25 JUN 2023 Emotions & Feelings – Are they the same?


It’s Sunday again here in Bali and another bright and beautiful Sunday.


So, I am really, really excited to be here about the topic.


I’m excited about a lot of things, and I don’t know how far we’ll get through on it today.  And it may be just a continuing thing for a while.


So, I will attempt to put the most important things first.  And I want to thank.


Someone had messaged me about 3 weeks ago and requested the order of the of the original Feelings Collection.  And so I told her that I would.  Or rather, she requested the protocol that Gary had used in September, the first weekend in September of 2002, when I had my major, major Transformative Experience during a training with Gary Young.


And so, I looked through my notes and I asked her if she would please, because I was very, very busy at the time, remind me, which she did.


And then, I used a little bit more time in fact. And thanks to my assistant, Susan, who is wonderful at retrieving information, she provided me with a lot of that information.


So, I’m going to share some of it with you today and we’ll just.  It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be exciting.


I hope that this woman who messaged me, and I had a conversation with, will see this video because I feel terrible, but retrieving information is not my strong suit. I receive hundreds of messages a day and I do answer them, however, going back and finding them is not my strength.


I hope that she is here.


I’m going to tap the bell.


And then get started.


And now I believe it is almost – I’m looking, yes – it just turned over to 11:00 o’clock so I can begin. So happy, happy Sunday again.


And I hope that whatever we cover today will be very, very helpful for you in your transformation.  In your enjoying the transformative process, because as we are grow actively refining yourself, or ourselves, when we grow actively refining yourself, we are going to have periods.


This is a time on the planet when the energies are extremely tumultuous for most of us.


A lot of stuff is coming up that may have been just, just a little bit challenging, and it’s coming up for us.


So that we have the opportunity to deal with it.  So without further ado, the first thing I’m going to say is that I fully expected this morning when I did my elements, when I did my cards, I anticipated the Water Element to come up, because this is all about emotions and flow and release, and to my surprise.


I had tested two days ago to wear purple today.


Even the dress I have on.


That’s why I’m dressed in purple with all my amethyst, and sure enough, this morning, what did I come up with?


When I was doing my Elements, it was the Air Element!  Which seemed rather strange to me because I was thinking about the Air as being more mental and the Water as being more emotional, and we’re talking about emotions today.


I have a new perspective!  And that’s what really is the crux of what we’re going to talk about today.


So. Bringing in a new perspective, blowing away the old ideas, bringing in the new ones.


So, it’s a different way of thinking of it. Would you agree?


So, by the way, my other two cards that I selected for this particular session, I got the Flow in there through the Artisan, which is allowing that creative flow to move through every portion of your being, unimpeded.


And that again has a lot to do with our feelings.


Unimpeded.  No blocks.


Getting rid of the blocks.  And then again, the other, the single glyph that I got was the 6th glyph, Acceptance.  Embracing who you are, who others are, where you are on your journey.


So very important for all of us.


To make sure that everyone gets these things, you may want to get your pencil out, or your pen, or whatever, the blends that were in – I’m just going to list the blends right now.


We’ll cover a lot more, but right now I’m going to just list the blends that were in the original collection and the order from my memory, that Gary used on the first weekend in September of 2002. So I have them written down.


But I know what they are.  Valor.  Three Wise Men.  Grounding.  Inner Child.  SARA.  Release.  Forgiveness.  Harmony.  Hope.  Joy.  Present Time. And White Angelica.


Now I will separate these, go over them.


We will be talking. I sense that we are going to be talking about these over the next few weeks quite a bit.


However, I want to read to you a quote from Gary Young that was on the boxed set of the original Feelings Collection. I held on to that box.


In fact, a little over two years ago, I did a video on Facebook Live and I had that box that had the cassette tape in it that I showed.  And the picture that I used when I on Friday, when I posted the about this Facebook Live, was actually a screenshot from that that video.


So apparently I have searched everywhere and I cannot find the box, and I think that was one of the things that I was talked into letting go of when I moved back over to the Centre.  Because I have gone through the things that were there. However, the information is here.  The information is even more important, right here.


