09 JUL 2023 Taking the First Step – Part 3


Good morning, good morning and happy, happy Sunday.  I’ll place one more drop of my Sacred Mountain.


I hope everyone has had a wonderful, wonderful, transformative week. Happy week.  So.


First I’m going to start.


Well, I’m all decked out in my bright orangey-red dress, which I tested last night was the correct thing for me to wear today.  And I was surprised, because I was planning to wear something else.


However, this morning when I selected the Rainbow Healing Cards to focus upon with this particular video, guess what came up?


It was the Breath of Life, the 5th Glyph.  The fiery energy of action, of transformation.


So, and if that were not enough, I then selected the Fire Element, and I’m sitting here with a calcite stone, a huge rock right next to me, which can hold this frequency of the Breath of Life.  So!


And even my little toy, the sacred geometry figure that can hold this frequency of the Fire Element, it is said to hold that frequency.


So I love to hold it, as well, and have it around me.


So when I test it for the bowl to play this morning, it was the White Alchemy bowl, White Light Angel bowl, which I usually think of in terms of being a very gentle energy.


It is said to hold the frequencies of the imagination, of creativity, of the inner child, with the overtones of joy and transformation.


So, as I play this, please apply whatever essential oils you have chosen to use for this particular session. And justice breathe in these frequencies, visualizing them dancing through your field, awakening your inner child.


It is 11:00 o’clock!  Once again, happy, happy, happy Sunday and thank you for being here.


I am excited.


We have been, for the last two weeks, the last two Sundays we have been going through the original blends that Gary Young put in his Feelings Collection and talking about the differences of feelings and emotions.


If you missed those videos, you may choose to go back.


In the announcement for this video, I did put the link where you can go back and review them or see any of our hundreds and hundreds of videos.


Gary had 12 blends in that original Feelings Collection.


Later, he condensed it.


Or shall we say, as Gary, I’m sure would say, “distilled it” to six.


Which is our current collection.


So he just took six of the blends to condense it, to distill the whole process into those six.  And what I have talked about are which ones are still there, which ones were left out and how you would choose to use them.


What I have been doing these last two weeks and today are talking about my memory of my incredible transformational experience.


I’m getting emotional.


In September of 2002, that was when I truly had a transformational experience, when Gary Young was using the original Feelings Collection in a training. Now. those who know Gary know that he never held himself to a certain number.


In a video, he might have to choose certain ones, but in actuality, he would add whatever he felt was appropriate.


And that is what each one of us has the opportunity to do.


This is a set which is a core for what you might choose.


If you do not have the complete set, you may choose to make your own.  So, I’m going to quickly go through the first 6 which we talked about before, because I do want to get through the last six today if at all possible.


So the first three oils that he put into the original collection and which we used, to the best of my knowledge, in September of 2002, was Valor blend.  And Gary always, always, always said that Valor should be the first thing on your body.


Valor is in every set, every collection, that he made – for the Raindrop, for the Feelings Collection, for the Neuroauricular.


It is in the Everyday Oils, or our Premium Starter Bundles.


He felt it was extremely important.


This is very grounding and balancing.  And he usually would say, to apply it on your ears.


And many of you have studied Raindrop and learned to apply it on the ears and the bottoms of the feet? Because we have all those acupressure points on the ears and they’re so easy to get to.


Then we used Three Wise Men.


Three Wise Men will enhance our ability to connect with the Source, with our Creator, as well as to connect with the Earth –  grounding, grounding, grounding!  Grounding to me means not only grounding to the Earth, connection to the Earth, it means connection with the Creator.


Then, as if that too were not enough, he put Grounding blend in that original Feelings Collection.


So, can you think of other blends that you may choose if you do not have access to those particular ones?


There are many other grounding blends you may choose.


We may talk about those another time.


We’ll see how my time goes today.


So.  But then we went, the next three.


And by the way, of those first three, Valor is the one that he retained for the six oils or six blends of the current Feelings Collection.


Now, the next three blends are really getting into the heart of the matter, which is what we were doing. “Getting to the Heart of Issues” is what I called last week’s video.


First of all, Inner Child.


Inner Child is so important for us to understand that every one of us has wounds that go all the way back.


No one has gone through life unscathed.


We’re not here for that.


We are here on Earth to experience.


We are here to learn.  And we are choosing the experiences that we have so that we can learn lessons.


And our little inner child often gets overlooked.


Some of us were “born responsible” and we’ve stuffed down those childish feelings.


So Inner Child will help to bring you into that state.


