02 JUL 2023 Getting to the Heart of Issues – Emotions & Feelings Part 2


Good morning or evening and what kind of week have you had?


Has it been a happy week, a challenging week? Well, it looks like it’s about 10:57 here. So I have my toys around me, but I am going to get started just by chatting a little bit first. So at any rate, the title I came up with today, “Getting to the Heart of Issues,” just kind of came to me as I was going through my photos, to put a photo up for before this Live as a reminder.


And it truly, truly made me think, because what we attempt to do mostly is to deal with things up here, when in actuality dealing with them down here in the heart is where it has to happen. So.


I have my toys with me. I have all sorts of things.  And I know it’s not 11:00 o’clock yet, so I’m going to just tap the Tibetan Bowl just a little bit before we get started, and keep track of the time.


And it looks like it should be turning over to the top of the hour very soon, and then always it makes me happy, to see that there’s some of you already online, some of you on Saturday night, some of you on Sunday morning.


I appreciate your presence here.  I am filled with gratitude when I look up and see the hearts and things coming. I just want to thank each one of you.


This has been, this is a very, very special time energetically  – I have lots of my toys around –  but tomorrow is a huge full moon, a time of release.


So I guess it is very appropriate that we’re dealing with the emotions and feelings.  I have beside me, I have my little butterfly, crystal butterfly, that reminds me of the metamorphosis that is available to each of us when we are willing to allow the change.


A Caterpillar goes through total change of every single cell and its entire being.


It goes through the entire DNA changes, to get from a caterpillar to a butterfly.


Are you ready for that?


In order to get from one to the other, we have to make the choice.


The choice to change and that’s what full moons are all about. Full moons are all about releasing, changing.  So we have a beautiful big one coming up in 20 foot little over 24 hours.


So the title for today, as I said, “Getting into the Heart of Issues,” as I mentioned at the very beginning, really it came to me because we always – I have always – most of my life I’ve attempted to deal with everything up here in the brain.  And so getting out of the brain, into the heart, is where it all happens.  And last week we talked about the difference, differentiating emotions and feelings, which I had used pretty much interchangeably most of my life.  And Gary gave us this quote way back over 20 years ago, 25, almost 25 years ago, he gave us this quote about how, that “Emotions are hardwired into the cells of our biology.  They actually create chemical changes in the body.  However, it is our attachments to those emotions, our triggers, what is triggered in us because of our experiences.  And we have a choice.”


When we have an emotional attachment to something, when we, it means we have feelings.


When we have feelings that get triggered, then that’s what we can deal with.  And that’s what the feelings collection is all about.


Gary didn’t call it the Emotional Collection or the Emotional Release.


No, he called it the Feelings Collection.


And last week, I gave you the list of oils and we started through the first of the original 12.


I noticed some more interesting things about the reduced ones.


However, we may get to that, we may not. I will try to keep track of the time because I don’t choose to keep you here forever and ever.


It may take us another week or two to go through all twelve of these, but this is important enough for each one of us to pay attention. So.


What did I select this morning, cards, when I when I started doing my cards?


Well, today I happened to get the things that I expected to get.


The single glyph that I got is Forgiveness. Unblocking! The reason we have triggers, the reason we have emotional issues, is not the emotions itself. It’s the triggers.  It’s the feelings we associate.


So this particular single glyph is, I have sitting here with me, the Geranium essential oil.


We also have the Forgiveness blend, which is one of the blends in the Feelings Collection, both the one that we have today and the original feelings collection.  Is that a surprise to anyone?


Not a surprise to me, because the blocks are what caused us pain, what holds us back, what prevent us from enjoying every single moment.


Two people can experience the exact same emotional thing or situation, however they will react or respond differently based upon what their memory associations are.


So, I wrote this last week and I discovered it, because I don’t think I said it last week, and that is that harmony – now Harmony, as most of you know, is what my choice.  It is totally my choice of how to live my life.  To live my life with harmony in every cell of my being, of my physical body, in every portion of my entire energy being.  When there is harmony, there is no illness, there is no disease.


Everything works together.


There is joy.


There is peace.


There is wellness on all levels.


So I wrote this, and perhaps this is something that I will manage to get a poster.


Susan, are you listening?


Harmony does not mean stuffing the emotions down.


Harmony means releasing the attachments to the triggers that cause our reactions to the emotions.


I’m going to read that again.  It’s so long.


I’m just really happy that I wrote it down last week, while it was coming through.


Harmony does not mean stuffing the emotions down.


So what does harmony mean?


Harmony means releasing the attachments to the triggers that cause our reactions to the emotions.  That is truly a powerful statement.


So what we’re going to work with, with the beautiful energy, with the full moon and all of these beautiful blends that Gary Young created for us, is releasing the triggers – the triggers that cause the feelings that cause us to react, perhaps, rather than to respond, to situations.  So let’s all take a deep breath and intend to release them.


The first 3 blends, we got through last week a little bit, and that is the first 3 blends in the original set, which was 12 oils, 12 blends.


Are  – who remembers what the first one is? The first one is the first one that Gary put in every single set that he, that includes a blend that he made-up, that he created.  Every set, whether it’s the Raindrop Set the Feelings Collection, the Everyday oils, the Essential anything – he always put in one particular blend.


Does anyone remember?


That was the blend, Valor.  And Valor is what he felt was the most important thing to put on your body first.


And put it on last as well.


Put it on whenever.  Valor is essential.


Grounding is essential.


How can we possibly deal with issues if we’re all over the place?


So, Valor blend.  And what is the place that he usually said to put it first?


Does anybody remember that?