So this particular quote I had written down.


Gary Young said, “Negative experiences and ideas are hardwired into our brains and locked into our memories throughout our lives. We must erase the negatives and reprogram our thoughts to make positive ideas a reality.”


The last part of that I’m going to repeat.  “We must erase the negatives and reprogram our thoughts to make positive outcomes or positive ideas our reality.”


As I was meditating and researching my old notes and going through things for this particular video, I was reminded of something that had really fallen far into the background for me.  And that is, that emotions and feelings are not really the same thing.


I thought, I kind of through the years, I’ve used emotions and feelings interchangeably.


However, emotions, as Gary said, are hard wired into our brains into our bodies.


Scientists have actually determined that it’s, that we have a chemical reaction in the body from our emotions.


If you need proof of this, think about this.


When we have fear, what happens to us?


Our adrenals get all pumped up because it’s a chemical reaction that occurs in our body.


Would you agree?  When we have joy and happiness there are other hormones that are released throughout our body, chemical reactions.


These are positive things.


They can be negative depending upon how you judge them.


They can be positive.


So, what we are choosing to do is to look at the feelings, because feelings  – and it’s not an accident that Gary named these collections the Feelings Collection. OK?


He was so far ahead of all of us.


He was so connected.


And feelings are reactions to emotions.  OK? They are reactions to emotions.  And I purposely used the word reactions.  Ok? Because what’s the difference between a reaction and a response?


Sometimes when we really explore the words that we are using, it gives us a different perspective.


A reaction is something that we do without thinking.


It’s a quick thing, and it’s often not the most appropriate choice.


Whereas, a response is a thought out, step back from, look at the situation, and what is the best way we can respond.


So that’s going to actually influence the way we deal with our emotions, which again are hardwired into our brains.


OK?  We’re going to look at the feelings and erase the triggers that cause us to react in a particular way.


Why is it that two people can be exposed to the same trigger, and their reaction, their response, is totally different?  Because if one person has a memory locked into that brain, into the cells of the physical body, that person is going to have a different perception of that trigger than the person who’s never experienced, does not have that memory to deal with.


Am I making any sense at all?


I hope so.


I’ve got so many things floating around in the brain and I want to be sure.


I wanted to be sure that I got those 12 blends mentioned first because I tend to digress as you’ve noticed.


And yes, I can already tell that it’s going to take more than one video for us to really cover this subject well.  So I’m going to mention the fact that Gary told us  – because the woman who requested this particular thing, the 12 oils and the 12 blends again, wanted the protocol.


Well, those of you who know Gary Young know that he never did the same thing more than once.


It was, it really and truly, he did things differently because things are never the same more than one time.


So what he also told us, many times over, was to “Use what you have.”


Wherever it feels appropriate to you.


He may put in a tape at one point use this particular blend in a particular place.


Say something else another time.


However, it really comes down to getting it on your body.  And, I love what he said so many times.


I just laugh every time I think, when the people would ask him, how do you use this oil?


He says, “Well, you take the bottle. You open the top, put a few drops in your hand. Rub your hands together and breathe it in.”


Those were Gary’s words.


And such an amazing way to use these oils.


So instead of getting hung up on, “Where do I apply this one? What order do I have to apply them in?”  When we are layering oils, single oils or blends, the order is not nearly as important as the intent and the application that we actually apply and use the oil.


So, as you are holding those little bottles in your hand, before you unscrew the top.


Have the intent.


Now, you can go through all sorts of, I can go through notes, I can go through all sorts of things about different blends and different sets and different single oils, however, the key is that when we are layering it is not all that important.


It’s important for us to feel in the flow in the moment.


And you may feel very differently at different times.


I know I do.


And I’m thinking about different things.


So that’s all going to enter into the effect.


So, I will – I have a few more minutes left –  so I’m going to talk about the 1st three blends that he talked about, that he had us use in September of 2002 ,and what he had in his information on the Feelings Collection for my notes. Now these are my notes.


There may be somebody else out there who was present in September of 2002 who has different memory of them. These were what I’ve took, took down that have lasted through these last 21 years. So at any rate, the very first blend was Valor.