Those frequencies of the of the bowl that I played this morning have those light, happy, happy innocent feelings,  those frequencies of the Inner Child.


And then this is probably the most difficult blend that may trigger your feelings. And remember, feelings are triggers for those emotions.  They’re not the same thing. And that is SARA, which Gary called “sorrow.”


He created this blend so that every single one of us could connect, and could begin to release those triggers.


Those triggers for the memories of all kinds of abuse.


Every single one of us has experienced abuse in multiple forms, many times daily.


And as I mentioned last week, the greatest abuser is ourselves because our self talk and what we do to ourselves, that is really, totally, mentally, physically abusive. I’ve physically abused my body for so long.


I finally made friends with it, I think, I hope, because I’m grateful for my body.


My body is has been with me since the day I came into this lifetime, and it will be with me until I leave this lifetime, so why do I abuse it?


Well, this may help us to bring up those feelings.


To understand better. And then the next one was Release, to release all of those abusive patterns that we all have.


Those abusive patterns, whether we are abusing ourselves or others.  It is necessary for us to Release, to Release the feelings – those triggers, not the emotions.


The emotions are hardwired.


They cause those chemical reactions in the body.


The emotions of fear cause us to produce adrenaline.


The emotions of stress cause us to produce adrenaline.  The emotions of joy and happiness producing endorphins.  So, they are chemicals that are constantly being released.


So, this is releasing the triggers that are triggering our feelings, that are our associations to those memories.  So.


Now, the last six.  The next 4 are the ones that I feel.


I feel that those second three, where they’re really getting to the heart of the matter.  And that’s why it was named that.  That was the challenge.


The most challenging part.  The last six are going to bring us into much greater harmony and joy, so not surprisingly, the first one is Forgiveness.  Forgiveness.  Forgiveness of ourselves for what we have done.


And for what we may not have done.


Now, how did Gary tell us to apply all these oils?


He started out with the ears, and he probably said to use some over the heart.


But he said to breathe in each one of them.  And after the first few oils, he stopped telling us where to apply them.  He said, “Apply them wherever you feel is most appropriate.”


And don’t forget to breathe them in,  The breath.


The breath of the new life.


That’s what’s going to bring about that change, that transformation.  As you breathe in those frequencies and they go directly up to the emotional center of the brain, they’re going to release those feelings, those triggers that are causing you challenges.  Even today, you may not remember them.


You may have no conscious memory, but they are the things that were stuffed down, that are causing us to hold on to those injuries, physical injuries, illness, disease.


We have the capability of regenerating every cell in our body.


However we choose to hold on to those triggers, to hold on to those associations, to those beliefs to the fears, to the ways of doing things, and that holds us back.


So, as we are bringing about that forgiveness.  We’ve all made mistakes.


We’ll continue to make mistakes because we are here to learn.


We’re not here to just sail through, whatever – floating around in an abyss – we are here to learn.  And we learn when we make choices.  And some choices are better than others.


So forgive yourself for where you are.


Forgive others for where they are.  And allow yourself that freedom to have your journey.


Sorry, I’m putting them, and THAT was one of the blends that he retained.


So, so far, he retained Valor, Inner Child, and Forgiveness.  Now, the next blend after we get into, after we begin forgiving ourselves, we’re going to see Hope.


Hope! Hope for the future. Hope for joy and happiness in every moment.


Hope.  A life without Hope is a life that cannot move forward.


We can only move forward when we truly believe that there is something better than where we are at this moment.


So, Hope!


Let me put it back,  I’ve got my, I put them all in the right order.


The next one is Harmony.


Hopeful harmonies  – see how these kind of go together?


We get into the inner child, we forgive that, we forgive ourselves for having treated our inner child disrespectfully.


And then we have hope for doing things better, and for creating harmony in every portion of our being.


Harmony was retained for the current Feelings Collection, so that’s the fifth blend.


And Joy! Hope! Hope for harmony and joy. What more would you choose to have in your life than harmony and joy in every single moment?


And then we have the last two blends that he had us.  Many of us love to apply Joy over the heart.


Many of us did not enjoy those. the aroma of Joy.  That was not one of my favorite blends.


I can tell you right now.


Some of you’ve heard me say this before, but when I look back, I realised how little joy was in my life at that time.


So as more joy came into my life, I like the blend better.


And I use it and I radiate more joy as a result.


The last two blends that Gary put into the original Feelings Collection.


Present Time.  Now, this is one I feel is – really, really, really – one that is extremely important for me. To remain in present time.


We don’t need to look back at what we’ve done and rehash all those things.


We require only the intent to be in this present moment and to make the most of this present moment.