Well, I remember it, because I used to think, “I don’t really want to put it all over my ears because it’ll get all in my hair.”


Well, I figured that one out.


I just cut my cut my hair short so I have access to my ears and I don’t mess up my hair.


So at any rate, applying Valor to the entire ear can be THE most important thing that you can do when you get up, anytime through the day.


Massaging those points.  The neuroauricular technique.


Valor blend is the first thing he has to use in the neuroauricular technique.


So as we’re applying, you may choose to apply right now to your ears, and massage those ears.


You will have the opportunity to really touch, to massage, to change, to create a change in all of those acupressure points.


You don’t have to know what they are, in order to effect a change, just massage them with that Valor.


Then the second one that I remember, I could be incorrect about which was #2 and which was #3, but Three Wise Men and Grounding. So, he felt that this Grounding was so very important to put first.


That’s important.  Now, I noticed these little things going forward, and that was that of those first three, the one he retained for the current set, Feelings Collection that we have, is Valor.


OK. So there’s your first one for the current Feelings Collection – Valor.


The next three, I believe, are the real  – the meat –  the real, real, real, real meat of getting to the feelings, of releasing those triggers that cause our deep seated feelings that affect us on all levels.  And those next three, I’m pulling out my oils so that I can hold the bottles up.


Inner Child.  Inner Child!  We have been all of us.


It doesn’t matter how old we are.


I say that because we know I’m 80.


It doesn’t matter. We all have things that go back to our early childhood.  Memories that are locked in there.  Many of which we have stuffed down for so long, we really have no conscious memory of them, yet they remain in our bodies.  And our Inner Child.


It is so important to bring up, and to recognise the fact that we do have that little inner child that is waiting for us to give it some attention, instead of stuffing those feelings down, stuffing the emotions down, pretending that they do not exist.


Bringing that little inner child into our awareness, and allowing that inner child to come to the surface.


Then we have the blend, SARA


SARA is an acronym that Gary felt it stands for every type of abuse. And you may think, “Oh well, I had the perfect childhood. I did not suffer any abuse.”


Every single one of us alive has suffered abuse, and actually probably on a daily basis.  The biggest abuser in our lives may be – probably is – us.


How often do we talk to ourselves, self talk, in a very negative manner?


How often do we choose to make a real commitment to ourselves and to going back, looking at that little inner child, nurturing that little inner child?


When was the last time that you said to yourself, you promised yourself, you would do something special for yourself?


Did you do it?


You know, that’s a matter of loyalty.  And I’m not asking anybody to acknowledge what you did, because most of us, I would dare say, pretty much all of us, I for sure on a daily basis, neglect.  I abuse myself by having negative thoughts.


I should do this. I should do that.  When in fact, it’s really and truly, this is huge for every one of us, we all have different levels of abuse that we have suffered through, but the one that’s repetitive may be the most damaging of all, and that is ignoring that little inner child within. So.


Where do you place, where do you put these oils now?


Gary talked about each one of them for a long time.


Remember, this was a weekend seminar and we had hours to go through them, which is why it’s taking us more than one 18 minute or 20 minute video to cover them.  So.


Apply that Inner Child wherever you choose.


Now you may choose to apply it over your heart.


You may choose to apply it over everyone of your energy centers.


You may use to apply it on your ears.


Breathe it in, connect with that inner child, and then apply SARA, which Gary appropriately pronounced “sorrow” because that little inner child is experiencing such sorrow because of the neglect that we have given.


Would you agree? I get emotional because my little inner child is talking too, so I am intending to carry SARA with me.


It’s beside my bed so that I can put it on first thing in the morning.


If I will awaken in the middle of the night.


If I, you know, and right before I go to bed, breathing it in, whether you apply it or just breathe it in.


It is a challenging oil to get if you’re in some of the some countries.


However, it is in many of our markets now, so we have to get creative.


Many of us – I’m in Indonesia and we don’t have SARA in Indonesia, but I have friends in other countries.


So that’s why I haven’t had this blend.


So applying this blend intending to release.  To release those triggers, those emotions, those feelings.  The things that allow you to move forward. The things that prevent, releasing the things that prevent you from having harmony at all levels.


And, the next oil blend that he has in this collection is Release, letting go of the attachment.  Letting go of that feeling of failure, that we haven’t done this.


If we keep it shoved down, we don’t have to face it.  Well. We don’t have to talk to  anyone else.


This is our own personal experience.  And we’re going to intend to release those triggers.  Release those triggers that give us that negative emotional connection so that we can move forward with joy and harmony, which do come next.  Now, of these second three blends, two of the three – he did not put SARA in the current Feelings Collection.


He did put Inner Child.


So three of the six oils in the current collection, Valor, Inner Child and Release are these next three.


However, you may choose to attempt to get your hands on the blend SARA since that may be the key to unlocking those feelings,  to unlocking the feelings and releasing the triggers to the emotions, to the experiences that you have locked into the cells of your biology.


So as you move forward this week.


My wish for you is for each of you is that you take a deep breath and intend to let go to release those triggers.


The triggers that are bringing about those negative responses.


And they are not responses, really.  They are reactions!


The difference between a reaction and a response being that a reaction is a knee-jerk thing, that happens, that occurs because you it’s locked into the way you’ve done things before, whereas a response is when you step back and pay closer attention.

00:23:53 So, as you move through this week, intend to release – to identify and release those triggers that are creating challenges in your life, creating those emotional issues because of those negative feelings that you have been holding on to.  Have a beautiful week, experiencing lots and lots of release, moving into that period of harmony, and I’ll see you next week.