s really frightening to me.


So at any rate, I hope you’ve had a happy, happy, gentle and fun week.  And I’m going to begin by playing the Rainbow Platinum Crystal bowl, which is all about harmony and balance, bringing that into every aspect of your life.


And as we bring in that harmony and that balance, everything, all of the dissonance, all of the energies that are creating challenges for us will melt away.  And as we are really becoming more and more in harmony and balance, all of the pain, the disease, will also disappear. So, enjoy.


Because the crystal bowls are a much softer, more Yin energy, it they may not come through as strongly, of course, as the Yang energy of the Tibetan bowls.


However, were you able to feel the difference in the frequencies, as the bowl, as I was playing the bowl?


Because the frequency seemed to really change what I could feel in my hand holding the bowl, what I could hear with my ears, what I could sense in the in the room.


So I hope that it was very beneficial for you.


And, once again, it is 11:00 o’clock.


So I will begin.  And we’ve been going through, exploring difficult things, over these last few weeks, talking about the Feelings Collections that Gary Young put together for us.


And the difference between the feelings and the emotions, which are hardwired into our brains.


And I’m sorry, I didn’t remember to turn off my other phone.


So, I get another little ding when a message comes in.


This morning I talked about, I had announced the title: What’s in your sets?


So, about sets of oils. Gary created so many different beautiful sets for us.


What if you don’t have the particular oils that he talked about?


Well, Gary was always including different oils as well. 


So, we talked, the main focus has been the 12 blends that were in the original Feelings Collection that he created over 20 years ago, well over 20 years ago, and how he retained six of them in our present day collection.


And I thought it was very interesting, because how many of you have ever used Gary’s Great Day Protocol?


Do you know the blends?


That was just four blends that he used in that.  And do you know which ones they were?


Well, I thought it was kind of interesting that he drew two of them from the current Feelings Collection and two of them that were in the original collection.


And the one that he began every single procedure that he did, every technique that he described himself, was Valor.


And he said that this was the most important thing to put on your body, first.


And it can be put on again last. Gary was never one to feel that that you could only use a blend or a single oil one time in a sequence.


So, when I ask what is in your sets, how many of you chose Valor to be one of the oils in the sequence that you would put together?


We don’t have to have one for the rest of our lives, and do the same thing every single day.


However, it is very, I have found ,very clearing, very interesting to see what happens when we do put together a selection.


Whether it is one of Gary’s original collection of the Feelings, the current collection, the Everyday, the Great Day Protocol.


Whatever collection it is, it gives us some reason to focus and have greater focus and intent, as we are applying the oils. That may be the most important thing that we.


To have that focus and intent.


And I, I seem to remember, it may just be a dream, but I seem to remember Gary saying when someone said, well, what’s the most important oil to use?


And I can, I can envision him saying, “The one you’re holding in your hand at this moment.”


So whatever essential oil you’re holding in your hand, whether it is a single or a blend.


Just hold that oil in your hand. Intend that it hold the frequencies that are the most important for you at this particular moment, to assist you in coming to balance.


To bringing every portion of your being into harmony and balance.  And then open that bottle.


Breathe it in.  Apply it. Apply 1-2-3, however many drops.


As Gary often said, “Put it on your ears.”


Your ears have so many wonderful acupressure points, and they’re very easy for you to be able to access them yourself.


You know, we get hung up on: What order do we do things?


How do we do things?


What are, what are, what are we supposed to do, when in actuality just using and breathing them in is the most maybe the most important thing now.


I also, I’ve got so many things around me right now.


I want to talk about what’s going to happen on Tuesday, Monday night here.


And I’m I was holding on to these. This is a wonderful little set of Gary quotes that one of my Indonesian teams made, made up ,and many of them I’ve heard many times over.


One of them had fallen into the background, so I’m going to suggest that you listen to these words on this particular one.


“When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars.”


That is so Gary.


Life knocks each one of us down from time to time.


It’s not what happens when we’re down.


It’s what happens when we make the commitment to pull back up.


To get back.  And as Gary said, just when life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars.  And that kind of leads me into this amazing New Moon that we have coming up here in Bali.


It is actually, Monday night, actually 2:00 AM, so it’s considered Tuesday morning.


However, it is a very, very happy, happy, gentle yet powerful New Moon.


And new moons are all about creating what you choose to have in your life.  Powerful!


And interestingly, I drew the Creation hologram this morning.


And I usually think in terms of Creation as being that fiery energy.


And I did draw one of the fire cards, the Freedom.


The Release.  The letting go of all of those fears and beliefs that are holding us back.


So, normally I think of Fire as being part of the release, letting go.


However, it is also part of that creative power.


How can we be powerful and create what we choose to have in our lives if we are not committing.


Pushing out all of those things that are those distractions that are holding us back. So.


How many of you just selected a blend or a single oil to be your trigger, to put you in the place of where you can focus, and have clearer intent listening to your guidance from your Creator.


How many of you chose a particular oil or blend single oil or blend?


Now. I’ve talked so many times, everyone knows that Believe blend is the one that I selected in 2002, and it’s one that I shower myself with multiple times daily.


However, this week I decided, you know, I think I’m going to use a different one.  So, I selected.


I closed my eyes and I went to my vast collection of essential oils, and I reached in and I pulled out several oils.


They most of them turned out to be blends, by the way.  So, and then I just I tested, without looking at what they were, to see which one would be the most appropriate for me.


Now I am going to use this every single day for this coming week, and I’m actually intending to use it every single day for a much longer period.  But the one that I chose, actually, was Present Time.


The second one that just jumped into my hand.


It was the next to the last one that I was eliminating, was the one that Gary said to apply every single day, every single before you start to do anything.  The Valor blend.