Gary, always more than once, he said he put this in every collection that he made because he felt that this was such an important blend to use on the body first, because it is grounding and balancing.


The name of it, and this is something that you don’t have to memorise, a lot of things the names that he gave to his blends are what he intended for them to do, to produce the response in your body that he intended.


Valor: courage, strength, grounding.


Gary also said, many times, that this was not only to be the first blend on the body, but you can use it again and make it the last blend.  The first and the last, because it is so important to be grounded.  In fact, the 1st three blends that he used in 2002, those original collection, are grounding and connections, because the second one is 3 Wise Men.  Three Wise Men. This is going to enhance your connection with the Source.


Enhance your connection with the earth, enhance your ability to be grounded and when I talk about grounded, creating the Sacred Space.


What I’m envisioning is the Sacred Space that I.  This is my visual for, for Rainbow Healing is that, creating that Sacred Space, being grounded, connected to the Creator, connected to the earth with all the distractions outside.


So it’s all about getting in, getting prepared first, by being grounded.  And as if two grounding blends were not enough for Gary, the third one in that original collection was Gounding.  Surprise! Surprise!


OK.  So he had us use three separate blends, slowly and intentionally holding each bottle in our hands and applying them.


Now he may have told us exactly where to apply them.  As I recall, he probably said the first one or two, maybe three, and then he said, “Apply them wherever you feel is the most effective, most important. The most appropriate for you at this moment.”  So we were all applying oils, for those who know the particular event I’m talking about, it was a time when 200 people were the maximum number, and 200 people signed up.


However, 250 additional people appeared at the door, hoping that there would be someone who didn’t get there.  And Gary, of course, figured out a way.  Nothing is ever impossible.


He figured out a way so that ALL of us could be there.


We were all over each other, all over the floor.


It was wall to wall people.


And so it may have been a different experience from what he planned.


However, for me, it was the experience that initiated, that put me into the space, where I could move forward to where my life is today, which is a far cry from where it was at that particular point.


So.  The grounding.  Three grounding blends. Now, I’m going to come back to this at another time.


I can already feel that because it’s already almost time to end up. But of those 3 blends, he saved Valor to put into the current Feelings Collection.


And where does he put it?


First, yeah. First.  Or first and last if you choose to do that.  Now, I will mention again, that Gary added some extra oils, and he, he, we, we put a lot more than 12 on our bodies.


I think that was his base.


And then he went from there, and he further requested each of us.  He instructed.


He didn’t request.


He instructed each of us to select some blend or single oil, any one in the entire product line, to be our -to use as our trigger.  To trigger the emotional, the feelings, the emotional connection with that moment, that time, that particular event.


The training where we were.  And of course, many of you probably know.  My blend was Believe, and Believe is, of course, added to everything that I do, because that was the point at which Frances began to Believe!


Sorry, I get emotional just thinking back to that.


I have a lot of work to do, so we’re going to work, as I said, I promise.


I promise that we’re going to go over some more things in the rest of these blends.


The reasons that he put them in there.


Why you may choose to add them?


You may choose to add the to first start as your initial, your core blends for really dealing with your feelings, your feelings, those triggers, the six blends of the Feelings Collection.  And you may choose to add maybe one a month.


Or two a month.


Some of you will have.


There’s one oil in here, one blend that was in the original collection that I know everyone of you has, because it was, is, is a very old blend that has been there forever and ever and ever.


Joy Blend.  You may choose to incorporate that in your practice as well, daily.  And I guarantee that if you will use this practice, use these blends with focus and intent daily, for the next month, I do it for the, for the rest of your life.


It will make a massive difference in your ability to move forward.  So I’m going to give myself a Believe shower right now and because that is MY blend.


I’m going to just leave all my oils.


I have all these oils I have, you know, different sets of oils sitting here to remind you.  To remind me of what I’m going to talk about.


I will leave them right here for next week.  And my wish for each of you is that you are able to gently release the trigger.


Those triggers that are creating the challenging experiences for you in your life at this moment.  Have a beautiful, beautiful week of transformation.

00:26:05 And I’ll see you next week.