Learning all of the joy, all of the lessons, for this particular moment.


So that we can create a beautiful future.


We don’t need to plan that future.


Instead, focusing on the present moment will assist us in creating the energy that will move us forward into that beautiful, transformative, exciting, energised experience of tomorrow.


And, what we might plan today, may have no relevance whatever to what CAN happen when we pay attention to the present moment.  And this is the sixth blend that Gary put into the into the current, that he retained in the current Feelings Collection.


The last blend… Now, I breathe in Present Time, I put it on my wrists so I can breathe it in later. I put it on my ears.


I put it anywhere, put it over my heart.


Because remaining in Present Time has been very difficult for me. Most of my life, I was tempted to be a “live in the past-er” or a “create for the future”, never paying attention to the lessons, to the joy, that is present in this moment.  So, the last blend that he chose for the original collection was White Angelica. Which he did tell us to put it in our hands.


Breathe it in, and then to just put it over our shoulders, over our head, put it over our entire energy being – this, as he described it, is like a shield.


It’s like your outer clothing.


It is like what I describe as our boundaries, or our filters, for our Sacred Space.  This is like that outer layer of our filters, so that we can remain in that harmonious Sacred Space with all of that chaos and the distractions, the things that are not helpful to moving us forward.  Keeping them outside.  So, as you are applying this, remember intent is so very important when you’re applying any oil. And always, hold those blends in your hand, those bottles, and focus on the name of that blend.


If you’re using the blends, focus on the name. Gary named his blends so that they would help us remember, the name itself will help us remember what his intent was when he created that frequency for us to enjoy.


And I just visualise, because I’m a visual person, I visualise those little molecules traveling through every cell, every molecule of my entire being.


Just bringing about that joy, that harmony, that perfect balance.  And after he finished, and I believe that he used a lot more oils.


I think we had more than 12 that we were all applying.


He asked us to select any single oil or blend in the entire range of oils that he had created in the Young Living line to be our trigger, to trigger our memory.


To bring us back to that space where we could remember and could be in that space of harmony and balance.


Now, I would suggest that each one of you, select a single oil or blend.


Now, I’m sure you all know by now the blend that I selected, and I was shocked because I had not liked that blend before, but of course – Believe! In September of 2002, right after it had been introduced at the Convention in 2002.


And I didn’t really like the blend, but it became my blend that I use multiple times every day, because it brings me back to that moment, that moment when I made the choice to become, to make changes necessary to begin to believe in myself.


I called this video today, and I’m see I’m running over in time.


I’m looking at my other phone.


I named it “Taking the First Step.”


The first step is to commit.


Commit to doing something different now.


Since we’ve been talking about the Feelings Collection, whether you choose the six blends that are in the current collection, the 12 blends of the original selection or create your own set.


I love sets.


I also have, as you all know, I have the set of Rainbow Healing oils that I have beside my bed.  Well, there are sets everywhere, because I use those sets because they, step by step, give me something for my focus.


They bring my attention.


They bring those frequencies to me.


So as you, if you’re building your own set, I suggest that first step has to be to commit to doing something different, to taking that first step.  Commit to doing something different.


That’s what this is all about.


Doing something different.  Taking that breath of that first breath of that new life.


Creating something new.


Put together just a set of oils for yourself. Whether it has four, five, six, however many single oils, blends, ten, twelve, whatever – and use those oils daily.


Every single day. I’m going to say, “this week” because we’re going to talk again next week, I think, more. Well, I’ll be here, whether you’re here.


And commit to using every one of them with intent, each day, and take a few moments to write.  As you have finished applying your oils, journal just a few minutes.


It doesn’t have to be an hour or whatever.


It doesn’t have to be eloquent things.  Just write down what you are feeling.


Remember, feelings and emotions are different.


You may choose to write down feelings and emotions.


Whatever is going through your brain.


Whatever is running through your heart after applying your set.  And then, at the end of the week, go back and look at what you wrote each day.


This is what we call Checking In.


And you can do it more often.


However, it’s always good for us to Check In.  And as you most of you know, one week, seven days is not enough.


However, we will talk more about lengthening it.


We have our 30 Day Challenge in Rainbow Healing and a 30 Day Challenge is merely the first 30 days.


Consecutive.  Consecutive is the key. So have a happy, happy week.


I challenge you to commit again.  Commit to gathering your set of oils, to using them intentionally.  Daily. The full set. And to just writing a few words about what you are thinking, what you’re feeling, what you are experiencing.  And have a happy, happy week.


I’ll see you next Sunday.