How many of you are excited to know, or did you know, that Young Living has just come out with what they are now calling Original Valor. I find this extremely exciting, that Young Living is bringing back this original formula for Valor blend, which was created over 25 years ago.


Long time ago.


So the original blend had only four single oils in it.


Does anybody know what those four single oils are?


Rosewood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Spruce.


When Rosewood became an endangered species then Young Living was forced, Gary had to come up with a substitute for the most popular blend that has ever been made in Young Living.


And it took six months of having no Valor for us to.


We lost a lot of courage during that time.


I think, thankfully, Gary rolled over and looked at the stars and took a lot of time to create another blend that had a very similar frequency, the Valor blend we currently have.


And now they announced at the US Convention this past weekend, that Young Living has now found a has a sustainable supplier for Rosewood essential oils. 


So they are able to bring back the Original Valor blend, and it is even enhanced because the spruce is none other than our Northern Lights Black Spruce, that incredible frequency that comes from the Northern Lights farm in the Arctic area of Canada, of British Columbia.


So. And this was that was the one of the last farms that Gary actively had a hand in creating.


It was one of the ones that was very near and dear to his heart. So, I can hardly wait to experience this new this new Original Valor blend.


So yes, that will be beside my bed.


It will be in my hand.


I will have as many as I can get my hands on. So.


The point going back a little bit, is what are you choosing to create in your life with this creative Moon that we have.  We’ve got to have lots and lots of new things to experience.


We don’t have to go back and look at the past.


So many times, I think that’s why I’m choosing Present Time, because we are so often tempted to go back and look back over, rehash what we did wrong in the past.


What we did wrong. And this triggers all sorts of “feelings.”


Feelings, which remember, are those reactions to the triggers that we are exposed to. And they’re reactions based upon our memories of experiences that we have had.


So, why would we choose to go back and look at things that happened in the past?


Everything we really require to move forward is right in front of us at any given moment.


If we’re spending our time looking back, then we’re missing something in this moment.


As long as you are connected with your Creator, pushing out all those distractions, all of that chaos of the outer world, and intending to focus on keeping everything within your energy flow.  Within your energy being, which is quite expansive.  Free from all of that chaos.


Focused on the present moment.  Creating harmony and balance in this moment.


And Harmony may be one that you do choose to put in your collection of the week, or collection of the month, collection of your life!


Harmony is, I think I’ll have another shot of Harmony right now because Harmony, to me is what it’s all about.


That is at the top of my Refinement List.


Harmony. No drama.


Peace. Joy. Joy may be another one you choose to put in.


That’s part of the of Gary’s Great Day Protocol.


Joy in every moment.


How many of us, really, ever considered how important it is to enjoy every moment?


Well, if we’re rehashing all of the – I picked it up without even looking.


All of the abusive things that we have done to ourselves or that we have experienced.  This is the SARA blend, which is also next to my bed.


That’s part of my current collection, other than my Rainbow Healing collection which I use every day multiple times as well.


So, if we are focusing on rehashing all of those abusive things that have, experiences that have happened to us, or that we have done and are, many of us, continuing to do to ourselves.


That self talk, that negative self talk.


How can we possibly be creating Joy and Harmony in this moment?


Think about it.


OK? So, of course I’m going to have to have Believe in mine, too.


I can’t, I just can’t not have Believe in mine.


But I also decided that I would have Highest Potential, which was not around when Gary created the Original Feelings Collection, and did not make it into the current Feelings Collection.


Yet it was his favorite oil to wear every single day.


So, Highest Potential.


Now, I’ve now got 5 oils lined up in front. 5 blends. And I love, because the blends are always have names to them.


Actually, I love single oils and blends both, but when I have the blends, it gives me a clue of what my focus can be as I’m applying them.


So I like to put them look and see what I’ve selected,  what I’ve just picked up from my collection, and put them in some sort of an order that makes sense to me.


Now this, this is Frances getting “up here” again, I guess.


However, I also muscle test. Make sure that it’s what will make me will be in my heart, because that’s where we really move forward, when we get out of the brain, and that’s where most of us live, and get into the heart.


That’s where true joy is.


That’s where our true harmony, our movement forward, will be.


That is where we can create the life that we choose to have.


So, Creation.  Use this beautiful – well the void, the Dark Moon – this brand New Moon that is filled with possibilities to assist you, these frequencies.


Line up your oils that you select. Whether you look at the names of them as you’re selecting them. Select 5, 4-5-6, however many you feel good selecting.


And then, kind of line them up so it makes sense to you.  The way that I’ve talked about them today, I guess, might make sense.


You know that Gary always said do you use Valor first, so that might be my first one. I’m just going.


I have a little, I have all these little, little things, holders and things, or little pouches so that I can line things up and they stay there and I don’t have to look and pay attention to them.


So Valor. My second one that I talked about today is Present Time, because this may be the most important thing for me, since I had a habit for so many years of not living in the present moment.


Maybe some of you can identify with that.


As we are creating, we can manifest positive outcomes right now.  It matters not what happened before.


It only matters what is happening right now.  And we have the power to manifest positive outcomes within our grasp.


Whether it is overcoming chronic illness, transcending self sabotage, eliminating guilt.


Whatever it is, we can only move forward and create and manifest in this present moment.


So as you go about your week, you may choose to ask yourself, “Do I have beliefs that are causing me to move back into the former old thought patterns?”


Those old beliefs that created experiences that we’d rather not have all over again.


Or, “Am I ready to let go of those and to truly move into harmony?”


To roll over and look at the stars, as Gary said. So as I leave you with that thought of rolling over and looking at the stars, allow them to light your path as you create what you choose to have in this present moment.

00:25:21 Have a beautiful, beautiful week of creation and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.